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  1. Adding cache attributes would be a good thing. I like the idea of having embedded images in Gpx files but that's going to make for potentially huge pocket queries. It really needs to be an optional thing controllable on a per query basis.
  2. Hi, I'm defining the feature set for GpxSonar v1.5 and I'd like your input to prioritize the lists below. Proposed features: . Sorting of field notes by timestamp . Ability to record field notes using voice records. . Export to Mapopolis Maplet . Export to .wp2 format for oziexplorer. . Export to .ov2 format for tomtom. . Export a single waypoint at a time from the waypoint list . Export to .gpx format (for compatibility with boulter express logger) . Export of waypoints from the cache manager . Command line option to generate a web page given a waypoint . support for TerraCaching.com gpx files. . Support for Pocket Queries in .zip format . Ability to turn off downloading of background images in cache pages . Bluetooth GPS support + navigation to cache . VGA Support (PPC 2003 SE or above) . Auto-insertion of a timestamp when creating a new field note . Ability to cut, copy, paste to / from field notes Proposed Bug fixes: . Preventing GPXSonar.dat file corruptions . Enhanced error handling Also, I am looking for people willing and able to test the application on their respective Pocket PCs. If you want to help out, please let me know in this forum and be sure to tell me what kind of Pocket PC you're using. Thank you. Regards, -Fabien.
  3. Hi all, I have a prototype version of GpxSonar for Smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003 / 2005. The prototype allows the user to do the following: 1. load a Gpx file 2. list all the caches in the gpx file 3. search for caches matching a keyword 4. show the actual cache page 5. show any Spoiler Pics associated with the cache If you are interested in trying the application out, please email me privately throug my site account. Please let me know what type of Smartphone you are using and if you own a Bluetooth GPSr. Regards, -Fabien.
  4. No way. This scenario has been tested and has never crashed. As for what causes the loss of field notes: I have yet in 2 years to get repro steps for this problem from anyone. If I can reproduce it, I can fix it. caderoux mentioned that exporting to GSAK makes it easy to crash GpxSonar. Please explain how you do this and what's running on your system. As far as hard resets: they usually cause all data to be lost on the PPC, not just GpxSonar field notes. Rather than throwing the baby away with the bath-water and complaining, why can't this group make a concerted effort to gather their exact system configurations (including installed drivers, applications running and their version #, available memory, size of the GPX file loaded in GpxSonar, size of the .dat file, available storage capacity, etc...) so that we can maybe notice a pattern here?
  5. No frying involved I just need you to tell me that the data exported to the SD card that you use in your GPSr is correct and useable.
  6. I could add support for Lowrance in GpxSonar. I just need you to test it for me
  7. I second CenTexDodger's recommendation for RAM mounts. I am using mine with the Garmin mount for the Quest. The RAM mount on my Honda 599 is attached to my handlebars in a semi-permanent fashion and I really wouldn't consider taking it off and putting it back on often as it would be a real hassle: the Garmin mount is connected to the 12V power supply of the bike via a long cable. I would not be concerned about losing the GPS during the ride: for instance, the Garmin Quest handlebar mount is designed to lock the unit into place with strong clips and metal pins. Now, I ride a street bike, not an ATV or a dirt bike where the shock absorption requirements are different but I've never been worried about losing the GPSr. Hope this helps.
  8. You can't do that. GSAK is not designed to run on the kind of processors powering Pocket PCs. Instead, run GpxSonar or GpxView on your PPC.
  9. Since this phone runs Windows Mobile 2003, you can load up GPX files using GpxSonar. Check my sig. for the URL.
  10. PDOP's... Yes, I believe that's the reason why nothing seems to be available out there. I'd be curious to find a way of doing this using such hardware. Do you know of anything that actually works? -Fabien.
  11. The export does not take place over USB. Instead, you need to take the SD card out of the GPSr and insert it into the PDA. GpxSonar write the waypoints directly to the SD card that's in the PDA. All that is left to do is to insert the SD card back into the GPSr and use the SD Utils to load them into the Mag's user's database.
  12. Good review Max I was wondering if someone had tested GpxSonar with the Explorist? GpxSonar can export waypoints to the SD card in the format that the Meridians expect and I'm wondering if this feature still works on the Explorist? I do not own an Explorist and have no access to one either so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, -Fabien.
  13. Hmmm... So far, I've only found serial cables connecting Palm PDA to various GPSrs but nothing for Pocket PCs over USB. If someone can provide an actual part # and manufacturer for such a beast, I'd really appreciate it.
  14. Out of curiosity, what is the reference # on that Pocket PC-To-PDA cable and where did you get it from? Does it work for any iPaq? The ability to transfer waypoints over USB could be a good feature to add to GpxSonar... Cheers, -Fabien.
  15. I just recently got an SMT 5600 and I love it! It's only a matter of time before I implement GpxSonar for it. For the sake of speed, I may just port a subset of the C++ code over to the SmartPhone rather than rewriting everything in managed code. One thing is certain: the Smartphone version will only support a subset of the features of GpxSonar on the PPC.
  16. STL is very poorly supported by eVC++ 3.0. Structured Exception Handling is -not- supported at all by eVC++ 3.0.
  17. The error message says it all. GpxSonar will ONLY run on PPC 2002 (no longer supported though) and PPC 2003.
  18. The battery of the Quest lasts for 20 hours. I don't know about you, but that's way more than I'm willing to ride my bike
  19. I own a Garmin Quest (as well as a MeriPlat and a Gecko 201) that I use in the car, on my motorcycle and for casual geocaching. I use all of these units regularly for different activities, but lately, I've found myself using the Quest for just about everything. I got it to replace a Garmin 2610 which was stolen from my car and I like the Quest better even though it lacks the large touchscreen & remote of the 2610. Memory-wise, I was initially concerned that I would not have enough, but it turns out that it's ample for day to day usage and the occasional roadtrip. Just don't leave your laptop at home if you decide to go cross-country... It would be perfect if it supported SD cards. I haven't tried geocaching with it under a thick tree cover, but I imagine that it would not perform any worse than any other unit with a patch antenna. The flip-up antenna is not ideal for backpacks or pockets. The unit is well built but I'd be worried about dropping it, scratching it, etc. Also, the Quest doesn't support Topo maps (that I know of). That's where the MeriPlat comes in [] The bottom line: the Quest is just an outstanding GPSr for most applications except for hardcore hikes. Btw, it's a FAST unit too!
  20. Take a look at the readme file in the PPC 2003 version. All the updates after 1.21 don't exist in the PPC 2002 version. Also, if you use VC++, MFC and STL to write software for the PPC, you'll quickly find out that having the same code base for both PPC 2002 & 2003 is a real problem. The compilers are just too different.
  21. There's a PPC 2002 version in the archives on the GpxSonar site. However, I no longer support it.
  22. The site has been down since Sunday, June 26th. I've just moved to a new place and I won't have connectivity @ home until June 30th. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, the mirror site still works.
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