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  1. This log is to clarify my thoughts on the quest cache and to let you see were I am coming from. I did not go to deep into it in my op because I didn’t want it to be to long. This cache type is designed for only about 5% or 10% of the cachers out there. Only the craziest of us all every try or even complete caches like this. Let me break down the two qualifying factors to place these caches. First the cacher must qualify to even be able to place the cache. I know some people may disagree but stay with me on this one I think I can make a good point for this. Since only the best of the best complete these caches they need to be of the highest quality. How many of us have found a cache out there and thought that the owner didn’t care enough to think it through before they placed it. I know I have. These caches are supposed to be the best of the best. The criteria for a cacher to qualify... 1 Must be a premium member. These caches should be for premium members but that is a totally different topic. For a latter date. 2 Must have at least 500 finds or be a charter member. This will be so that the cache owner has more experience and the quality should be better. This rules me out for now but that’s ok because the game is what’s important. The criteria for the cache to qualify as a quest… 1 Cannot be completed in one day. It should require multiple days to complete. Multiple full days of caching not just an hour or two a day. 2 The quest needs to require a lot of planning. I know some of us plan our caching trips more than others. But for these quests you may have to get chart, maps, vacation time from work or even a guide. 3 All quest caches need to equal at least a 4 difficulty. These will not be easy or fast. They may contain the need to get caches that are easy (like the Delorme challenge) or have their own multiple waypoints. 4 They must have meaning. I know this one will all be subjective but I think that for it to be a quest there has to be a great adventure to go on. The final decision for this would be a panel of three administrators who volunteer for the added joy of helping a cacher place a quest. 5 The cache owner must complete the quest first. There could be an exception for the Delorme challenge but the owner would have to actively pursuing the quest. 6 The quest must first be submitted as an idea and approved by the panel before continuing on with planning and work with the panel the would way through. Some may be a quick thing like a Delorme challenge or some maybe a process like a backpacking trip on the wonderland trail around Mt Rainer. http://www.nps.gov/archive/mora/trail/wonder.htm These are all just ideas I have. These rules should keep the number of quests low and the quality high. If you look at the logs for the WDC after the cachers complete this quest they are left asking what’s next. Well lets give them a what’s next.
  2. I learn something new every day! I have been to both cache pages a few times or more and for some reason i didn't notice that they were mystery caches. That still doesnt change my mind on the fact that I think they should be a quest cache. I have read all of the posts up to now and since i am on quick break i will try to bring my thoughts about the post into an acutual complete thought and post it tonight.
  3. I see geo names all the time and wonder if one of my old friends is into geocaching. I would love to see a feature were you can at your choice have your name something that someone can search. If it is a voluntary thing people who are paranoid can opt out. I love the idea of more social ties to other cachers with the same interests as ours like caching with kids or riding quads or boating. So far I haven’t come across to many people I think are rude or to crazy for us. Except Cache Assets but they are already our friends so we cant say anything now.
  4. First the two caches that I mentioned are not multi caches because the owner only has one waypoint all the caches you must get are someone else’s. Second difficulty and terrain ratings are interrupted values. They have no solid rules only suggested guide lines. I cannot compare a cache like Washington Delorme Challenge GCQQ9B, and Washington County Challenge GCZB73 with a level 5 difficulty cache. The level 5 could be because the owner thinks his puzzle is hard or that he has made a really good container that will be hard to find and I think with a little time you can come up with more reasons that someone would call their cache a level 5. The quest cache would have criteria for being a quest. quest (kw st) n. An expedition undertaken in medieval romance by a knight in order to perform a prescribed feat. I think that caches like WDC fit that definition. They take multiple days, extensive resources, many hours of planning and a thirst for adventure that is above and beyond a normal geocacher(if there is one). And my opinion for adding it as an attribute is that attributes are not cherished like a find icon or a geocoin icon. When have you ever heard anyone say I have three cache finds that have a tick attribute or a stealth required attribute. These caches are a special part of geocaching that like a mega event not everyone will be able to do but if or when they do it will be something they will remember. I really like your statement it makes me think more in-depth about this subject. And I think that you do have a valid point and I have reasons to disagree.
  5. I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now and have talked to a few people and I think this is the best place to start my thought or campaign. I have started the Washington Delorme Challenge and the Washington County Challenge. We are very excited about the upcoming adventure and journey these two big caches will take us. Here lies the problem they are classified as a traditional cache and they are not. They are not traditional multi caches either. I have been thinking hard about this and noticed that almost every state has a Delorme challenge. Is there a trend nationwide for these large caches? If there is I think we need a new type of cache, a Quest Cache. The Quest cache should be a cache that was physically impossible to complete in one day. You would have to plan your attack of these caches as they would be way to big to just grab your gps and go. Events now have a mega event icon if it is over 500 people why can’t we have a quest cache if is a long journey to the finish. Our whole family will be doing two quests this spring with thousands of miles to travel, hundreds of dollars spent, hundreds of caches found and many many hours spent planning our trips all for a traditional cache it doesn’t seem right. I have earned a Quest icon in my finds list. Icon or no icon this family will be going and completing this quest not for an icon but for an adventure.
  6. i have only been caching with my dell inspiron 1150 laptop since september. but i used this for my autoglass buisness. my van did not have ac and it sometimes hits 100 degress out here in spokane so in my van was alot hotter. i have dropped it a few times spilled water on it once (that was a very scarry day) i turned it off quickly and was able to turn it upside down and blow compressed air over it until it was dry. the only thing i have done to it in the two years i have owned it is replace the cd drive last summer. to hot maybe. i will buy my next laptop from dell again but i will look into the costco thing that sounds like the only way to go. not a big fan of dell suport but there product has been even better than our gateway home computer
  7. Hey GEM's we are from graham as in cracker. we have done some of your caches.
  8. we just started caching in sept but we would love to help my wife doesnt work and i could take a day off work or something please add Brad and Nichole to the list of helpers. and i will talk to some other cachers.
  9. sorry i need the NW region of the USA or all of the USA
  10. i just got a garmin emap with metro mapsource but i would like the topo for caching. it doesn't need to be current a few years old is ok. i know the unit is older but it works great and we are on a limited budget.
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