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  1. The Emap I had has been sold. Thats why the topic has been cloed. Thanks, Bob
  2. If anyone is interested I can send a picture. I'll need your email address to do so. Thanks, Bob
  3. Andy, See my email I just sent you. Bob
  4. Dark Donut, yes the emap is very easy to use and yes I'll ship to AK for free. I'll need your zip code to get the rate. You can email me at pahlb@convergent.com I'll out the rest of today until late, but let me know if you would like to buy it. Thanks, Bob
  5. 78Firedog, No just your reply so far. Yes the Emap is a good GPSr. I just purchased a 60c for the autorouting feature. Thanks.
  6. The E-map is a good caching and navigating GPSr. This unit will come with MetroGuide U.S.A. v3, 8mb data card, serial + 12 volt data / power cable, Boby Glove carrying case and Garmin auto mount. Price is $160 and includes shipping. If interested contact me by my profile email address.
  7. I'm looking forward to upgrading to city select someday, but for now I thought I could find a fix to my problem. I'll give Garmin a call to see what they say. Thanks for everyones help. Have Happy New Year!!!
  8. Have you tried loading the same maps into the eMap and looking up the same address? What happens? Works fine on the emap. I only have an 8mb card so I can add other areas. Are you loading any maps for SC into the 60C? If so, is the address in question contained in those maps? Have you tried selecting the SC address, and pressing the "Map" button? What happens? Does it indeed go to SC? Yes I have loaded several including SC and yes the address comes up. The address should have showed one the my area as well. pahl68
  9. If I load my area map only I can find an address in that area, but if I add other maps as well as my area map it only comes up with street in SC. Thanks.
  10. 1) Yes it loaded. 2)Yes the address has been around for awhile. It doesn't matter what address I enter it always gives me a street in SC some where. Thanks.
  11. I'm using Metro Guide USA 3.0 from my old emap on my new 60C. I'm having a problem looking up an address on the 60c. I know the 60c is supposed to be used with city select, but so far Metro guide 3.0 works ok. I have serval area maps on my gps and when I look up an address in my town the gps only comes up with a street located in SC some where and won't give me a choice of any place else. Anyone know why? Thanks in advance for your help.
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