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  1. WOoHOo!! My Oregon came today. I'm setting here changing settings that were suggested and loading caches! Love it already!
  2. If you really want the Oregon 450... it's $240 on GPSCity.com!! Just ordered one this evening. Not sure how long the deal will last, but it's the best price I have seen on this GPS. Can't wait to get it!!!
  3. Just ordered the Oregon 450. It's actually $240. Now, I just have to be patient for it to get here :-) Merry Christmas to me!!!
  4. Thanks for the heads up Jordan!!! (I got your message as well). I think I found my new GPS, just have to wait for that deal to kick in.
  5. CRAP!!!!! I was waiting to hear from all of you on what you thought of GPScity before ordering from them, and now that $230 price is $339.... Crap, crap, crap.... should have gone for it!!! For some reason I wasn't getting notices that there were posts added to this thread. Ugh.... so GPScity is a good site to deal with then?? (just so I know for when the next great deal comes along...)
  6. I've seen GPSCity mentioned a few times in the forums. Looks like they are pretty reputable?? They have the 450 today for $230. Do they have bargains like that a lot? Been looking to upgrade, just not sure how long to debate between the three I have it narrowed down to before deciding on something.
  7. I've been reading good things on the forums about the success of drag and drop of PQs using both the Dakotas and Oregons on Macs. The Dakota 20 and Oregon 450 seem to be getting a lot of praise in the forums, and either would be more than enough for my purposes. (It's time to upgrade from the eTrex Legend!!!) I've also been looking at the Explorist 510 as well, but haven't really read anything on it, good or bad, but then it is pretty new.
  8. I'm considering this GPS as well, and have been wondering how well it works with Macs.... also considering the Explorist 510. From what I have read so far, after connecting with a USB cable, it shows as a hard drive and you just drag and drop files. Sounds easy enough. Anyone actually using one of these on a Mac??
  9. Having that problem as well and the link only gets me to an error page...
  10. I've been considering that Z22 at CC this week as well. We've been going paperless with an M500, but the battery is starting to show it's age, and I was thinking of buying a Z22 to upgrade then sell the M500. The M500 has been great for paperless caching, and I got a great deal on it off eBay.
  11. I found a topic the other day (after mentioning I couldn't keep a lock on a clear day sometimes), and seems a lot of people in the east were having problems that day. So... I guess it wasn't my Legend after all. I have never used another GPS, so I can't say for sure that one works better than another. But we've found most of the caches within a few feet of where the Legend put us. And for what we paid, and the fun we've had - I can't complain. As for the tree cover, I usually chalk it up to not having a clear view of the sky (which is pretty much a requirement).
  12. I've had a Legend for 2-3 years and have noticed problems a lot under trees, though holding it flat seems to help, but I try to always hold it flat to begin with. We seem to walk in cirles a bit before the unit decides for sure where it wants to point me. I also have problems when the sky is clear!! This seems odd, but when it is at least a little cloudy, the Legend works GREAT. But have a perfectly clear day, without a cloud, and I can't hold a lock on enough satelites to keep a signal. Is this a Legend issue? Or perhaps just a fluke? It's happened enough times that I find it odd though. This past Sunday I had this happen. After I did get enough satelites, we passed under a bridge, and lost them all in that split second.
  13. Actually, I feel like I 'should' have known better. OS X always seems to be listed separately. Heck, I even grabbed the one that looked like it had the 'newer' designed packaging. Boy do I feel stupid, nevertheless... it's going back. On another note... why does everyone mention using VPC so much?? I didn't see any reason for it to just connect and upload waypoints to the GPS. Or am I again missing something? I know I'll be 'DUH-ing' myself when someone responds. My brain isn't working straight lately... lol
  14. So what are we all using in our religious wars? Mac vs. PC Garmin vs. Magellan Palm vs. Pocket PC Me: Mac, Garmin, Palm
  15. Beware of the Belkin Adapter!!! I'm back in the market for a cable apparently as well. Yesterday I apparently wasted $30 on the Belkin USB to Serial PDA Adapter. The box says it is compatible with Mac OS 8.6 and higher. Only after opening the box and popping in the CD to install the driver, did I find out that it does NOT support OS X!!!! Nice way to trick people into buying their adapters. This cable will be going back to the store I purchased it from. I've checked their site, and have been able to find NOTHING about an OS X driver, other than oh - yeah, we don't have one. And all I seem to be finding elsewhere on the internet are other duped Mac users with the same problem. I should have gone with the Keyspan adapter. I have used other Mac Keyspan adapters before with great success. My only hang up was it cost a bit more.
  16. OH....... MY........ GOD.......... There really are other geocaching Mac users!!! Count me in on being interested. I have been researching the possiblity of going paperless. And it seemed like I was going to have to resort to using the PC my husband built me (I think he was trying to make me a backwards-'switcher').
  17. Awwwww..... I wanted to do a locationless too. I'll put my idea on hold as well.
  18. I got an email from Magellan/Thales Navigation about this year's contest and checked the link they provided. I decided to check for a forum to see what everyone was saying about it. I read the press release mentioned at the beginning of this topic... Then I was lost... It doesn't say anything about the game being "worldwide". There is no mention of a "worldwide contest" or 'worldwide game". I know it has been a lot of years since I have been out of school, but if my reading comprehension still works, the press release stated that their "marketing program launches worldwide" and that they announced the launch of their "global 'Be There' marketing campaign", the contest is just part of the marketing. Unless I missed something, the contest is never mentioned as being "worldwide". The North American ad campaign is "scheduled from April through July in North America", that doesn't mean they haven't scheduled advertising in other countries as well. I mean, do you really care when their ads are running in say... France? No... not unless you live in France, and I am sure their French marketing people are taking care of that. But that's just my 2 cents... Anyhow... we got a hat the first year when we found the 2nd Pittsburgh cache (the one placed after the "incident"). We didn't learn about the game last year until too late. We'll be playing again this year. As with anything, the contests will get better, so don't let past years' discourage you. You are in it for the thrill of the hunt anyhow right? LOL... ok, ok, a cool prize would be great too. But come on, don't take this so seriously!!! Just go out there and have fun - "Be There"!
  19. Well, bargaining worked!!! I got one of four of my bugs mailed back - not ideal I know - but now he is home to go through depression and acceptance with me.
  20. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance They say there are 5 stages of grief.... Well, today I think I have finally gotten past the denial and anger and moved on to bargaining. On a warm spring day in May 2003, my husband and I set 4 VW travelbugs free in the first cache we hid. Shortly after, the first cacher to find the cache, took ALL the bugs (which I had specifically asked not be done), and started them on a downward spiral. As of today, 2 are missing, and one is in the hands of a cacher (and has been since August 2003) who never returns any emails asking about the bug. The one remaining bug has had plenty of problems, which seem to have started when the first cacher dropped it off OUTSIDE a cache and left it hanging in a tree! It lost it's tag (not sure how that happened), but we were able to locate the tag in another part of the country! The bargaining?? Well, my husband has been telling me for quite a while now to get someone to mail them home. That isn't quite the whole idea of the travelbugs! But bargain I am! I emailed the holder of the final bug, to ask their assistance in returning my last active bug. Hopefully my last bug will make it home... or I will be moving on to depression and acceptance.
  21. Just putting in my 2 cents on th Jeep travel bugs... I think it is a VERY COOL thing that Jeep is doing, however, I agree with the cachers that expect the travelbugs to come up missing never to be seen again. As the owner of 4 travel bugs - 2 that have gone AWOL, and 2 that are "supposedly" in the hands of cachers that never return my emails... I hope that any contest that involves these Jeeps includes some kind of requirements that if you win anything, that you had previously (and are required to) logged the thing out of the cache (not just swipe it - sorry if I am out of line here) like you are suppose to, and move it along to give someone else a chance. If a "Jeep" bug hasn't been logged into your possession the correct way, you shouldn't get credit for it. Play fair, follow the rules and you will be rewarded - cheat and you get nothing. Not really fair for someone to take a bug, win something, and never to have logged that they took it. Then fellow cachers are still looking for a Jeep-bug that isn't there. I know I would love to find one. Keeping it would be cool - but not right, and I wouldn't even consider it. Now winning a new Jeep, that's even cooler yet! Better go enter for the day..... Thanks for the chance Jeep!!!
  22. My mom keeps telling me, "When 'they' start zapping people off the earth, I am staying away from you and your gadgets, 'they'll' find you". I laugh at her. Now I wonder... Coke has this Unexpected Summer Contest going on with the GPS Can.... I thought you used the GPS to find out where you were, not "they" find me. This contest makes it sound otherwise, though in this case, let "them" find me!!! I could use a new SUV!!! Anyhow... so, is it really the GPS they are tracking? or the cell phone? Maybe mom is right - if so - I will tell her how wrong I was, and beg her forgiveness after I pick her up and take her to lunch in my new Coke SUV.
  23. Maybe mom was right all along....... My mom keeps telling me, "When 'they' start zapping people off the earth, I am staying away from you and your gadgets, 'they'll' find you". Now... I thought you used the GPS to find out where you were, not "they" find me. This contest makes it sound otherwise, though in this case, let "them" find me!!! I could use a new SUV!!! Anyhow... so, is it really the cell phone they are tracking? or the GPS?
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