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  1. The train has returned. It was fun and cant wait for the next adventure. Hay Jester Potters Pond area is a place that you could spend a week or two it is awesome! I would suggest after this trip break up your trip into two trips so you can enjoy it more. I will be back to that area, MOAB and Arizona it is way to cool to drive through.
  2. okay so let's see by your calculations if I stop every 2 to 3 miles because you do not like power trails that let's just say we'd stop every 3 mile we are driving 3000 miles over our trip divide that by 3. it is still 1000 caches . If you read all the blog posts you will see this was not my idea but something I have to live with
  3. kinda just is insane as the whole trip we will be hiking to potters pond approximately 6 am in the morning after driving all night long with no sleep
  4. found out last night the road was open to potters pond so 8 hours from departure we have switched the route to include potters pond so when I get an opportunity I will update the blog to note the change in plans
  5. Super excited for our road trip that starts tomorrow headed down to route 66. As of now it is 5 days 9 states 3,000 miles and over a 1,000 caches. I have a blog set up that you can follow us on google latitude if you want just go to that post page and refresh it. We will head out at 6pm Pacific time and be on our way. I use Neongeo when I have data signal or you can check the blog posts. http://mrquads.blogspot.com/ is a link to my blog about geocaching that I started for this trip.
  6. The funny thing about your route is some caches need to be later in the summer before they are open and some of the caches are way to HOT later in the year. But all is doable if you are crazy enough. And yes I know you are. I started a blog about geotrips last week so you may want to check it out. The funny thing is my post today was on route planning with S&T. http://mrquads.blogspot.com/ I am down to potters pond and southern Idaho's oldest cache to finish my challenge. I hear the Southern Idaho's first is about a 3 hour hike. Also I have not done a blog in getting hotels yet but think about using Hotels.com because if you stay 10 night you get one free. I have found some cheap hotels there that are close to motel 6 prices with a breakfast. Like $45 in Winslow AZ. I change the place we were spending the night to save use $45 on a hotel room by not staying in Flagstaff. just my 2 cents not worth anything alone but you combined it with other 2 cents and well you still don't have much
  7. check to see if it's at the magnetic north instead of true north in lewiston idaho the angle of declination is 15 degrees
  8. Here is an idea, next time you order some coins order one of these https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=67686 with it and we can go after it like a traveling cache.
  9. Tune in next week for the continuing adventures of "v5 the cursed coin"
  10. You need to set the routing option to on road for time. If you are in the default profile recreation it is set to off road. I have 5 profiles set up for everything from hiking to boating to driving at night. Good luck
  11. Sorry Jon this does not look good http://www.kxlh.com/news/train-derails-in-ne-montana/ Video
  12. You can load all the poi's you want with Garmins free poi loader. Just google it. I have them saved in a poi folder in my garmin folder but I dont know what type of files they are saved as.
  13. Also there is a file on your unit in the Garmin folder called Geocache visits. That file will show all of the caches you have found and when. It is the file you use to upload to your field notes on GC.com.
  14. save it as a gpx file. if your computer was up to date it works very slick but there are ways around it. you can just save it as a gpx file on the gps. You MUST save it in the GPX folder or it wont read it. So when you open your gps folder on your computer select the Garmin folder and then the GPX folder and save it there.
  15. wow that was easy. I wasn't able to do multiple yet but that will happen this weekend
  16. I meet the lady who is in charge of this program at the western idaho's 11-11-11 event. Nice kid.
  17. Check out these free maps from GPSfiledepot.com http://gpsfiledepot.com/maps/country/gb I have used maps from these guys and they are great. I dont know if you have to use mapsource to load the Etrex or if you can save the img files on the memory card and it will notice them if they are in the correct folder.
  18. If you get some duracell rechargeable batteries they last about 8 hours with full back light. just make sure you get the 2450mAh
  19. Well there really is no comparison of the two units. The Vista wins hands down on reliability. You put the coords or caches in the vista it just works, it is not a little computer like the 450 so it just powers up and takes you to the spot you have requested. That being said the new paperless caching GPS units are the best. Yes sometimes there is trouble getting the programs to work properly and you feel frustrated with wasting a little time getting everything to work right at first but the time it saves on the trail and when you get back to log your caches with field notes you will never want to go back. Right now the 450 is on sale at cabelas for $250 american dollars. Go with the 450 you will be very happy you did.
  20. I am boycotting the discover pass until it covers all of my vehicles so my car will not be going in the park. does the fee apply to mopeds?
  21. This was a blast even though we were all sick or getting sick. Easy riding if you are on an ATV so even if you dont own one or have ridden a lot you can rent one nearby and complete it without worry. Image A + Image B = Image C and 200 smileys.
  22. I LOVE my Oregon 550 with the camera but it was expensive but you can have a 450 for $250 from cabelas on black friday. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=285008 Check out this thread for more info. At $250 you can't go wrong and you get a lot of GPS for not much money. As for the Oregon vs the Colorado I do think the Colorado does better in cedar forests than the Oregon but not by that much so I would not buy a discontinued model over the Oregon/Etrex/Dakota line of GPS' If price is the reason for getting an older Colorado you will be very happy with it over your Etrex that you have now. So with money factored in I think it would be between the Oregon 450 on sale and a used Colorado both would be great units an serve you very well. If $250 is not to much wait and get the Oregon over the Colorado if you can get a Colorado for less than $175 than I would go that route. I have owned both and am happy with both of them I just prefer the camera in my 550.
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