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  1. On 6/4/2020 at 12:38 PM, yxza said:


    since Groundspeak won't show us the Adventure Lab caches on the standard map it would be very nice if one could browse for them at https://labs.geocaching.com/.

    It is a bit frustrating to just see then on the phone and also makes it a bit difficult to plan your trips.

    this is quite tired some .. for example there are 2 or more labs in the same general area, so as you go, you need to leave one advanture, enter a different one find the place, log it and agan .. would be nice to see and log them all from the map, without the need of swithching between adventures .. 


    also, it would be nice, if the IOS app would stop killing iTunes .. whenever I listen music, and start adventure lab it stops the music .. is there any lab with sound??

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  2. That's a really good point. But some of the other questions GC (or any potential developer) has to ask are:


    1) How many geocachers are Windows Mobile users?

    2) How many would pay for an app?

    3) As GC already built a huge business without WinMo, (a) how many potential customers do they gain by explicitly supporting an app for it? And (:( how many do they lose by not supporting it?

    4) How easy would it be to (a) develop and (:huh: market the application?


    I'm guessing Groundspeak asked questions 1/2/3 more than once, and always thought the numbers too small. And while Tom's app answers 4(a) -- it's possible to do; it perhaps diminishes 4(B) because he gives it away for free.


    1) just search the owners of mobiles .. as an example http://www.geocaching.com/reviews/gps_htc

    - EG HTC Touch Diamond (1416 Owned) / HTC Kaiser (1220 Owned) / etc .. I would bet that most of these are still running the WM .. don't remember who else (not just HTC) makeing WM devices, but I bet there are also some

    2) I would ... don't know about others

    3) sometimes people take out friends, and they starts to like it (got few of those) and some them decide to pay .. if you cut of these folks, they got no one to take out ..

    4) can't you just negotiate with the developers of already existing apps? with the freeware apps it should be easier to negotiate as the authors are already doing it for free :mellow:

  3. Also since my phone is my only geocaching devise I will not be able to return the trackables I have until the app or something similar start working
    You don't own a computer?


    I log -most- of my finds in the field from my phone, but if I ever need to edit a log later or drop a tracackable I just do it from my computer at home.


    that is the beauty that I not only can pick up trackable, but also log it down as I go. yes I do use computer, but mainly for fun (statistics). What I love about XXX is not just the possibility to look around any time and anywehere, but also that I can log all trackable and drop it anywhere I like. basically I have no more need to use computer.


    now the situation is changed, I have to use PQ, and when I got home I am literally forced to turn the computer on and do all the work (log, etc) on the computer.


    and why all the screaming? the issue is that so far as I have found out this XXX app is the only one that is easy to use, and do everything I need. I haven't found any other that I could use as a replacement. just give me app that would do all that is required and I will "shut-up"...

  4. In case some of you have totally missed it - there is at least some development work for winmo - the platform is NOT abondoned.




    I already tried, but has lots of bugs, a very small number of features and isn't updated since 10/02/2009


    I agree that is just a piece of junk, unfriendly to use, and ... well I would expect a lot more from version 0.98 while XXXX is and is a lot better, user friendly and ... well I could add a lot more, but you will most-likely moderate this message so why to waste my time :-D

  5. LOL - developer of that which must not be mentioned - let's call him lord Voldemort :-D


    to the point, I got my HTC for work, fun, organizer, etc (just like people got iPhone, except that working part), but I don't understand why (even as PM) I am being discriminated. All I did is to dare to use WM OS. is that such a crime?


    if XXXX is such a crime activity, can you let me know what to use? and pls, don't tell me to buy something else .. i am fine with my HTC Rhodium as it is




    EDIT: if you check my public profile on GC.com you can see that last year there was sudden increase in founds, and why? because I discovered XXXX, and now when I become PM, I found out that I am most likely to loose the possibility to use XXX .. now what? any chance to get the money back? because I see no reason why to buy extra device ...

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