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  1. This week I found a TB in one of my first caches. I read all of the guidelines, so when I went home, I tried to Log the TB. I discovered it was not logged into the cache I found it in. So I grabbed it from the person that had the tb. A day later I got an totally pissed email, the guy told me he could not log the tb as dropped in the cache because he was on holiday. I should have written him an email before I grabbed it and that he was pissed off with people who grabbed a TB within two days after he dropped it. He told me that I should have been patient untill he logged the tb as dropped and that in holiday season this could take up to 3-4 weeks. I read all of the guidelines again and could find nothing about this. I got a little discouraged with his email. So what should I do in situations like this? Thanks Renske
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