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  1. Got mine today!!! Another awesome coin from www.Geocoinshop.de!!!
  2. - All orders which include this coin will be shipped in October / November That's from the www.geocoinshop.de website...so probably not Can't wait
  3. ordered a couple can't wait DRunner's!!!
  4. Order placed!!! I've wanted a Podcacher coin since I first started listening!! Since I listen to the show Every week I had no probelms with the cost. If it goes to support the show then that works for me Glad to help if I can
  5. Got my Geocacher's Day and king of the Cache coins today Drunners! Great Coins!!!
  6. Ordered!! Been waiting forever for this one!!!
  7. Andrew Sisters There Will Never Be Another You
  8. or how about Roy rogers (There'll Never Be Another) Pecos Bill
  9. Woohoo I can finally start counting down...let's see a week or so to get to my order shipped another 7-10 days to get over here!!!Maybe another two weeks!! I can't wait!!!!I need a laptop to go with my PDA Coin!!
  10. Another Nice Coin DRunners any plans for a Rheinland-Pflaz??? Edit DRunners Got the coins I ordered Friday, Yesterday(Saturday)!!! Love them all great job!!!! Micros and the cache counters, I've got the Black cat on my keyring
  11. Gonna have to get up really early to get that one!!! Luckily I usually get up at about 4am
  12. If I'm reading their page they should be reminting them....
  13. I'm confused as well but it looks like the Punisher's symbol so I think I preordered two sets
  14. Just got mine today and there are awesome!!! The really cool part is today we got our first Leterboxing Hybrid in the area!! So in one of my coins went
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