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  1. Hi all, I spoke directly with the person responsible for Application Compatibility issues at Microsoft about the issue affecting MapSend Direct Route and here's what he had to say: "Yes this is a known issue - This looks to be a problem with the copy protection software that the mapsend (DR) program is using. In looking at the bug report, the problem will manifest itself occasionally on w2k and XPSP1 and now consistently on SP2. The vendor was notified back in april about the problem, apparently there has been no patch issued." I've let him know about the MapSend DR patch. Regards, -Fabien.
  2. My current setup is a Meridian Platinum & a Garmin 2610. Killer combo
  3. This is interesting. Your iPAQ 3630 runs PPC 2002 I suppose? I'd like to take a look at your config and your GPX file. Can you please zip up your gpxsonar.dat file along with the GPX file that's giving you trouble and email it to me at fabien_royer at hotmail dot com Thanks, Regards, -Fabien.
  4. It really sounds like you've got a .LOC file loaded instead of a GPX file. Try downloading a cache page in GPX format amd try again. Regarding the manual, check the GPXSonar home page. Regards, -Fabien.
  5. If only you weren't so full of yourself... Why don't you do your homework? And since you seem to be so knowledgeable about writing software, please be my guest and write something better for the benefit of the community, free of charge, on your own time. I'm sure you won't mind if some random twit comes along and pontificates about how much he knows about design, usability, ergonomics and software marketing. Maybe you should reconsider your choice of a medical career and dispense your profuse advice on everything else instead?
  6. Ahaha! What a troll! With your attitude, you're probably not getting a whole lot of love... Here or elsewhere. I am looking forward to sitting back and watching others have fun with you. Enjoy the boards.
  7. The real question is this: what version of it are you using? Version 1.2.x has a totally revamped user interface with really easy to use menus as opposed to the 1.1 version where everything was accessible through tap&hold. As for the projection feature: I'm using the Vincenti method.
  8. Team BlackZ This is weird. I have never experienced what you're describing here. Is there anyway you can zip up and email me your gpxsonar.dat along with your gpx file. I'd like to look at it. If at all possible, give me enough context about what else you were doing on the PPC before this occured. That's generally the trouble with such reports: I'm rarely given enough information to reproduce then fix the issue -if- there's even one. 1setter... You should really upgrade to 1.2.x
  9. GpxSonar has such a projection function.
  10. I believe that GPSBabel can handle NG TOPO waypoints. It will also allow you to convert to .LOC for EasyGPS. Hummm... On second thought, GPSBabel seems to handle .tpg only. Sorry.
  11. I've noticed this too. I think it's a matter of memory consumption: it seems that only so much RAM is reserved for comments in waypoints and once it's full, things get dropped. You should be able to verify that theory by manually creating a test .loc file in notepad containing the same waypoint over and over and uploading it to the MeriPlat. Keep adding / uploading waypoints until you notice that the comments are no longer taken.
  12. eVC++ is indeed what I'm using since GpxSonar is written in C++. I'll take a look at Forward Pass to see what can be done with it. But here's the thing: as long as the tool that you use can produce a .dll with specific entry points, that's all that's needed. The rest is about the framework exposing certain resources (like GDI, object model, etc...) and making the proper callouts to the modules encapsulated in DLLs that may be loaded into it.
  13. I'll assume that you're using v1.2.2 Beta of GpxSonar on PPC 2003. In order for GpxSonar to export cache locations to MSFT Pocket S&T, simply name your map file the same as the name of the file that you want to export. Check the export preferences under tools. To be clear let me give you an example: 1. Let's assume that you've placed a map of your area called Map.mps in the \My Documents folder on your PPC 2. Let's assume that you've configured GpxSonar to export caches to MSFT Street & Trips Pushpins under the name \My Documents\Map.psp (no need to enter the extension since it's done for you) Now, whatever caches show in the main list will appear in MSFT S&T when you export to it. GpxSonar will auto-launch MSFT S&T for you too on PPC 2003. I hope this helps. PS: when you have software related questions like this, you'll get faster responses if you post directly in the 'GPS Software & Units' forum.
  14. Interesting project but why re-invent the 'paperless caching' wheel though? Here's why I'm asking this: in a previous thread about GpxSonar, I had suggested the idea of an extension framework for it so that plug-ins can be built for it. This sounds like a good candidate. The other plug-in that I'll eventually build is the synchronization with gc.com to log caches. If that's of interest to you to collaborate on this, we can take it offline.
  15. What's the problem with combining GpxSonar and something like GPS Tuner or Pharos Ostia or one of the many other GPS software available for the PPC? Have GpxSonar export a cache file in one of the formats that it supports to them and off you go.
  16. For paperless caching, use GpxSonar (the counterpart of CacheMate on the PPC), for auto-routing, check out Mapopolis. For dynamically plotting caches on maps from GpxSonar, use MSFT Pocket Street & Trips or MapPoint. There are others but this combo works great for me.
  17. Have you ever dropped your PDA in water/mud/rocks while caching? If you have, your PDA is likely dead and so is your CF GPSr. The fact that you can separate the two allows you to secure them in rugged enclosures. That's the reason why I cache with a handheld GPSr (Magellan Meridian Platinum) and my PDA securely locked in an Otter Box... So ahren, do you feel lucky? Well... Do you?
  18. Have you considered a Bluetooth GPS instead? The options are numerous and you will be able to secure your PDA in a rugged enclosure like an otter box case if you choose to do so.
  19. Yeah... I know... I've been slacking off
  20. On PPC 2002 & 2003, GpxSonar will give you much of what Cachemate provides.
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