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  1. my tb had went missing and i've marked it as such. now that i've found out who has it in their possesion, what steps do we (myself and the cacher who has possesion of the bug) go about taking to correct the 'missing' status? thanks!
  2. hey there all! we have a problem and need some help. we placed our very first TB, Molly Moo (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=787987) in a cahce in temagami - NOGST035 - Hawk Eye (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=f033b5f5-0dc6-4c70-961c-ba8d61b1a113) - on july 24, 2007. however, we're pretty sure she's gone missing after just that one drop. i've contacted every person who has logged this cache after we were there and no one, including the person directly after us, saw her when they found the cache. in an effort to find her what we could do is revisit the cache and check the log book to see if anyone has signed it, but not logged it on the site. then, if conditions are ideal and they are a registered geocache member and not a muggler, we could contact the people who did not log their visit and ask them if they saw/have her. (of course, if she was muggled, then none of this would make a difference, but its worth a try). however, herein lies the problem: we're from windsor, ontario, and dropped her on our annual vacation to the cottage so, being 8 hours away from this cache, we have no way of getting to it (at least not in the near future). here's where all you temagami based cachers come in. we're looking for a kind volunteer in the area who would check this cache's log book for us. if you're someone who's willing to help us out, please either post here, or contact us via the link on our profile page. thanks for reading and thanks very much in advance to anyone who tries to help us out. we truly appreciate any offers we get.
  3. yup, thats exactly what i do. its neat to see how your action plays in the destiny of where the bug goes next.
  4. i dont follow....what do you mean?
  5. i totally love the idea for an option of a country flag editon of the tag. i'd pay extra for that feature.
  6. haha nope! just had to figet around on my own. getting there tho!
  7. i watch a few as well...mainly, the TB's we've moved/discovered (to see where they travel to after we're done with it).
  8. haha that is exactly the one i was wondering about! again, this being our first TB, i'm still learning all the little quirks and features of it all. thanks a bunch! ps. when you say 'post a note', do you mean on the TB's page?
  9. is there any way to find out what users are watching your TB's, caches, coins, etc?
  10. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! you answered my question fully and thoroughly. i did what you suggested and it worked. i now have my TB page the way i want it. thanks again!
  11. hi i'm fairly new to this geocaching stuff and recently i've just dropped my first Travel Bug in a cache. i was wondering about the details on its home page tho. on any other TB home page, on the very top towards the right, it lists stats....the owner, when it was released, the origin, and the reference number. now, since i have officially released (dropped it in a cache) my TB, i was wondering why i have none of those stats. all mine lists is "owner" and "reference number". does anyone know why this is? do the other things get listed once the first person has picked it up and/or dropped it off? thanks for all help you can provide
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