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  1. Anybody else having trouble downloading cache info with Trimble's Geocaching Navigator? I keep getting a missing content length or timeout when I try to load info on caches around me or by ZIP code. A call to Trimble says the problem is on GC.com's as they are doing server work.
  2. The CO is ultimately responsible for the cache and after reading the description feel Vinny is right in deciding to limit its exposure. Groundspeak owns the website and defines the rules for it. They at least appear to make the effort to apply the rules in a consistant manner. So we all know if you want access to everything, you need to become a premium member.
  3. I've found a couple of caches that a critter had dragged out of its hiding spot. There it was right out on the ground. Not much of a challenge to find but I log them anyway and put them back in what I assume to be the immediate best hide if I can. There was one I could not.
  4. I see that its at least partially fixed. TB motion through 3/9 was updated with miles. I went and moved my mileage bug through 5 more caches and no distance between caches was noted or added into the total until I forced a recalculation.
  5. I'm also in the process of playing catch up with a personal TB and it is tedious. Fortunately my finds are not too high. But it would be great if GS could do this automatically for at least one TB per account. It might even lessen the load on the servers a bit.
  6. I just got a personal TB that I want to follow me from cache to cache. I've slowly been having it go to old caches I've visited and have alos found the mileage to no be updating. Looking through the TB's log, the entries for Feb 26 and later no longer have miles from the previous cache. But thoose before do. So I'm guessing that the calculation is correct for the miles noted and everything else is 0. The TB reference number is TB2PDHD. Hope this helps fix the problem.
  7. For a couple of years I organized the annual picnic of a club I belong to. We rented a pavillion at a county park. Part of the rental agreement stated I could bring one vehicle at a time to the paviliion for unloading and loading in support of the event. For that period of time, it was an authorized vehicle.
  8. I wonder if Cuba's opinion of GPSr's (saying no to a system that uses U.S. military hardware) will change when the European Galileo GPS system comes on-line?
  9. I've hunted a few PMOC caches but admitantly I tend not to pay attention to that detail when I look at the listings for my surburban Philadelphia area. (I think we have a pretty low concentration of them around here but I could be wrong.) That being said, I have an idea for a cache (I'm not going to say what it is) which if I place I plan to make a PMOC. Only letting PMs look at the listing gives the cache a little extra security but is - of course - no guarantee. The cache itself won't be super hard to find. It will just have a little fun twist on what you have to do when you find it. And if you don't want to do that fun twist, then you can just sign the log. If the cache is just openly listed, based upon the concept I have, I wouldn't be surprised if its muggled within days of publication. Edit: Additional detail.
  10. My wife has a bunch of "Pill Pouches" They're a little heavier duty than most of the other small zip-lock bags I've seen. They also have a white surface to write the medicine name and when to take it time. They have found good use in a couple of my hides. I don't know where she got them but I'll try to remember to ask and post here. Edit: spelling/grammar
  11. Even without reading this, it is exactly what I did when I found a pot plant on the way to a cache. Though I did meet with a state trooper and lead him back to the plant. He confiscated it but admitted there was little they could do to find the culprit. If we do nothing, the criminals win.
  12. Several LEO's here have pointed there are regular memos to the LEO community about geocaching. And another has pointed that many LEOs don't bother to make a mental note about what they read if they even read it. On the way to a cache I stumbled across something in the woods that shouldn't be there. Called the PA state police which sent a trooper. He admitted he asked on their chat channel what geocaching was and another trooper gave him a quick overview. My guess the LEO who stopped you was well aware of the cache if not the owner and was just messing with you. Though stopping you with lights and siren is - IMHO - pushing it.
  13. Geocaching is far cheaper than ham radio. I belong to a MAJOR amateur radio contesting club and have several thousand envested in my station and its by no means a powerhouse let alone competitive. But I can turn in a million points to the club's aggregate contest score and every point counts.
  14. I would prefer people to log a find on any of my hides. Prefferably with a few words of how the search went. Obviously the ones saying it was a good hide bring a smile to my face. But there are going to be some people who don't. Not logging isn't really going to change anything. The hide will be there at least as long as it doesn't get muggled. I haven't done any maintenance on my hides yet so I haven't counted the signatures verses log entries.
  15. A cache near me was in bad shape with a badly cracked light weight tupperware type container. Several people noted it in the logs and when I found it, the condition was worse than described. About a week later I went back and replaced the container, put a note in the log including a comment that I would hold the original for a while if the CO wanted it back. Didn't hear a thing - ever - and after three months tossed the original container. If you can make it better, I don't see a problem with doing so. Just be reasonably sure you're making it better.
  16. I've been following this since it started. The one thing I strongly suggest is that we contact our senators and representatives. Enough contacts, complaining and questioning what has gone on will probably lead to calls from the senator's/representative's office to the NPS which will eventually trickle down to those who need some clarification about geocaching.
  17. If even the thought of a cache detracts from the wilderness experience for some people, then why are they even on the AT? Its a marked trail, that in its own right is a detraction from the wilderness experience. I'll accept the NPS doesn't want them on its lands, the AT or the ATC but to declare state park XYZ off limits just because the AT goes through it is getting extreme.
  18. The owner usually puts his e-mail address in the description and you can just send a regular e-mail plus attachment. Out of the three I've done only one owner replied with a thanks for visiting. None have deleted my log entries.
  19. I have a very old Garmin which took me to number of caches without a problem. Their newer 'friendly' units include icons for unfound and found caches and longer note fields. Overall I take geocaching-friendly to mean efforts have been made to support the hobby.
  20. I'm going to say BRAVO to these concepts. I think they are a creative and perfectly honest way to address at least some of the issues your area has been having. And if somebody doesn't want or can't claim the prize, they just have to let the CO know and another winner can be drawn.
  21. I had Lyme's Disease about 5 or 6 years ago before I took up caching. As best as I can figure I got it around my own house. So I am concerned about it but I have to decide if I want to hide from all my fears and concerns or take proper precautions. Last year I put up a short ham radio tower. I have never been comfortable with unenclosed heights (basically situations where there is nothing between me and falling). Planes & talls buildings don't bother me. I've pressed my nose up against a floor to ceiling window on the 23rd floor of a hotel and didn't feel an ounce of anxiety. Take that window away and I'd be as far as possible from the hole. But climbing my tower and a friends has put me in the suck it up and get it done category. I've got a full safety harness on, fall arrest lanyard and another around the tower. At least one is connected at all times. The first few climbs were knee knockers esspecially when leaning back from the tower and letting go with only the lanyards holding you in place. I've found I've built confidence in doing it and when I get down, want to do it again. There are a million perils around you at any momment so you may have to convince her to suck it up and 'git 'er done then shower and scrub after the trek.
  22. I'm hoping not to have to pop the stiching that forms a loop on one end of a strap on my caching backpack to replace the buckle that broke. But it looks like that's the only option.
  23. Carry a Swiss army knife and you'll have miniature tweezers available. I always have a Victorinox Classic with me. I don't mind pulling the log out of a nano or re-rolling. What I hate is trying to sign that thin strip of paper!
  24. I'm looking for a couple of replacement quick clips typically used on the webbing of a backpack. The trick is I'm looking for one where I don't have to open up any of the web loop stitching. Does anyone have any web sites to point me to?
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