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  1. Hi Jeremy, What's the word on the 'Sandbox' project? Is there something that we could start testing against? Just curious and anxious Regards, -Fabien.
  2. Major Catastrophe... (very appropriate handle ) You're correct about GpxSonar: it will not upload waypoints to the GPS using a serial port (for the time being anyways). I have a PPC 1945 and it doesn't have a serial port for me to test with. But GpxSonar will export to a .loc file that G7ToCE can read and that should solve your problem. Regards, -Fabien.
  3. Ham_Bone... Ever heard of the RTFM acronym? The actual FM for v1.1 is here (check the links on the right)
  4. I use GpxSonar and MSFT Pocket Street & Trips 90% of the time. The rest of the time, I use Mapopolis, GSAK, GpsBabel and Delorme TOPO USA 4.0.
  5. Dude, you must have missed that thread about the Explorist
  6. Every time I go after a cache. Lensatic compasses are the best for that.
  7. joeface... Chances are that your .LOC file has the read-only attribute set. Before you copy the file over to your PPC, make sure you change it to read/write in Explorer.
  8. Yup, there's a FM... For v1.1 that is. Check the links on the right hand side of the GpxSonar home site. -Fabien.
  9. You need to define a center in the application for distances to mean something. Btw, it's GpxSonar, not gps sonar.
  10. It still runs Pocket PC 2002! Otherwise, it looks like a cool device.
  11. Tsk..Tsk...Tsk... Check the properties of the GpxSonar.exe file using Explorer from your PC. The version info is embedded in the resources of the program as you will see.
  12. That's true. The advantage of MSFT Pocket S&T is that GpxSonar will let you map cache locations with it automagically. To this day, Mapopolis does not have the right interface to do the same thing.
  13. WAAS is trivial to disable / enable at will on the Meridians. You should give it a try and see for yourself. Check this link to find out how to access the hidden menues to do it. Regards, -Fabien.
  14. Meridian Platinum: + SD card support!! + good compass + other instruments + auto-routing support + topo maps Not so expensive if you look around...
  15. IMHO, I think this is quite overpriced for what it is. You'll get the same functionality from a yellow eTrex (or any other handheld GPS) and a serial USB converter at a fraction of the cost. Unless they sell this for $30, I don't see the point.
  16. BMSquared... This feature has not been implemented yet but I've been itching to put it in from the day I started writing the app. This feature will be implemented when there's a clean way (through a well-defined web service) to interface with gc.com. While it could be done now, I have no interest in playing catch-up everytime the gc.com site changes its cache log forms. Not yet. I'll get to it eventually. However, version 1.1 will be quite helpful even for v1.2.x.
  17. Rosco... It's not a quirk. It works just the way it's supposed to: the app does not allow you to import the same cache twice, regardless of its category. The category of a cache is an attribute of the cache, no the other way around. As far as I'm concerned, it would not make sense to allow a cache with the same name and Id to be placed under different categories.
  18. Rosco... I've got an easy solution but it requires some more coding on my end...
  19. Rosco... Of course. Do this: 1. Create whatever categories you need. 2. By default, the caches that you had already imported have a category set to <None>. Make sure that's selected in the drop down to see your former caches. 3. Pick a cache and edit it. 4. At the top of the properties page for the cache is the 'Category'. Edit that attribute and set it using the drop down list to any of the categories that you created in setp 1. 5. Close the cache properties dialog. The cache will disappear from the <None> list and will be only visible when you pick its new category.
  20. southdeltan... Well, I personally truely like Pocket PC 2003 and I would use that over a Palm any day. I would not have written GpxSonar for PPC 2003 otherwise. Of course. But there's been many versions of it. To keep things simple when you select your device, make sure it runs the latest version of Windows CE which is called Windows Mobile 2003 a.k.a Pocket PC 2003. No need to go back to the drawing board.
  21. southdeltan... Hummm... If you think it blows, why are you going with it then? The requirement for GpxSonar is Pocket PC 2002 of 2003. It does not run on older versions of the OS. Make sure you know what they mean by 'Windows CE' before making assumptions.
  22. southdeltan... If you go the Pocket PC route, make sure that the device runs Windows Mobile 2002 or 2003. Anything older will have trouble running GpxSonar or GpxView. If you go the Palm route, which may meet your price criteria better, CacheMate is the way to go.
  23. kavuday... Good point. Actually, the app simply uses the date of the last log. The last log can be of any type, it does not matter. I guess that in order to reflect that, the 'Last Found' column should be called 'Last Logged'. I'll fix that. -Fabien.
  24. Alan2... Are you talking about the 'filter' icon at the bottom? If you are then here's the explanation: that icon is active and clickable when you have filters active. It is a visual cue to let you know what the cache view is being filtered as well as a shortcut to get to the filters. If there aren't any filters active, the icon is disabled at which point you can only reach the filters dialog through the menus. Does that answer your question?
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