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  1. ...My takeaway, from talking to the Spokane cachers, is that they don't want to publicize the cache or owner, as they are understandably upset....


    I understand this, and they are free to not speak about or publicise the cache. They aren't however free to obfuscate things to prevent folks who are wondernig about the circumstances for any reason. If a single person can avoid the kind of accident that claimed this cacher by learning from the events and circumstances then something good would have come of things.


    Obfuscation is the concealment of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, intentionally ambiguous, and more difficult to interpret


    really how did you get that from what has and hasnt been said?

    maybe all that we "need" to know is be careful. And maybe our curiosity is not the most important thing here.

  2. All we can do right now is look at our own caching behavior and be more careful. I hope my wife never has to see this. As a former Spokane Cacher I remember the cache and it wasnt that bad I've been on worse.

    But you have to feel some pain for the hiders eventhough IT ISNT THIER FAULT. This game has become a big part of my life and when I heard that someone fell my heart sank not just because there is a good chance I could have known them, but it makes you think about the danger that is involved in this game. Be safe and keep playing. I hope there is a way the caching family can help the family of the fallen cacher.

  3. I find that even when visiting people they are just glad you are there and dont think or know about some really cool places to see. We live in Washington and we drove to the inlaws in Winchester, In and stopped for caches in every state. And when we were there we were able to show them some cool things in the area and get a few earthcaches also.


    T/F The next cacher has caching friends that say they are soooo hooked on caching but hardly ever go out caching.

  4. They play the game their way and I play it my way.

    But why do you then let it bother you? (at least, enough to start a thread about it.) If their game is different from yours, and it doesn't impact your game, why do you care?

    Why does anyone let anything bother them or cause them to start a thread about it? If I find myself feeling this way then I assume others may as well. I suppose I seek validation of my opinion or to find out if perhaps I am the only one in the local caching universe feeling this way just now.


    I think these forums are intended to be a place to ask questions such as this. No?


    You didn't ask a question. You stated a negative opinion aimed at other cachers who don't play the game the way you do. IMO, that is exactly NOT what this forum is intended to be. I have some strong attitudes about the way some other people play this game, but you'll never find me calling them out in a public forum. Truth is, most people don't care about your (or my) opinion especially when they're as trivial as whether someone likes traditional vs puzzle FTFs. Live and let live and we'll all be better off.




    well said

  5. Wow I love your thread! I feel the same way about people in this game who use the forums to cry and bash other cachers for playing the game their way that is fun for them. Sorry if this offends anyone. Just my two cents or maybe it was a $1 anyway there it is.

  6. FREE FOOD! well kinda. If you see somebody in a QCCM shirt thanks them for breakfast and lunch because they helped pay for it with the shirt on thier backs.


    In the morning there will be a coffe stop and breakfast in Pullman at the parking for the Brick and web cam. We will be there from about 7:30 to 9ish after that we will be setting up for lunch at ghormly park cache in moscow for lunch. we will be there from 11am to about 2ish after that we will have a drink stand set up farther down the route so see you there.

  7. at least he used your usename nobody knows me as brad! only a close few who I cache with. also he took all the stuff about me playing hookie from work and used my real name! thats real nice! By the way the whole story I told was about finding my first moun10bike coin but i guess there wasnt 5 more seconds to add that first part ;)

  8. The shirts are on order please let me know how many and what sizes you need. I can add to the order all the way up to friday and still have them done for the friday night dinner. The cost is $17 each for sizes Youth Small and the way to 3XL, all the money raised from the sale of the shirts will help pay for the breakfast and lunch stops. Please if you are interested let me know so I can save the size you want. thanks quadsinthemudd. any questions you can email me at quadsinthemudd@gmail.com. I almost forgot.... wait I did forget to say that they are black shirts with silver printing on the front and back.




  9. True and False! I attended an event in Idaho that the cacher rated a 5* 5* but it was just a ploy to get more cachers to attend it so far out from town


    T or F the next cacher has the new caches notifacation sent to thier cell phone so while they are at work they can try to get one more FTF

  10. Ok this is my two cents...well maybe it’s more like twelve cents but here it is anyway


    GC1F0DN Fun and Games This is kind of in the open right in the middle of campus and in a bush that has no leaves right now. My take is drop there are a lot of other great caches to get but it’s up to you.


    GCQPP5 Splish Splash Plop not a great cache machine cache but a lot of maps don’t show it on an island.


    You have added a do not enter sign in between GC1DD4V Rock of Ages and GCV4YZ Your Choice you should change the order to go down old 95 to your choice it is gravel but what the hay


    GCQMAQ Creekside Oasis is the parking cords for GCTCAN first aid station.


    GCGB33 Buffalo Coat one of the stops is two miles away from this vert.


    GC1G451 Don't get steamed no parking close and may get the campus cops a little upset on this one


    GCGDFZ Vandal Art Walk way to many stops for a cache machine


    GCMY66 JOHN : 94 I will have to check on the way into this one but some of the streets are closed to cars as are a few roads that you are using on campus but we will sort them out for you


    GC1H2JJ Round Top keep it! It has a great view not that bad people can skip if they want same for GC14TAV WSU Tower


    GC1DBRD Hatchets and Pointy Stic… this one is off the trail under a bridge. Not bad unless you read the don’t leave the trail sign you have to go past to get to it and it is on a very busy walk bike running trail between moscow and pullman


    GC18MNQ Rest Hollow been muggled many times no way to know if it will be there for the machine and if it is will we cause it to disappear again?


    GCVJAR Three Fork this one should be added for downtown pullman once you find a spot to park it is very quick to grab the three downtown caches.


    GC127Y5 Flying J Gardens has about a .25 mile walk each way no big deal just a heads up


    GC1NE7X Hot Wheels Stash Cac… not a lot of parking at the parking spot and you cant pull over on the hwy….. Well I did but you have to read my log for it to find out why.


    There are a lot of changes that need to be made for parking, one way roads and walkways that are not roads. Over the next week while we prepare for the maze trip our group will go out and get you some parking cords.

  11. all caches that are on the route will be found by the cache amchine group over here so dont worry about the dnf's we will have the whole route done the week before for and have a call a caher list for out of towners. and splish splash plop yo do not need a boat to get to... you will need to now how to swim or use a life vest, tube, water wings......

  12. TRUE!!! It happened last weekend. I left the sunroof open a little but the three year old couldnt fit through the opening so i took off my whole wiper arm and stuck it through the sunroof to hit the power lock button. Oh did I mention that I noticed that my doors were locked while waiting for the police to show up for our friends since the guy in front of them tried to back over thier car! :Phttp://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...74-f7b5d5bccf9e


    The next cacher has had to say they were sorry to thier spouse for thier addiction to caching :)

  13. I called Inn America and they Have eight more rooms we can get at that rate. The counter person said that there is an outdoor show that weekend and an archery shoot event so they are starting to fill up fast. If you call and they do not have any rooms left I suggest callin the comfort inn or motel 6 in clarkston. stay away from the super 8 it is on the highway real close to the paper mill and next to a 24 hour truck stop.

  14. I am not that concerned about people cheating because if they dont sign the log in the cache at the end they get deleted. I just need to know how to make it work so I can post this cache. I have looked at the tutorial and it doesnt help me much. I am starting to get into a time crunch for the cache machine route. I would like this published so it can be on the first draft.

  15. I have built all my zones for a walking tour and history lesson now I need help making a pop quiz for the end. I have looked at the tutorial but it doesnt help me I dont want a person to ask I want the player to pick up the test with five questions on it and if they answer them correctly it will open up the final location. I dont know to much about the builder or even this scripting stuff so I need all the help I can get.

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