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  1. sorry if i repeated someone else's query...i did a quick search before i posted but i didnt see anything relevant. does anyone know the limit for non-premium members?
  2. NightShift79


    does anyone know how many caches you can have on your watchlist?
  3. what i was asking tho is when a person posts a "dropped tb" note on an event cache page BEFORE the event has taken place, does this mean that they are dropping the bug in the cache page's inventory with the intent to bring it to the event and drop it on, for example, a table (or in the bed of a pickup)? is that sort of drop just a way to get it in the event's inventory before it happens so that it is present when the next person grabs it at the event?
  4. recently i was looking at an event cache page for an upcoming event and i noticed people posting notes where they were doing a travel bug drop. what exactly does this mean seeing as tho the event cache isnt a physical container and nothing can be "dropped" into it? does it mean that the user will be bringing the 'dropped' travel bug in question to the event for others to 'retrieve' it?
  5. I'll second the motion on that. I've had many encounters with rattlesnakes. But the one that sticks in my head is when a caching buddy of mine got a large rattler really pissed. It freaked us all out when it suddenly popped up his head and ratttled super loud. It would have stuck him had he not quickly jumped straight back out of harm's way. I was right behind him when it happened and shuddered at the thought of whether or not I would have jumped that quickly if I had been in front. What I do know is that if you ever do get bit, you need to call 911 ASAP, unless you want permanent damage to the area that was bitten. They'll send in helicopters if need be... And then they fly you to a ER and give you CroFab ( I am a RN, I work in a ER) that cost about $30,000 for the average weight person. YIKES! ....or its free if you live in canada i would have never thought that the fact that i can afford to get bitten by a snake would be a reflection of my personal affluence....
  6. ditto on the crappy tire purchase for us...duck brand too
  7. me: 28 him: 29 tho we usually act more like 12 year olds....
  8. my keychains are here!!! all 120 of them lol (gotta love ebay!) here is the finished product (click on the thumbnail to see a larger size): they came each wrapped in their own plastic but to protect the tag, we'll put each one in one of those snack sized ziplock bags....and voila! instant signature swag!
  9. Not just "poor-women". Almost every Dodge I've owned has let me stick the Garmin on the dash and the windshield holds the top very well. we cache in robin's dodge ram 2500 and he has often practiced this method of "mounting".....either that or we just use the "mandy" brand gps holder. its a rather smart little system if i do say so myself.....
  10. whenever you post a photo on a cache log, it gets loaded onto your "user gallery" page, correct? if you delete the pictures from your gallery, does this in turn delete them from the log you posted them in?
  11. I also get the same problem with coins. They all seem to activate though. i'm getting the same issue. i just activated two coins and i can do the date and country just fine, but i get no options when it comes to choosing my province. i tried the activation process three different times and i can never choose my province. the coins are activated and in my inventory, but i cant properly input the location.
  12. i was just going to suggest this, but i also have a suggestion for the container. one time we came across a cache that was a 20 lb kitty litter pail. i dont know how kitty litter is packaged in other areas, but where i'm from we can get it in these large, tall, square pails that have flat lids and wire handles. that type of container ought to hold a bowling ball no problem.
  13. robin was flipping thru a canadian tire (which is a chain of hardware stores for those of you who arent canucks) magazine one night in september, '06 and he saw the term "geocaching" in the glossary. he looked up the site on the net and told me about it. the next weekend we tried our first search and we've been hooked ever since. our numbers arent as high as i'd like them to be, but we go when we can and we have a blast doing it, so thats all that matters.
  14. my boyfriend discovered caching a year ago this past september and since then its been one of the little things we do together as a couple. = CUPL we are from the county (i.e. out in the boondocks with nothing around but fields and rednecks) and i LOVE cows. = COWNTY thus, CowntyCupl. .............. i never said it was an interesting story, but you asked!
  15. yeah i thought of enlisting the help of the others but i dont know if i can get answers from them via email on the same day. like you said, this all should happen in the same day. so i dont know..... and yeah, this was our first one. so we're still kinda working out the kinks. i think i got it down now, but i'm trying to fix the mistakes i made with it before. such is life! thanks again!
  16. i just thought of something: not that this REALLY matters i guess, other than in terms of keeping things true, but if i delete a drop log that someone else left and then go back and re drop it myself in that cache, the record of the OTHER person dropping it is gone, right? in other words, it'll show that i, myself, dropped it, not the true person right? and then in deleting their logs wont that mess with their list of tb's found? if i'm deleting all record of them grabbing and dropping my bug, wont that make it not exist in their log of trackables they've participated in?
  17. thank you q! that is the first real answer i've gotten.....at least one that tells me to try something that sounds like it might work. i will try that later tonite and post here again to let you know of my results (if any). its not that much work deleting all those logs as it hasnt really visited many caches yet (three i think). so its no big deal. and yes it is important to me because it was my first one and thats kind of a big deal thanks again!
  18. ok, i have had this same issue for well over two months now and after several tries each @ contacting both groudspeak directly and a couple moderators, i still have no solution to my problem. i think i might have even posted somewhere on the forum about this, but i can't remember. so i'm posting here (possibly again, and if i'm repeating myself here, i'm very sorry) in the hopes that someone can help me out. here is my issue (which btw is a direct cut and paste from the email i just sent off [again] to Groundspeak): we went on vacation and dropped our first bug (referance number TB197QW) on july 24, 2007, not realizing at the time that we were supposed to log it in and out of a cache here at home in order to have the distance it was about to travel on vacation count towards its total kms. so, after realizing our mistake well after our vacation in july, i went back and backlogged a drop in a cache here at home and then an immediate retrieval from that same cache...those logs were dated the day before we left for vacation, july 20, 2007. now, theoretically i should have a bug that started here at home, then logged our vacation travel miles once we dropped it on vacation....and then of course any other miles it has gained since its been picked up from the cache we left it in. however, the ONLY kms showing are the ones that have been logged since being picked up from the cache we left it in. the backlogged kms i added are not showing. and you said based on your calculations it would be about 500 km's off, when actually, according to my mapping software, the distance between us here at home and the vacation cache, birds eye view, should be closer to 590 kms. to further clarify, we are talking about the distance between the caches GCZB9A and GCYVJQ. i am getting very frustrated by all these technical problems. i have never had an issue with the site and any glitches until dealing with my own travel bug. once this particular situation gets resolved, is it going to keep repeatedly happening? am i going to have to always fight to get the correct km's belonging to my bug to show up? if anyone has anything to contribute here that might help me out, i'd love to hear it. and yes, i have tried the "recalculate distance" option and it did not work. i am really getting frustrated over this whole issue .
  19. ok i figured out what we're going to do. as i mentioned before, the items we're going to be using are keychains. i went to our local hardware store and was able to purchase, in bulk, those little cardboard tags on a string that they usually use to attatch to keys when you bring your car in to get serviced. they cost me 6 cents each so it wasnt a huge deal. when i got home, i fenagled a layout in microsoft word and printed out a sheet of info tags....and once they were cut out, i glued them to the cardboard/string tags. on one side it says "cowntycupl was here" and on the other our stat info (caching since and our location). so once we get our keychains, we'll thread them onto the keyring. but thanks for the plastic bag idea.....sounds pretty obvious now, but honestly i didnt even think of that!
  20. why? what is the difference - when placing a micro - between a magnetic key box and a 35mm film canister? all it is is a different container.... I'd feel the same way about either if was placed with that little originality. (both your caching name & your avitar show that you know what I'm talking about!) Well, I guess you needed to be more specific, like in your second post. The first time you said, "the only faux-pas I see here is the use of a magnetic key hider box hidden on the bottom of anything." The second time you said, "placed with that little originality." So it seems you're not saying that any key hider under anything is generically bad in every case, but only when it is not fairly original. Right? Here's what I think he is trying to say. In some rare cases, a magnetic key holder is all that can be used as a cache container that provides a little ROI for the finder like learning some history or a great view etc. In most cases, not. In the case of sticking to a mailbox, probably never. If this is what he is trying to say, I agree. ok i've been reading all these posts and i can't help but notice that it's gotten somewhat off topic (like these tend to do). which is totally fine....but i kept having this same thought in response to some of the off topic points and try as i did, i couldnt ignore it any longer: why is so much emphasis placed on "originality" when hiding a cache? since when did geocaching become more about how impressive the find is instead of the hunt itself? i'll agree, when one finds something original and/or rewarding at the end of their hunt, its a lot more thrilling then the times when one only finds, say, a micro in a not so special area. but, like in life, very few things are original anymore. and if cachers only ever hid caches in places that were original or interesting or meaningful, there really wouldnt be as many out there as are now. especially in my area....i live out in the cownty were there is pretty much nothing of interest/value around but a lot of field/bush area. and let me tell you, after seeing as many areas like that as we have, they certainly arent original. but we dont care...because if they werent hidden in areas like that around here, there wouldnt be ANY hidden at all! for us, geocaching is about the hunt. its about the thrill of finding something that only a very select few know are there....and becoming part of that few. so, at least in my opinion, i'll take having a bunch of caches in the area that mean nothing - and thus allowing us the opportunity to cache - over only one or two "original" ones around and a limited opportunity any day! a cache is a cache....and anyone who takes the time and spends the effort in hiding one correctly for OTHER people to find - be it original or mundane, inspiring or boring; film cannister, key hider, peanut butter jar, or whatever - could never be a "faux-pas".
  21. lately we have been toying with the idea of starting to leave signature swag. i found some cow keychains online that have caught my eye and i was wondering this: is it enough to leave the item in each cache as it is, or should it have our name and location printed on/attatched to it to be considered "signature" swag?
  22. why? what is the difference - when placing a micro - between a magnetic key box and a 35mm film canister? all it is is a different container....
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