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  1. Is there any alternative to a drill press if I want to make a hollow bolt cache?
    Use the drill press and save some pain.


    OK, so that's out.


    Start with what you KNOW to be a soft steel bolt. The seriously hardened stuff with the nasty hard SAE marking on top isn't a good plan.


    Got a vise? Got anything large and sturdy/heavy enough to hold the bolt? Drill a pilot hole of 3/32" or 1/8" to the depth you will need. Pay attention to keeping your drill in line with the bolt. Nice if you have someone to spot you sideways while you're looking down. Now come back with the larger bit to complete the job. Actually, I'd do that with the drill press OR the hand drill.


    A vise??? Yeah...I drink way too much! :)

  2. Yep, the owner would be a good place to start...but may not be the ultimate authority for the math problem...I have seen caches that couldn't be found by solving the problem simply because the cache owner couldn't do the math properly. I actually got a FTF on one like that simply by using the description, the clue and my knowledge of the area...because the math put me over 100 feet away from where the cache was actually hidden. :)

  3. If you're really hardcore, stop showering or changing clothes. Constantly talk out loud to yourself and imaginary others.


    People will either leave you alone and sometimes you will even get some spare change.


    Thia one works especially well in urban areas...not so much out in the woods. :)

  4. I've done the pretending-your-GPS-is-a-cellphone thing a few times. It also helps to carry a clipboard or notebook and pretend to make notes about whatever you're inspecting/searching through. I also have this shirt that looks a lot like a highway worker shirt I've worn a few times. I've thought about getting a "Guardrail Inspector" name tag...although, "Lightpole Inspector" would be good, too... :)

  5. Tennessee has more letters.


    More of those letters are vowels.


    Tennessee wins.





    /No need to thank me.


    Vowels cost $250 each. Tennessee loses. Kentucky is cheaper


    A really good and logical answer was actually suggested without the OP knowing it.

    Would more people be likely to visit from one state or the other? If more would be coming from Kentucky, make it Tennessee so they can get a grab from a state other than their home state. If more will come from Tennessee then make it Kentucky.

    The cache coordinates would specify which state the cache is actually in.


    Aahhh...an answer from above, as it were. I like it...this makes the most sense to me. Thanks! :laughing:


    Thanks to all those who gave their two cents worth...although I think a few folks still owe me change... :)

  6. If I place a cache on a state line, which state do I claim for submission for publication? 'Cause right now I'm just in the state of confusion... B)


    It's an easy solution.


    Stand on the state line in question and spin around as fast as you can with your eyes closed. Whichever side you fall down on is the side you list it under.

    If you are still unsure, repeat this process 9 times and pick whichever side you fall down on 5 times.


    Hope that helps


    WOW...You ARE an uber genius! ROTFL!!!! Ya know...that actually sounds like a viable solution. thanks. :P

  7. Are mapping units an unfair advantage?


    An advantage? Absolutely. Unfair? Nope.


    I would agree with briansnat...and would add that it's an advantage that I mostly would not care to use...I like the adventure of seeking out the route as well as the cache. :)

  8. :blink: Please pardon my ignorance...but underneath my avatar is the word 'tadpole'. Others have 'geaocacher' while at least one has 'none of the above'. What generates this and can I change it? Not that I have anything against tadpoles, mind you...I'm just not sure I want to be one. :unsure:
  9. There's a Virtual right in front of the Aerospace Museum. I actually passed this one over in search of more difficult caches. As I understand it, there are several virtuals in this area. The two I found were Garfield Park and To Market, To Market...both very worthwhile finds. Good luck and have fun in the Capitol City! :unsure:

  10. What are the guidelines / protocol for cemetery caches in Kentucky? I recently tried to place one in TN only to find out that they are now illegal (older cemetery caches have been grandfathered). I have a cemetery in mind, but would like to address problems up front. Any and all info / help will be appreciated! ;)

  11. 22 years total between active duty Army and National Guard. I have served in KY, TN, TX, CA, GA, MS and HI as well as Kuwait and Iraq. As for jobs...Military Police, Chemical Equipment Repair, Metal Work and Unit Mail Clerk. I have served as Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant as well as NBC NCO. A lot of years and experience reduced to a brief paragraph...and I'm proud of every bit of my service. Thanks for asking. <_<

  12. :D Thank you everyone for all the thoughts, comments and ideas. An event cache sounds like a good idea and I'll probably approach the owner of the refuge with that.

    I'm still relatively new to this sport and trying to learn as I go. Thanks again for all the advice, it is very much appreciated!

  13. I've been thinking... :D:D yeah, I know this can often lead to headaches and nosebleeds...but this time I think I may be on to something. I have a friend who runs a wolf refuge. It is not generally open to the public, but tours can be arranged by appointment. I've been thinking about approaching this person about setting up their place as a virtual cache-by-appointment. Within the cache listing I would include contact info for them abd then the prospective cacher would set up an appointment and then find the refuge by coords rather than the usual driving directions. This would provide the cacher with an opportunity to visit with some really cool wolves and would provide the refuge with some exposure to folks that would really appreciate the work being done at the refuge.


    My question is, is this as good of an idea as I think it is, or am I totally off in woohoo land here?


    Please feel free to shower me with your wisdom...I am a sponge, let me soak...and then squeeze me to see what comes out!

  14. <_< I was recently visiting Murfreesboro, TN and I found a Benchmark (I think) in the vicinity of Gorilla Freedom Finder, Monkeybrad's Too Cool cache. I logged the coords in my GPS in hopes of finding the listing and getting a two-fer for this trip. Unfortunately I have been unable to find it listed. The disc is brass, set in a concrete post about 18 inches above the ground at coords WGS 84 N35 degrees, 50.637 W086 degrees, 23.779 (+/- 18 feet). Also unfortunately, the disc was badly marred so I was unable to retrieve any detailed info. If anyone has any info for this BM please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated.
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