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  1. Sure looks great! I cannot wait for it to get into my neck of the woods so I can hunt it down!!!
  2. I'd like to participate if it's not too late. E-mail about to be sent. Thanks, Speeding Element
  3. This idea is just so exciting. I love moving along large travel bugs, even if it is from cacher to cacher while being dipped in a local cache. I just wish that I thought of it first... lol
  4. I am hooked on these travel bugs and other trackables. I see the posts for the most expensive travel bug to be someones vehicle, or even a hot air balloon (WOW! ). How likely is it that one of these people would leave one of these travel bugs at a cache and then walk away from it knowing some other cachers will help it move the rest of the journey? What I am still wondering is about the most expensive travel bug released out into the wild... trusting other people not to keep it and to just travel. I don't know about value, but one travel bug that I thought was simply priceless is: (TBFCA2) Travlin Man
  5. Are there any of these coins still left? I had my own personal mishap when I was caching across the State of Washington to get some pages for the Washington DeLorme Challenge. It is one nasty bruise now!
  6. Sounds fun. How do I get to participate?
  7. I see no problems with it. Good luck on your travel bug and cache.
  8. I just found this post. Are any cans still available at this low price? I live in Renton and can easily pick up what I request.
  9. This is how I usually send out my coins. I drill a hole in the coin and attach it to some sort of toy figure or something that is of interest to me with a wire and crimper. For me, I'd rather pay about the same amount of money for a coin and have a unique icon for my trinket or whatever it is that I want to attach to it. My coin/ travelers travel and get logged just like my travel bug tags.
  10. There are a few decoder type coins. Can you be more specific, as to color and/ or design?
  11. Several of my coins and tb's are being "watched" and I think of it as a compliment. Someone cares enough about my trackable item that they want to see its travels. How neat!
  12. I would suggest that the answer is yes, but I would add you should have found the cache of course on your trip with the bug so it is an honest visit. Regards Andrew Exactly. As long as the bug was there go ahead and do the dip. "Dipping" can be a good thing. For me, I just want to see that my trackables are traveling. I'm not going to be the one who is the figurative "Cache Police" that goes back and makes sure that the container it visited was big enough for the actual item.
  13. I have never seen a container quite like this that is so small.
  14. I found this one. It was a cool cache find. One of my favorites.
  15. I love the mushrooms idea. I often see good cache containers out in the wild and I make it a point to take a picture using my camera phone.
  16. For me, I hate cemetary/ graveyard caches. I have tried two and didn't like that spooky feeling I got. It is fine what others like doing, but for me I don't like caches in these locations. It just doesn't feel "right" for me.
  17. I would say "Go for it." The best thing that I noticed about caching is that there is something for (almost) everyone. Some people like drive-by caching, while others like to hike uphill for three miles before they find their cache. Different strokes for different folks. Everyone has a choice as to whether or not they want to do a cache. For me, personally, I don't like to do caches that are associated with cemetaries and grave yards. That's just me. There are people that really dig on these type of caches. I'd say go for it and let the cachers decide what they cache.
  18. I had a slight "problem" the other day when looking for a cache that ended up being in the lamp skirt. The security person for the nearby bowling alley asked, "Is there something wrong with that lamp?" I had a dumbfounded look on my face and he asked again. He then volunteered, "You're doing that secret messaging game, aren't you?" That was a close call. At an event, I was speaking with a guy visiting the area from Florida. He told me that he goes through a big process to make him look less obvious. He said that he had a magnetic name and logo signs made for the side of his truck and he wears an orange vest and a hard hat... Something about a "Geocache Locating Service." I like this idea, but seems like a large expense for this poor cacher.
  19. I have heard from several local cachers that there is some sort of ranking list/ website for the people with the most trackables moved/ discovered. I have tried variations on the wording on a google search, but no success. Does anyone know of such a thing?
  20. For my trackables, I typically start them at my own cache so they can have a "good start." From there, I log them out, and move them on from there.
  21. I followed your advice, ditched the provided chain, and attached threaded wire and ferrels. This will soon be my first TB: Lady Wanderlust creatively named by my wife who also donated the attached bug. Both Fairyhoney and I drill holes in our coins and travel bugs we release and attach heavy gauge picture hanging wire like this and then crimp it together. I usually get the fun job of doing the crimping and doing most of the typing for the goals and "about the travel bug" section...
  22. For me, some travel is better than no travel. Here in the Seattle area, I have seen many that want to go to Hawaii and Alaska. I have no immediate plans to go to either state, but who is to say that at the next cache I place the traveler, that the cacher who picks it up won't be heading just to that direction. I have watched several and have noticed that despite some of our best (or worst) intentions, if the traveler is traveling, then it should get closer to its goal. It just sucks when the traveler ends up missing or in a newbie's hands for the past six months. Oh well... that's another whole topic altogether.
  23. I am so surprised this thread is still going. In all honesty, it is somewhat interesting.
  24. Neat idea. I have read about local caches like this in my local area, but they have since been archived. I hear from the local cachers that the maintenance of this type of cache is a lot to manage. I was thinking of a cache idea similar to this.
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