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  1. Prior to considering a virtual cache, you must have given

    consideration to the question "why couldn't a microcache or multi-cache be placed




    I can't place a micro there. It's on National Park Service land. If it was a multicache, I would have to send them much farther away from the lighthouse.

  2. Greetings!


    I need your help, opinions and perspectives as fellow cachers. A few weeks ago I submitted a cache for approval. It was not approved and was archived. I belive it should be approved. I went to the geocaching site to read the detail on what is and is not considered a Virtual Cache. My (proposed) cache fits the guidelines. I wrote the volunteer who did not approve the cache. He wrote back and explained his reasons. My next step, according to the site is this:


    "Next, you should feel free to post a message in the “Geocaching Topics” section of the Groundspeak Forums to see what the geocaching community thinks. If the majority believes that it should be posted, then Groundspeak administrators and volunteers may review the listing and your cache may be unarchived."


    So here we are ... I would like your honest opinions about this cache. If you too believe that it should not be approved, I will respect your opinions and this process and discontinue my effort to get it posted. If however you think it should be posted, I will send a link to the GC site admin to have it further reviewed.


    Many Thanks in advanced for your time and efforts here!


    First let me describe the cache (since you can't go to view it as it is archived)


    In San Diego there is a famous historical landmark called the Point Loma lighthouse. Note it is an official historical landmark (landmark #51 actually) so it is significant structure (as GC.com says it need to be). When you go to the site you will see pictures where I photoshopped out some details. You needed to go to the actual lightouse, walk around and answer a few questions. Then you needed to email me the answers and post a log.


    That's it.


    Okay here we go, please bear with the reading, but you need the details to make a good decision.


    After the ### signs please read the email that I wrote to the GC person who did not approve. Then I will return after the ### signs again to write more to you here.




    To: GC.com WestCoastAdmin


    In regards to submitted cache: GCMVXQ


    I am confused.


    Why wasn't my cache approved and posted?


    Can you please respond to my questions (found between the ***), and

    enlighten me. I would like to be educated and learn so that I can make

    better decisions as I attempt to place my caches.


    On 2/21 you stated:




    Log Date: 2/21/2005

    Greetings. While I did not think this submission qualified under the

    current guidelines for virtual caches, I felt that it had enough merit


    warrant additional opinions.


    As such, I submitted it to the other volunteer cache reviewers for

    their opinions. Unfortunately, they also voted against listing it.


    Have you considered making this into an offset or puzzle cache with the

    final stage off of the military property? This seems like a good

    candidate for this type of cache.


    Thank you for your understanding and contribution to geocaching!


    Best regards,





    ***Why do you believe that it doesn't qualify as a Virtual Cache?***


    I have read the qualifiers and quidelines regarding Virtual Caches. My

    cache clearly fits every requirement.


    1) That the cache is a unique physical object: It is.


    2) That is is of novel interest: It is. Please note the following web

    sites. It is clearly "coffee table" material.





    3) That there are questions about the location: I asked several

    questions about the location.


    4) "An original photo is acceptable" (does not apply to my



    You were vague in your reasons why you didn't post this cache.


    ***Can you please clearly state why, if this is indeed the reason, it

    does not qualify as a virtual cache?***


    ***What reasons did the other volunteers give as to why this cache was



    In another section of your comments you stated: "Have you considered

    making this into an offset or puzzle cache with the

    final stage off of the military property?"


    ***Is this your reason for denying this cache?***


    This is not on a military base. It may be on military owned land, but

    the property is on National Park Service Land. On any given weekend,

    hundreds if not thousands of visitors and tourists arrive here by car


    tour bus to visit the lighthouse and the nearby Cabrillo National



    Finally: Another nearby virual cache (GCH7FY) was approved on 11/2003

    that is similar to mine.


    ***Can you please explain why this cache was approved and mine was



    Again, I would appreciate it if you would respond to this inquiry and

    my specific questions (between the ***). I look forward to your

    illumination of this subject.


    Thank you






    Okay I'm back. He responded with this




    To: iTrax


    Hello. In response to your questions...


    I did not feel that your virtual met the guidelines for virtual caches.

    It did not "wow" me, as lighthouses are a very common sight along the



    It does not require a GPS to find, just a road map. The verification

    questions forced a cache hider to print out pages to comply, although

    many cachers are paperless and would not have the photos necessary. In

    addition, this section of the guidelines applies as well:


    Prior to considering a virtual cache, you must have given

    consideration to the question "why couldn't a microcache or multi-cache be placed

    there?" Physical caches have priority, so please consider adding a

    micro or making the location a step in an offset or multi-stage cache with

    the physical cache placed in an area that is appropriate.


    It is apparent to me that without being in the confines of the

    restricted boundaries, this could easily be a offset or multi-cache. I

    suggested as much to you in the reviewer note.


    In view of the above, I still submitted this cache for review by all of

    the other reviewer. The poll results were the same as my original view.


    There has been one virtual cache approved since June of 2004 in So Cal,

    below 37 degrees. Any caches approved prior to your submission have no

    bearing whatsoever on current submissions. From the guidelines:

    First and foremost please be advised there is no precedent for

    placing caches. This means that the past listing of a similar cache in and

    of itself is not a valid justification for the listing of a new cache.

    If a cache has been posted and violates any guidelines listed below, you

    are encouraged to report it. However, if the cache was placed prior to

    the date when a guideline was issued or updated the cache is likely to

    be "grandfathered" and allowed to stand as is.


    Currently gc.com is working on a solution for virtual caches.

    hopefully, this will occur soon.


    Best regards,





    Okay, back again.


    I'm more than willing to add more words below the pictures to make it easier for people who have gone paperless as he states.


    I didn't want to make it an offset or multi-cache. I've done several of those, and the purpose of this one WAS the actual lighthouse.


    Whew! I know that was a lot of reading. I truly appreciate your help with this process to decide if this cache should be posted or archived.


    I know that the volunteers at GC.com are hard workers (and volunteers after all!) and I appreciate all their work. I would appreciate your honest opinions and feedback here as we go through this process.





  3. lumberjack_2.gif


    I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK

    I cache all night and I cache all day

    (He's a lumberjack and he's OK

    He caches all night and he caches all day)


    I cut down trees, I eat my lunch

    I go to the lavat'ry

    On Wednesdays I go geocaching

    And have buttered scones for tea

    (He cuts down trees...)

    (He's a lumberjack...)


    I cut down trees, I skip and jump

    I love to press wild flow'rs

    I put on women's clothing

    And hang around in bars

    (He cuts down trees...)

    (He's a lumberjack...)


    I cut down trees, I wear high heels

    Suspenders and a bra

    I wish I'd been a girlie

    Just like my dear papa

    (He cuts down trees...)

    (He's a lumberjack...)

    :ph34r: Haven't heard / sang that one in awhile!

  4. Stuck on 5 and don't know how to cheat ... :laughing: any hints here?

    Here's a clue:


    Use IE and highlight this:


    Do the same thing there

    Okay, I just found out (by trial and error). You MUST use IE on a PC. A mac will not do. Any other browser will not do. Grrrrr. :laughing:

  5. I saw this on Sign-On San Diego.


    My first thought, was it a Geocache?


    SAN DIEGO – Students and staff at Pacific Beach Middle School were evacuated today after a suspicious box was found in bushes on campus, San Diego police said.

    Here's the latest from Sign on San Diego:


    SAN DIEGO – A mysterious object that turned out to be a cassette-tape carrying case prompted a precautionary evacuation at Pacific Beach Middle School today.


    A teacher spotted the box in a patch of shrubbery at the Ingraham Street campus shortly before 9 a.m., according to San Diego police.


    Administrators cleared everyone out of classrooms and offices and patrol officers blocked off nearby roads while arson investigators with an X-ray scanner determined that the box was harmless, SDPD Sgt. Rod Vandiver said.




    Something to consider when placing a cache that could potentially cause a panic ... I'm glad it wasn't identified as a cache. That could make for some negative press ...

  6. The procedure I had was something called an olecranon osteotomy. Basically they drilled out the arm bone packed it full of bone gratfs and reattached the triceps and soft connective tissue, and then plated it all together.


    fun stuff.


    Obviously. I'll be taking it easy for the next little while, so happy hunting to all out there!



    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. - Oscar Goldman

  7. I proposed this weekend while geocaching as well. I used Garmins software to plot Marry Me in giant letters and saved the points to the GPS. I created a fake cache page listing all of the points and a set of clues. I took along 3 friends that wanted to learn how to geocache and let them do a cache first. Then we gave her the GPS and told her to work this one. It took her about 15 minutes to complete it. I planted a microcache at the last set of coordinates under a picnic table that had a piece of paper in it saying "zoom out on the GPS". I had turned on the track log so it spelled out the "Marry Me" on the screen. By the time she figured out what it said, I was beside her on a knee holding the ring. :rolleyes:


    Everyone loves the way I did it so I am happy. I may go and plant a real cache at the site as a memorial.





    Very cool! I really liked that one!



  8. Hey all,


    First post here on the San Diego thread. Thought I'd try this out.


    I agree with Parsa, there may be some caches after these rains that will be seriously water logged and in need of maintenance. Some containers are better than others. I ran a weather test in my backyard (read: sprinkler) to see if certain containers were actually water tight. To my suprise I actually found that some rubbermaid "snap" container (like tupperware) still let in drips of water. I have ended up using "screw on cap" containers (Walmart, Rubbermaid, clear plastic jar, white cap, various sizes) that seal well. I've found the disposable "gladware" container to be "dry season" only containers and degenerate quickly once exposed to the elements.

  9. Blast! I can't seem to get rid of / delete this topic ... grrr ... B)


    Any help here? Do I simply wait until the topic becomes old and no one posts and it goes "off the board"? I know that I can "close" the topic so that no one else can post, but that doesn't seem to accomplish what I want to do ...




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