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  1. All good suggestions. I thank you. It sounds like I may be terminal. In any case, I now have 17 finds in 3 weeks and this morning I logged my first FTF. Yes! I got the email and rushed out early this morning just beating the other guy by a mere 20 minutes.
  2. I've come across the abbreviation "LP" on several caches, usually in the clues. I can't find what this means in any of the FAQs or info pages I've read. I know it has to be something very simple but just can't figure it out. The only thing I could come up with is Light Pole. Could this be right? Whazzit mean?...Please.
  3. Too late for that!:-) See my log/photos on 'Epic Cow'. Saturday's caching day whupped my butt! But boy did Sparky and I have fun!
  4. The only TB I've run across was like my second cache and I didn't know what it was for.:-) Can I return to that same cache and retrieve the TB? And if so, should I log the find again?
  5. I already had a used GPS V that I use on my bike. Someone gave me the geocaching.com web address and I made the mistake of going there! It took 2 visits to find the first small traditional cache. I've just logged my 9th! I lurk on the site now at odd times. I can't wait for Saturday to go out hunting. My GPS is now with me at all times. I have paper notes with coordinates and odd geocache puzzles scribbled all over them. I'm shopping for a backpack! What can I do?
  6. This thread is hilarious! HUCKLE-BUCKLE-BEANSTALK!-I'm LMAO!
  7. This has started happening to me as well with Firefox, on that same date mentioned above. Here's my solution: When you get to the blank page, click on the "printer-friendly" link at the top. When that comes up just click on "return to map" and bingo! .. Bob's you're Uncle! Works for me.
  8. Thanks guys! I knew there was something odd about the find. I went over to that site and told them someone needs to check it. That whole stamp concept looks pretty neat and appeals to me as well...Ahhh! So much to do and so little time.
  9. As a brand new geocacher I was out today with the missus seeking several caches in my area. I located two that were placed on the opposite ends of a park. While looking for the second one, I literally stumbled across a third one that apparently had been washed down the hill and was lying out in the open upside down: a small lock-n-lock box. On the front was "Rope Mill Letterbox" with a small stamp inside and the log book had entries of different stamps. I came home to report the cache as having been possibly accidentally moved by the weather, but I can't find it listed at the site anywhere. Are there listings of certain caches that aren't visible except to the premium account holders, etc. I ended up just leaving the cache exactly where I found it and continued my search for "Area575".
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