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  1. Here is the reply email I recieved from Garmin from a earlier post to this subject:


    Thank you for contacting GARMIN International,


    We're sorry you are disappointed with the mapping. The fact is, nearly everyone gets mapping data from different map providers who customize the data for different needs. Our TOPO data comes direct from the government USGS service and is nearly equivalent to the 1:100,000 scale maps. These maps are not updated often as most of the major land features do not change often. Of course, there is the whole other issue of configuring the maps so that they can be utilized IN the GPS receiver. Not all of the nicer, 'more detailed' maps are able to be used in a GPS due to memory/system constraints in the handheld units.


    I will pass your comments along for review, as customer suggestions are very valuable to the company. Also, the Metroguide USA maps are actually current as of December 2001, not 10 years ago. Keep posted on the web for future updates to such software.


    Best Regards,


    Daniel Cobb

    Product Support

    GARMIN International

  2. I just sent a email to Garmin to express my recent purchase of TOPO. I'm hoping they listen. It definitly will detrmine my purchase of Metro, or even purchasing a Garmin in the future. But when it comes down to it, I might get the NatGeo Topo, and just print out the map when caching along with my bearing pointer. Who knows?


    Here is the email:


    Not real happy with your TOPO for the money.

    and I'm told you copy these maps from someone else.

    Now notice I said "for the money".

    I enjoy the maps, but now I have to go out and get the Metro also for ANOTHER hundred bucks!!!!

    I'd sure would have got the NatGeo Topo, but it won't download into the Garmin....bummer....cause the 1:24000 sounds better, and it looks like I get more. and reading others reviews of your Metro, it sounds like it is more then ten years old in it's updates.

    I would fully understand if it was about $20.00 for the software....and almost expected!, but at $100.00 buck a crack for every one of your software packages....I definitly expected a whole lot more.


    Thanks for listening.

    Happy New Year!

    Mike K. (BignFat)


  3. When loading the TOPO software into my Legend, it did give a warning before the download that all pervious memory would be erased. After the download, I did loose the base map to the new TOPO (bonus!) and I still have exits, POI, and the other features it previously had.....I think it downloaded with the TOPO. I'll get the METRO soon and add it to my memory to see what it does. It is interesting that others have said that GEO Topo wouldn't download into the Garmin, but the box at Costco says it can....I'm curious?


    Mike K.


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