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  1. Whoa!!! I was browsing the web and noticed the new 2009 Compass Rose was available for pre-order.

    This new version looks mighty pretty - maybe my favorite so far.

    I just wanted to let people know so they would not miss out, i think the pre-order ends on May 6 or 7.

    Sorry if there is another thread started on this. Just had ot give a heads-up. I would be upset if i missed out on these. Cheers!! :unsure:

  2. This topic has been on my mind for quite some time. The length of time it's taking on some of these preorders is freaking rediculous.


    Here are the worst offenders:

    Cat Got Your Cache - Paid April 8th

    Caching Time - Paid April 23rd

    Dragonfly 2008 - Paid May 27th


    All the rest of my preorder purchases are in June/July, with some having been shipped or slated for shipping next week.


    Interesting, I was wondering. I originally paid for Cat Got Your Cache back in April too. It still has not showed up. Oh well, patience I guess. :unsure:

  3. It is a shame when coins get stolen from the first cache they are placed in or even stolen at all. The very first geocoin and TB I ever placed were stolen too. It was a Masters of the Cache dragon coin and the TB was an amazing item that I bought on eBay.

    Then about 6 months later I hid a brand new geocache with a beautiful Easter Egg geocoin and an Evil Micro geocoin and the whole geocache container with both coins were stolen.

    The best advice I can give is try to keep in mind that it does not happen all the time. Most of the time a geocoin will start its journeys without getting taken. And the joy you get when the successful ones start their journeys will make up for your current frustration.

    Just please give it another try soon in another cache. The joys will eventually outweigh the frustrations greatly. Most of the geocoins you place during your geocaching career will get to start their travels without to much trouble. I figure that if a geocoin travels to 10 geocaches then it was a success after that it's even added bonus.


    I know there might be some who dissagree but I find that geocaches placed next to high schools get looted more often. (coins of mine looted were within easy walking distance of the school) But then again there is no way to predict where and when a geocache or geocoins might get looted. The general rule is that the joys outweigh the frustrations.


    On a different note, however, I am a geocoin collector.

    I have decent collection but I confess that I have not yet been able to release the truly beautiful geocoins in my collection. I guess I think that the most beautiful coins are more likely to get stolen maybe? Or I think that if I can get 20.00 or more for a coin on eBay I should not set it free? I'll gladly set free coins that I'm not as attached to but the rare pretty ones - so far I can't set them free. :ph34r:

  4. Oh no. I've been waiting for these coins. These are really nice. I think one of the best looking coins in quite some time. I think I like the round coins like this the most - The round ones like this with an amazing beautiful design. You can tell a lot of thought went into the design. Thank you. I ordered a set even though I can't afford it.

  5. 1. Participating - Yes e-mail sent 2/13/08

    2. Received Name - 2/16/08 Received preparing something special

    3. Mission Complete - Mailed 2/29/08

    4. Mission Arrived! - Yes 3/11/08

    Thanks again Twin Falls Easter Bunnies. I think I figured out who you are but not 100% sure. :rolleyes:

  6. Yeaaaaa!!! My Easter mission arrived today. There is a very generous Easter Bunny that lives in Twin Falls, Idaho that sent a fantastic bunch of geocoins. And some great chocolates that are being enjoyed as I type this.

    A very nice Easter Bunny indeed too because among the great coins were a much desired Scottish Thistel Geocoin, a beautiful Allandale Farm, Follow the Quilt geocoin, and a highly desired Whale Trail Geocoin. Included was a great Easter card as well.

    Thank you so much Easter Bunny from Twin Falls.! I hope your Easter is great too. :rolleyes:





  7. Hi everybody,

    I have nothing to do with Coins & Pins website but I just noticed the Nocturnal geocoin was available for pre-order there.

    I have to say this is looking like one interesting geocoin. A bit pricey but it looks a bit more complex than most.

    Anyways i didn't want anybody to miss out so go check it out.


    Sorry if there is already a topic on this.

  8. Yes I agree this is an awsome idea. I was thinking about making one of those small decorative letter opener swords a TB but decided against it cuz those letter opener swords can be kinda sharp and actually be considered a knife sometimes. But I've always wanted to see somthing like this. Great job!!

    Please, if you making a reservation list, can you include me for a set as well?

  9. I am not completely familiar with this coin. I am guessing but ...

    Is this a coin that is not trackable at geocaching.com but is numbered and trackable at a website?


    If the website that regulates the numbers or tracking info is not working then it might not be able to be logged.

  10. Hi Mike,

    I get reservation happy too and then the PayPal request comes later and I'm broke. But I am an addict - I simply have to send the PayPal funds even though I probably should not. But faced with the choice - food or geocoins? I go with geocoins.


    I like the way some sellers do presales ...


    1. They announce a geocoin on the forums and their website and through e-mail newsletters.

    2. They announce the deadline for the pre-sales up front to everyone.

    3. An announcement is given that once the pre-sales are complete and the coins have been minted, the coin design will never be produced again and no further mintings will be done. The design goes into permanent retirement. (this is important I think)

    3. They also indicate that once all the geocoins have been pre-ordered and the date of the deadline has come and passed, the coin will then go to the minting process and shipped when complete.

    4. They give everyone plenty of time to make their pre-sale payment.

    5. Once the given date arrives, the pre-sales end and they stop taking orders.

    6. Keep in mind that at the time of reservation or pre-sales they pay up front for their coins (this is important).

    7. When the coins are complete an announcement is given when they ship.


    This way seems the best to me. It gives everyone plenty of time and it kinda eliminates the aspect of super detailed limited editions too. If someone wants a super detailed limited edition they simply pay up front for the extras. And nobody feels left out. And it also limits the overproduction and stays completely within the demand.


    I know there are other ways that work just as well but but I like this one the best so far.

  11. Selling on eBay is pretty easy.

    The best thing to do is describe your item as best you can in the best detail you can.

    Any pictures you have of the item are helpful but most of the time I steal a picture that most looks like my item that I am selling.

    But the #1 rule is describe your item in the best detail you can. List any imperfection and list all the good things too. The better you describe your item, the less likely there will be any missunderstandings. I hate it when I think I am buying a nice geocoin only to find when it arrives it is all scratched up or something. Even small sctratches on a geocoin effect the value I think.

    And I usually only ship inside the USA as it limits the unhappy buyers if the item takes too long in the mail or gets lost.

    Also I only ship using Priority Mail because the shipping is quick and reliable.

    If your buyer says you had slow shipping he will be unhappy. Plus Priority Shipping is not that much more money anyways and the buyer is paying for it anyway. The Post office will supply a free Priority Mail shipping box for your item.

    I never really use shipping insurance either as Priority Mail is reliable but you can offer it if you want.


    If you are just selling coins then buyers usually like inexpensive shipping around $2.00 so you will likely use first class shipping. I would figure out what an inexpensive padded envelope costs and then ask a Post office teller how much it would be to ship. Then list you shipping cost up front in your listing. That keeps the buyers informed of exactly how much it would be. Most eBay buyers are smart, they usually know when you are padding your pockets with extra shipping costs. And good buyer feedback is very important.


    I hope this helps

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