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  1. The coins look great! I know the coins are trackable, but what will they have a unique icon?
  2. Sorry, I spaced out. I thanked my generous Secret Santa via e-mail, and forgot the rest of the requirements. My Secret Santa gave me three trackable coins, one of there personal coins, and a small pouch of wooden nickels. In all it was a nice touch and a nice experience. I read in someone's post about some sort of Valentines Day thing? Interesting... I may put my name in the har for that one as well. Thanks for coordinating all of this! Corey Speeding Element I sent a message to Jan and Percey Boys, Belken and Nielsenc. Maybe they will post a reply.
  3. Anyone out there have any clue what it is that this coin depicts? It looks as if it some northwestern native american artwork, but that is just my uneducated guess. Before I go and launch this coin, I feel as if I should first know what exactly it is. I am afraid that if I label it as one thing and launch it, someone might tell me it is something random like a fertility mask or something of the like. Given that it is from Geocoin Club, I am sure it is nothing quite like that... Thanks ahead of time. Speeding Element
  4. I received the name and address a few days ago. Did some research. Just stood in line at the post office for over an hour. There was a self-serve maching in the lobby, but the user was truly utilizing the "Self-serve" title of the machinge, as he was mailing something like 200 packages. Fun times, fun times... Package sent.
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