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  1. 1080 all the way. I got the 720 because it was $99 and I should have gotten the 1080. My videos would be WAY better. Oh and don't forget the chest mount that is a great view it is worth every penny.
  2. And just a note my videos are done with the older style 720 non HD I WILL be getting an HD version
  3. Love mine. It is the coolest. Great for geocaching.
  4. Also if you are ever over our way check this out.
  5. Yahuya Forrest just outside of Belfair is AWESOME riding and caching area. Check out GC197AZ great caching and riding.
  6. I've been waiting for this and I was just talking about our plans today.
  7. Since Nichole's birthday is the 23rd that will help at the quads house. I was still going it was just not going to be any fun three days before I left and the three days after I got back.
  8. Funny thing about the one behind the restaurant is that it was placed by the manager the caches on the canals were placed by or post no trespassing signs had a great time saw some great caches but left a few spots scratching my head.
  9. Here is the event page http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=f6fadf66-e126-42ea-9d51-b4ff4d594b30 The target cache will not be published until that weekend. When the weather gets a little better we are going to go place it and take some video and upload it to youtube. After the event we will help Kiwi Air set up a few other cache flights for some longer trips if people have the money. The cache will be called Fantasy Island. Yes just like the TV show from when I was a kid. Here is a pic of the island we will be flying to.
  10. I am very pleased to announce Heli-Caching in the Lewiston, Id area. We got together with Kiwi Air to offer something special for the 2011 WSGA Campout and it will be continuing with more trips added after the campout. It starts August 5th and 6th for the registered Campout guests and will open up after that weekend for anyone to go Heli-Caching and earn a free coin (free ) Check them out http://www.kiwiairhelicopters.com/geo-caching.html Also on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kiwi-Air-Helicopters-Flight-Seeing-Tours/125024867511632 Here is the event page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=193540233999734
  11. Well I have several profiles set up in my Oregon as well as my daughters Oregon so each profile has it's own background. Here they are From left to right: Hiking profile, Emilys geocaching street maps, General geocaching, my geocaching with street maps, Emilys Geocaching topo maps, my geocaching topo maps, my street maps set on road routing, and my blue charts map set for the boat. Always know what profile I am on this way.
  12. This fall. If this is the area you had the issue in, this is the reason.
  13. So here are two pictures of the area in question. This is the track log in mapsource over the roads my Gps thinks are there. This is the track log over google earth. They have moved the highway but the image shows me going through the fields.
  14. There is a new section of Hwy 12 that starts near the city center exit and goes a few miles to the west. Even the latest map sets do not have this in it. If your GPS is set to lock on roads it may have been looking for the closest road to lock onto.
  15. Good luck on a little squeak http://www.autosafety.org/history-gm-side-saddle-gas-tank-defect to sum it up here is the final two paragraphs from the article. It is a good read though so take a minute and read through it. Data updated through 1999 from NHTSA's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), show that over 1,800 people have been killed in fire crashes in the U.S. in 1973-87 GM C/K pickups and cab-chassis trucks with the defective outside-the-frame-rail sidesaddle fuel tank design. Just since DOT's deadly deal with GM to drop its recall efforts in December 1994, over 330 people have died in C/K pickup fire crashes. The side saddle pickup design continues to claim more lives in 2001 than any other single defect. To describe one example, on May 21, 1997, in Carson City, NV, an elderly married couple in a 1978 C/K pickup were both instantaneously immolated when they ran a stop sign at a city intersection and were struck just behind the passenger door by a crossing pickup truck. The fireball resulting from the exploding fuel tank engulfed the other truck as well, and while the 18-year-old driver of the second truck was still conscious when pulled from the burning cab by a witness to the crash, he was burned so severely that his young life ended in a Las Vegas hospital burn unit within the week. Witnesses at the scene recounted that he lay on the ground and was able to ask "Why?" three or four times. The answer to this question, of course, could be found not so much in a Nevada intersection as in Washington, DC and in GM's Michigan headquarters.
  16. This is all hidden deep in the rules and you cant search their website to come up with the answers. There is no spot to get a permit for Geocaches. With no permit process there is no geocaching on Fish and Wildlife lands period. This needs to be addressed and made simple for all parties involved.
  17. I read all the Links provided. Nowhere did I see geocaching as absolutely prohibited. I did see this quote in all the links: "Without a permit, prohibiting landing or launching aircraft, discharging paintball guns, placing of geocaches," So if a permit was approved a geocache could be placed. Seems to be similar to the National Parks stance. I also noted this quote: "Jeff Gould, Chief, Bureau of Wildlife, presented the revised rules for public use of department managed lands. Mr. Gould stated that these rules help keep public use of Department lands consistent with wildlife habitat needs, public safety, and other management constraints. The last major update of these rules was in 1993. The proposed changes are: • Allowing the Director to delegate more authority to regional staff". Seems quite appropriate that regional staff may permit geocaches in some areas. Rule 100.22 And in July 2009 this is the section of the meetings minutes about the land use
  18. Doing some digging around and here is the land use agenda for the commission meeting July 23rd 2009. http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/about/commission/09agenda/july/13.pdf Here is the commission meeting minutes from that meeting. http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/about/commission/2009/jul22.pdf So these rules have been in place since July 2009
  19. We will be contacting our local office because as the policy reads all Fish and Wildlife lands are off limits. I have a few caches that are now not allowed according to this policy. The funny thing is a Fish and Wildlife manager wanted us to place caches at access areas to promote the use of our lands. It is very important that we take care of our caches in a timely manner and contact LOCAL land managers.
  20. Please contact your local Fish and Wildlife office in the region that you cache in to clarify the rules, request a copy of the new rule and the minutes from the meeting that it was decided along with the next time there is a meeting in your area that you can attend to let them know this rule is not right and you would like it changed since it is our land. http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/about/offices/ this is a link to the directory for the F&W field offices. Thanks Brad
  21. I have searched with google for the commissions report or anything to that effect on F&W website and google. The only thing that I came up with was some minutes from a meeting stating public input was needed. Also here is the public use page from Boise river Wildlife management area page on F&W's website http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/wildlife/wma/boiseriv/public.cfm Public Use of Boise River WMA Public use of the Boise River WMA has increased dramatically over the past several years, along with the concurrent increase in the human population of the Treasure Valley. An increasingly difficult challenge for managers is to accommodate visitor desire for access to the WMA and still provide conditions that will ensure the long term health of southwest Idaho’s largest migratory mule deer herd. Each year, herds of mule deer, elkand pronghorn antelope wintering on the Boise River WMA attract wildlife enthusiasts, an attraction that can prove fatal to these big game species. Winter is a difficult time for them. Forage is often at a premium, and winter temperatures, wind and snowfall tax their already limited energy reserves. Human disturbance can be extremely harmful to big game animals during this period, in some cases causing death or loss of fetuses. For this reason, some areas within Boise River WMA are closed to the public during winter. Reducing human disturbance allows more animals to survive the winter. Despite these restrictions, large herds of wintering mule deer can still be seen relatively easily, with some of the best viewing opportunities offered directly from State Highway 21. Several pullouts along the highway allow wildlife watchers to scan the hillsides of the Boise Front segment in search of mule deer. It is not uncommon to see several hundred deer in a single outing. Small, scattered herds of elk can also be seen from the highway. For your safety and that of others, please use the pullouts when watching for deer and elk; do not stop on or just off of the highway. Just above mile marker 11, Lucky Peak Viewpoint provides a panoramic view of Lucky Peak Lake and the lower portion of Boise River WMA’s Charcoal Creek segment which lies across the reservoir. Adjacent to the overlook, the reservoir backs into Sheep Creek; look for two raptor perch poles, and perhaps their occupants, along the lava rock rim above the creek. A drive along Highland Valley Road, open to motorized vehicles from May 1 through November 15, takes the visitor through upland shrub and grassland communities, along several riparian corridors and eventually reaches the Douglas-fir covered slopes of Lucky Peak itself. Along the way, visitors are treated to spectacular views of the Boise River Valley and, far to the west, the Owyhee Mountains. The turnoff to Highland Valley Road is between highway mile markers 13 and 14. Though the gravel road starts out gently, steep grades and a rough surface restrict this road to high clearance four-wheel drive vehicles. Near highway mile marker 17, the More’s Creek turnout may provide views of mule deer and eagles during winter months and glimpses of other wildlife throughout the year. Just across the More’s Creek Bridge, visitors may choose to leave Highway 21 to drive Forest Service Road 268. This route follows the contours of Lucky Peak Lake, eventually passing Lucky Peak State Park and the Spring Shores Area. The road continues to Arrowrock Dam and Reservoir and beyond. In addition to the numerous wildlife viewing opportunities, big game, upland bird and small game hunting are all available on Boise River WMA lands. You can kill the animals but you can have a piece of tuperware placed in there so more people can go enjoy our lands!
  22. If the point is for exploration of the state I think you should leave it all the cities and towns as of posting. Let us armchair cachers use our finds. What it will do is get everybody to go caching in places they have never cached before. While the cachers who have finished the Delorme challenge may have a few more cities than others but with 200+ cities and towns they wont be that close to being done. As for the city limits issue, there isn't a website with that info that you could link to? City limits and all cities simple done.
  23. I don't think the term armchair applies here. If I start this cache using the caches I have found while out caching in no way is that an armchair find since I was out in our state getting caches. Armchair would be the cachers who without ever visiting a cache try and claim a find. This sounds fun and I would make sure I stop in other cities and towns not yet visited but to start over, not going to happen but don't call me an armchair cacher.
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