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  1. TheCookieCrew... I'm sure that 'spb's pocket plus' is a great utility but it will not change the fact that GpxSonar always deletes the last generated cache page before creating a new one and launching PIE. So as long as the user does not attempt to refresh the page that was previously deleted, it's conceivable to view more than one cache page at a time. Personally, I'd refrain from having multiple instances of PIE just because of the memory overhead and I'd go with the efficient single GPX file approach.
  2. Camel680... To make sure that you actually have field notes to report on do this: File \ Reports \ Gpx File Info. Check at the bottom of the list under 'Other' the count of notes. I doubt that re-installing the software will do a thing, especially if there's nothing else going wrong. The field notes are saved in a file named 'gpxsonar.dat'. The notes are associated to the caches in the main list according to their ID. So, if you load a gpx file which does not have any notes associated with the caches that it contains, they will not show on the main cache list, yet they will still be present in memory and will be available for reporting. Make sure that the column showing the field notes is visible otherwise your field notes will not be recorded (that's a bug). Also, be careful when generating field notes report to not check the 'Delete Selection' if you want to preserve your notes after the report. This is a common user error that I'll try to prevent in the next build of the app.
  3. Scienceteacher&Fam... Genius, huh? Thanks for the compliment I'm glad that you like the app and that it has become part of your geocaching lifestyle. If you would like to donate something for it, you can use Paypal and the following address: fabien_royer at hotmail dot com. Regards, -Fabien.
  4. tiki-4... JeepCachr is correct. On top of that, GpxSonar is designed to generate one cache page at a time, overwriting any previously generated page. In other words, what you're trying to do cannot be done.
  5. scooter!... Hummm... What you're asking for is not possible at least from Pocket Streets. From GpxSonar maybe, but don't count on it. Regards, -Fabien.
  6. JeepCachr... Storage-wise, you rock! The real answer to your question is that you need to take a look at the Main Memory Settings in the control panel. Whatever amount of memory remains 'Free' for 'Programs' (as opposed to storage) gives you the theoretical amount of memory that you can use for GpxSonar and a GPX file. With your 128mb of RAM, you could load a lifetime supply of caches in GpxSonar
  7. Rosco... From your description, what I understand is that you'd like to be able to categorize the caches that you place under 'My Caches'. Am I understanding this correctly? I like the idea and I'll see how I can make it happen.
  8. dino_hunters... Sorry for the delay answering your offer. The icons need to be 12x12. If you want a bitmap with the ones I'm currently using, let me know. Thank you for your help. It's much appreciated. Regards, -Fabien.
  9. 2LuknF8... Nope. I looked at implementing this particular feature then considered the amount of code and changes required vs the benefits and I could not justify doing it. If a lot of people start asking for it, then I'll do it. Personally, I have never had a situation where the order of the logs entered on the site mattered.
  10. JeepCachr... How much memory does your PPC have?
  11. Insp Gadget... The problem that you saw is indeed a bug. I'm fixing it now. I'll have an update shortly.
  12. Insp Gadget... Hummm... Interesting. No, it's not supposed to work that way. This is actually the 2nd time someone reports such a behavior when that column not selected in the preferences. It does sound like a bug. I'll get to the bottom of this and will let you know.
  13. Insp Gadget... Ok... Here's how to troubleshoot this: 1. Go File \ Reports \ GPX File Info. What's the count of field notes? If it is 0 then its explains why your report is blank. If your field notes count is greater than zero do this: 1. Go File \ Reports \ Field Notes 2. In the 'Field Notes Report Filter' dialog, check 'Found', 'Not Found', 'Notes', 'Archive'. Don't check 'Delete Selection' yet. Only select it once you're ready to get rid of the notes once you're done with them. 3. Click 'Ok' in the dialog. Your report will contain all the cache logs that you have. Please read the User's Guide for the app. You'll find answers to your questions there. Let me know how that goes.
  14. Insp Gadget... Are you clicking 'X' to get out of the field note dialog? If you're not, that's your problem right there.
  15. I just tested the search using the PPC 2002 version on my PPC 2003 and it works fine.
  16. Insp Gadget... Simple: 1. Enter a word to search on. Try with 'cache' (w/o the quotes) 2. Select 'Partial' match. 3. Make sure that 'Enable Search' is checked. 3. 'X' out of the dialog. That's it. The search is done on the waypoint, the name and the owner field. If any of them contain the word you're looking for, the corresponding row appears in the cache list.
  17. CobraCmdr... If your HP Jornada runs Pocket PC 2002 or 2003 then you're in luck and you can use GpxSonar. It will allow you to write waypoints to the SD card of the Meridian directly. This implies that the Jornada has an SD card slot of course.
  18. Insp Gadget... Believe me, the search feature works fine. It sounds like you need to use the 'Partial' search instead of the 'Exact' text search.
  19. Shunra... Does the HP Jornada run PPC 2002 or 2003 (ARM Processor)? These OS versions are the only hard requirement for GpxSonar.
  20. scooter!... Top of the thread: New Feature: added the ability to export cache waypoints as MS Pocket Street&Trips Push Pins. In other words, yes. That works.
  21. Shunra... GPXSonar can be found ... by following the link in my sig.
  22. Shunra... If your GPS is a Magellan Meridian and your have a PPC 2002 or 2003 then GpxSonar is exactly what you need. From the application, you can write out waypoints directly to the SD card that the GPS uses. No cables, no muss, no fuss. If you're not using a Meridian then you should look into CacheMate which supports uploading waypoints to other GPS receivers via a serial cable. Regards, -Fabien.
  23. dino_hunters... I'll see what I can do. I'll also see what I can do but I don't promise anything there if it turns out to be a pain to make it work in the way that you described. Do you feel artistically inclined? If so, give me a set of icons that you think would look better and if I like them, I'll use them. How's that? JeepCachr... Unfortunately, I cannot write out waypoints for Mapopolis because I don't know what the format is. I'll try to write to them to see if they could share a library that would do it w/o given their trade secrets away. Regarding launching Mapopolis with the proper map from GpxSonar, that's easy to do but it has little value if I can't write out a custom maplet file first. -Fabien.
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