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  1. I will add that I FINALLY figured out how to put Google Earth onto my laptop but I can't figure out how to put my PQ results over the map. I think if I can successfully overlay my PQ I should be able to print sections showing roads & caches?
  2. I have NO idea how your tabs changed. I'm still learning my 60CSx too. I can slowly add notes to the cache into page by using the directional arrows to go to the Notes box and editing it though. edited: Sorry, I move around to the geocache icon, click on it and up comes a menu with all sorts of icons, and I move over one and click on the open geocache box.
  3. I have searched high and low in the forums on this subject but I've not been successful narrowing things down. Here is my situation and the question follows. Please keep in mind that I'm not comfortable with computers. Currently I use EasyGPS with my Garmin 60CSx. I do have a Premium membership so I get my queries weekly and I'd really like to overlay these queries over a roadmap. If I can get the queries overlaid on a road map on my computer I'd like to print map pages to take with us so I can plan a cache route. Is there a user friendly way to do this? My husband uses Google Earth a lot so it's installed on our computers. I can kinda use it- not real comfortable with it but I'm getting there. Thanks for any advice you folk have!
  4. We don't have any MOC in our area but if mine were being stolen? Well, I'd replace and MOC them in a heartbeat. Edit: I assume that MOC means Members Only Cache)
  5. Do you know for a fact that it was a live round? We did a few caches on a trip from IL to WY and in one of those got a beautiful silver .45. Upon doing a little research the item is a reload but it's filled with sand and is a personal signature item. If I were to run across a round in a cache I'd simply trade it out and not complain about it. The condom would upset me a whole lot more than a 22.
  6. I'm no professional but as I understand the "rules" you CAN participate in the ALR (the Challenge) but you don't HAVE to, therefore you should be able to visit, sign the log, and log it online.
  7. GeoBain is absolutely right. Spider wire is the way to go. I make wind chimes out of old silverware and the fishing line always degraded over winter. The ones I've made with spider wire have been out for 3 years and are still clinking in the wind.
  8. I have learned... 1. to think outside the box- the logical place for something isn't always where it is. 2. not to be afraid of exploring areas I have never been to. 3. that it is OK to talk to people I don't know. I'm quite shy and this has brought me out of my shell. 4. how to read a map and follow directions 5. that I'm not in good physical shape 6. that walking is fun and good for you. 7. that I really enjoy doing outdoors stuff with my kids and they enjoy being with me.
  9. Another place to look for cemeteries would be your county genealogical museum/library. For our rural Illinois county I compiled a list of locations for our genealogical library. Little ole Clark Co Illinois has 136 known cem. locations. Of those 136 sites maybe 1/3 have caches in or next to them. If you are lucky your local genea library will have a map already marked with locations that you could then check against your area.
  10. I drive a large dumptruck for a township and from late April thru November I am frequently stopped near bridges and other interesting places. I've "bagged" several caches while working, especially if I'm killing time waiting on my truck to be filled or if I'm waiting to drop the load. As a result I've gotten a couple of the county employees interested in caching. Oh, no, I've not confessed this to my boss.
  11. Depending on where you live, a snakebite kit is not a bad idea. My personal favorite is the mechanics extendable mirror. I REALLY don't like sticking my hand in places I can't see! We also have 2 pair of surgical gloves in our first aid kit. They work well to dump cold water from a thermos into to put on a child's ouchie.
  12. I might also suggest to go back to the online description of the cache. That should give you an idea of the size. Scroll down and read through some of the logs for the cache. I find that reading the logs usually gives me a feel for what I'm looking for.
  13. A friend and I did a couple of presentations off the cuff to a local 4H Leaders council and to our own 4H club. What we did was borrow 3-4 GPSr, made 2 different caches, & hid them just for the meetings to give the kids and adults a taste of caching without exposing any of our great local caches. After the meetings were over we picked up our caches and went home. Having a few examples of cache containers, swag, and maybe a geocoin or travel bug would be good to have along too.
  14. If you park and narrow it down to a shrub/tree then walk back and move on. It's just that simple. The kids and I have done that several times. On the other hand we have a cache in our windbreak row around the edge of our homestead. At first we had a lock-n-lock straddling two branches in the tree but after the first time I did maintenance on it I put it on the ground under the tree cuz I didn't like the tree needles either. I've only had one person complain to me about the cache INSIDE the tree that they couldn't find because they didn't want to stick their hand in the tree (at which time the cache was the ammo box under the tree). My advice to them? Ignore our cache then. The funny side of this was/is our cache is a nice ammo box nestled on the ground within easy reach. All they had to do was kneel down and look under the tree. Two branches perfectly hide it when one is standing. We have never seen damage to the particular tree nor to the ones that flank it.
  15. I have been visiting and recording old family cemeterys for years. Then I was given a Garmin Legend to record their locations. Then I accidentally found a cache and looked up online to see what it was "all about". My kids and I have been hooked ever since.
  16. I guess I misuse Waymarking. When going to Dr. appts in Indianapolis, IN and Rochester, MN I downloaded waymarks for additional things to go see. I didn't end up logging our visits to those locations but we had a good time. Most people I talk to locally don't know of Waymarking. Most of them DO know that I and our kids go caching. Lately when I've been asked to talk to local groups about caching I've also covered Waymarking. Local businesses are interested in Waymarking as a way to promote tourism.
  17. I'm around. Being in Illinois but closer to Terre Haute than other large cities I'm not sure where I fit in.
  18. Bravo, GeoBain! That is what SHOULD have been sent by Nomex in the beginning. Then this situation most likely would not have occured. I still consider myself a newbie but I'm keeping up with this thread. Personally I think the privacy need, in light of this particular situation, shouldn't be so sacred this one single time. This has snowballed to the point that TPTB need to provide their proof. I believe in the basic tenet of Innocent till proven guilty and TPTB have not explained WHY Nomex archived this cache nor why he was allowed to clearly imply that SF was a liar. I renewed my membership in November but if TPTB don't clear this up I will go back to non-paying status.
  19. After reading this thread from the first post to the 13th page I've done a lot of thinking about both sides. Granted, I've not been caching long but I am a 41yr old cynical, jaded, suspicious mom. That being said: 1. I think SF started replying on this thread while he was still angry so he wasn't as clear at times as he could have been. 2. If I were on a jury and had to decide this case of SuperFly vs. TPTB? I'd be firmly on SF's side. My reasoning would be that he and the OP presented good clear communications and have answered questions seemingly openly. TPTB have done nothing to clarify their reason for what they did. This particular situation SCREAMS for them to clearly explain why they archived this cache. (edited for fat-fingered typing)
  20. We recently attended an event where filled plain bags were given out. In this case the bags were paper sacks. You could make a handstamp with Leatherman's public domain caching symbol and stamp it on the bags to dress them up. I've made homemade stamps for painting out of thick craft foam sheets with an exacto knife and then gluing the stamp to a wood block. Mine work well. You could dress up a LOT of bags quickly doing this.
  21. Nuts. I thought someone had found a way to travel thru space-n-time to find caches immediately. Guess I still have to drive from cache to cache.
  22. One must also consider if this is a game or not. Personally I do not consider this a game. It is a hobby that I share with our children. They know how to behave in a cemetery mainly because we teach manners here at home. One of our local cemeteries is often used in photo-scavenger-hunts just due to the history of it and the local well-known people buried there. All that entails is getting a digital shot of a team member standing next to or behind the target tombstone/crypt. Our kids only run in one particular cemetery behind an active Church. We are going to be buried there. In this Churchs records going back 100+ years notations have been made regarding events and dinners held there that mention the organized children's games in the cemetery. To this day the Church members of that particular Church consider that the informal playground for tag and hide-n-seek. I know several people that find the idea of kids playing in a cemetery offensive. I'm not one. We're trying to figure out how to make a stone slide out of our future headstone but I digress. If you personally find a cache in a cemetery distasteful then simply drive on and ignore it. Just please don't judge those of us who enjoy finding them. And, yes, I think that the caches should be a polite distance away from the headstones.
  23. Otis, I have to agree with you on that cache. The neighbor is a schmuck. I don't know who he is and don't wanna know. I have found that one though. I brought all the kids with me. Maybe thats why he didn't holler at us. Maybe we were lucky and he wasn't home. Either way Im glad we got that one 'done'. NOw that youve been using your new GPS for awhile do you still like it as much? I still have my old blue Legend and am thinking of moving up to something with a color screen but haven't decided on any one model yet. I'm curious what you think of yours.
  24. Well, I don't post much anymore. I don't have much to say as my health isn't cooperating with me in order to go caching. The kids and I recently went to an event and bagged one on the way home, though. If I can't go caching I usually don't feel much like getting online either. I do check the General forum and this one at least once a week though.
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