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  1. Hi, I am a newbie collector getting into geocoins. Can you direct me to a site that shows photos for your listed geocoins? Is there any particular database to see what they look like? I clicked on a link in one of the pinned topics and I don't get anywhere with that.



    Reducing down my collection as I find I don't have as much time to spend with them anymore. I'm listing them on here for a week or so to let the forum users have first crack at them before I list any on the eplace. If it's activated, i've noted it beside the coin and I will send an adoption when payment is complete. If I've listed a coin I can't (or shouldn't) sell for various reasons please let me know!



    US and Canada: $2.50 first coin, $0.50 each additional coin.

    International $3.50 first coin, $0.50 each additional coin


    EMAIL ONLY (for some reason I don't always get PM's)



    MWGB 2008 Cheesehead Parrot pending

    C.S.R.A Geocachers - Thompson Treasure Hung 2008

    Canadian Cacher Christmas Micro (activated)

    Canadian Micro 2009


    DNF Gold

    Luxembourg (activated)

    Mini Shell Black Nickle

    UK Flag micro



    Mighty Shark Antique Silver

    Moscow delecious (Activated)

    Kootenay Pirates Black Nickle

    Lunenberg 2008 Nickle

    Maine Pirate Quest 2008

    Reef Check Silver

    Skulldugery Shiny Gold

    The SoMDCacherz 06 Geocoin (Activated)

    <°)))o>< Geocoins (Red Herring) Silver pending

    2006 Toronto Gold

    Canada 2006 Silver

    Candy Cane (activated)

    Cape Breton Island Black Nickle (activated)

    Carousel Lion Polished Gold (Brown Lion)

    Freestyle caching

    Jangor tracks across canada (Activated)

    Kathy's Coin

    Mighty Shark Antique Silver

    Mimbres Fish White with Black Nickel

    Obsessed Caching Group (activated)

    Rhode Island 2008 "Little Rhody"

    Team Alamo 20 K antique silver

    Team Sand dollar 2008 Misty gold pending

    Travel case Antique Silver

    Travel case Antique Silver



    Pirate sword Red and gold 2piece

    Pirate Treasure Map Antique Gold

    Surfboard Dots

    Surfboard Flames

    Compass Rose 2009 Polished Nickel with Polished Gold

    Grey Whale Blue and Green Translucent

    Hectors Dolphin by Dorkfish (activated)

    Honu Shiny Silver

    Lobster - Live

    Lobster - Rare Albino (Glow)

    Lobster - Rare Blue

    Lobster Holiday Green

    Lobster Holiday Green

    Lobster Holiday Red

    Pirates of the Geocaches Antique silver

    Damselfly Antique Silver

    Damselfly Antique Gold



    Naymlap Two-Tone Copper and Silver

    Starfish Blue

    Starfish - Oilslick

    Celtic Tree of Life Red on Antique Silver pending

    Dive Into Caching Black Nickle



    Mosaic Lizard set of 3 (Green, Orange and Red)

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