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  1. Is there really such a thing? If that was really the case, all would do it.
  2. You could post a note to the actual cache page and ask kindly if the next finder would retrieve your travel bug. I did it to one of mine that was stuck at a "prison". I said something to the effect of: Rules or no rules, I want my travel bug to travel. Would the next finder help move my traveler along... (or something to that effect...) Sure enough, it worked. It could have been my intervention, it could have been just that cacher showing up and wanting to help my specific bug. Regardless, it's traveling again!!!
  3. Did someone say adopt? I'd gladly do it too! I have no problem taking any travel bugs off your hands that you no longer want! I'll even walk you through the process, step by step... lol
  4. Did someone say adopt? I'd gladly do it too! I have no problem taking any travel bugs off your hands that you no longer want!
  5. To each is his or her own... Honestly. What I first do in figuring out what I want to release is to go through what I already have. As we have all seen in the forums, just about anything can be made into a travel bug. Since I am on this "honesty" kick, it is probably going to turn up missing anyway. Rather then just sticking a dog tag to something because of its size or someone else recommends it. What speaks to you? It could be a Barney Doll a loved one outgrew. It could be a GI Joe figure because you used to play with them. The key point is to just have fun. In the time when you do have it, make the most of it. Enjoy their travels. I don't know your story, but if you have kids or work with kids, make one with them and have them watch it travel with you. Discover the country via the travels of a travel bug. If you create a travel bug out of something someone recommends, it could work for you, but first look at what you already have. It could even be a sprinkler from your lawn!
  6. I would love to have been a "helper" to help make that tree...
  7. I personally don't see what the problem is with what you are describing. Dipping happens. I think as a travel bug owner that it would get my immediate attention if suddenly I received several e-mails pertaining to the travels of one specific traveler. I have done this before, and posted a story to go along with it. I have received several compliments from local cachers that tell me they have enjoyed reading about my travels with Bubba Baboon. Unfortunately, he's MIA right now. I still hope he turns up again.
  8. Sounds like an interesting travel bug idea. Some "helpful" cacher just might try to seperate them thinking that they are being "helpful"...
  9. Finding unactivated coins is more of an anomaly in the general Seattle area. I cannot think of any time that I came across an unactivated coin in a cache without it being a brand new cache listing. Sometimes, as in the case of a travel bug hotel, I have noticed that they often don't have a 100% accurate inventory listed online. Sometimes it takes a few days for a cacher to log out the travel bug or coin they swapped out. I just accept it as the eb and flow of my cache. Hope this helps. If not, disregard. lol
  10. Take one or take them all. Travel bugs want to travel. There is not a "minimum" for travel bugs in caches. If I can help a travel bug move, I move it...
  11. I do agree. It depends on what the goal is. Typcially, what I would do is contact the travel bug owner and ask how s/he would like the travel bug routed. Depending on if or what their answer is, I sometimes put a post-it note with the travel bug indicating where it is to go next. There are those instances where the owner does not respond quick enough. What I do then is just move it on to another somewhat local cache in the area.
  12. I love this travel bug. I think I'll add it to my watchlist. Thanks!
  13. This is the ONLY way I am able to keep track of my travel bugs that I have retrieved!!!
  14. Now how the hell would that fit in a cache? I retrieved a travel bug similar to this called PIGHEAD: I picked this one up at Olympia East Reborn -- A Travel Bug Hotel . It was next to the cache container under a clump of roots and covered with sticks and leaves. I was planning to hide it in a similar way at the next available cache but then remembered that I was going to attend an event. I passed it along to another caching family that just LOVED it.
  15. Just wanted to say that both of my "Secret Santa" missions have arrived. They arrived about a week ago. Work flared up again and that consumed most of my time. Thank you very much to both of my secret santas; who coincidentally both are from Florida. I love all of the coins I received. Thanks so much.
  16. "Psycho travel bug kidnappers" can arrive at any moment. From my experiences of having travel bugs in my cache, when there is a large inventory (6-10) people arrive at the cache and do amazing things. People come to the cache and retrieve coins and or travel bugs and then help to move them to the next cache. As far as a specific number, I have noticed that when the inventory gets to be around three or four, people tend to swap evently. (...And NO we DON'T need to go there. I am just using the verb "swap" to reference the action of taking a travel bug and then placing another one in the same cache.) With that being said, if you have a travel bug, leave it in a cache. If you can help move a travel bug along, feel free to help it move; just be sure to log it properly. Bug-nappers will happen, that's just part of the game (unfortunately). If you can help a bug travel, help it travel.
  17. I say go for it. I mainly just want my trackables to travel, that's all... Goals are fine, but realistically I just want them to travel and travel far...
  18. Mission #1 E-mail sent (done) Received Mission (done) mailed (sent 12/6, sorry for the delay) received (received!!!) Mission #2 E-mail sent (done) Received Mission (done) mailed (sent 12/6, sorry for the delay) received (not yet...)
  19. It is very nice of you to part with this coin. You are going to make someones Christmas great. This is nice, but this year's is not adoptable as the previous editions were. I was given one of these after my big tour of Groundspeak. Already sent it on traveling though!
  20. I got it back today to attach Fairyhoney & Speeding Element's coins and there was a flood of folks at that event that wanna put tags on for tomorrow's events. Like 4 more + a few more pathtags. There are 21 trackables in the fridge door at present. It will be re-released on Dec 29th unless there is an event posted before then. I think it mayyy be headed to Pennsylvania or New York with a local cacher. Dunno yet. Cool. Had no idea mum (Fairyhoney) did that. Glad to see the representation. How neat!
  21. I am just curious, how does one go about collecting the data for this? Is there a simpler explanation than clicking through all of the Green Jeep descriptions?
  22. Mission #1 E-mail sent (done) Received Mission (done) mailed received Mission #2 E-mail sent (done) Received Mission (done) mailed received
  23. I say go for it! Travel bugs were meant to travel, let's ensure that they do!
  24. I have a unite for diabetes travel bug that is trying to get to Zimbabwe. I was "approached" via email with an offer for me to mail the bug to him in Africa (I checked his profile and seemed legit). I tried to look up the "owner" but the owner is "unite for diabetes" and doesn't appear to be an actual person I can email (no caching profile to speak of anyway). Should I take this guy up on his offer, or just place in a new cache? Thanks in advance! Honestly, I would place it in a local cache and just let it travel there. It is more fun to watch a traveler travel!
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