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  1. Oh my OS, MapBox has been replaced by Google. I liked Mapbox better than both MapQuest & Google. I hope they bring it back.
  2. This passed by our neck of the woods back in 2013. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. GeoCollage
  3. My goals: > Finish NJ, DE & MD Delorme Challenges > Fill in the last 5 squares for my D/T > Fill in the last 9 squares for my Jasmer > Keep pushing towards completing the original Fizzy Challenge GC11E8N (16 squares to go) > Attend more events far and wide > Most of all, keep having fun!
  4. It's not as simple as that. Posting a reply only puts off another reviewer note in another 30 days. Eventually someone has to go out and check on it. If it's a 5 mile hike up steep terrain, or requiring a boat or climbing gear, is it really necessary after just 1 DNF? ...or you can just re-enable the cache. I know one CO in our area who does this without even checking on the placement. It goes back to the poor CO maintenance issue. If we want viable caches, we need COs that actually care.
  5. Translation: you want to encourage lamp-post hides and discourage remote/difficult hides. Well, seems to me you are getting your way. Nope...Translation: Place a Cache, Take Care of it. Nothing more, nothing less. Couldn't agree more!
  6. I post my DNFs as well. What is discouraging about our area though (not sure how it is in other regions) is that MANY geocachers don't post DNFs. However, when a cache goes unfound you start to see the "watch" list swell in number. I've seen so many lonely caches with upwards of 8-10 watchers. Those I can almost guarantee a DNF. Not too surprisingly though, the lonely caches without many watchers I'm able to find. Notice the pattern? It is unfortunate that some quality caches have been disabled and eventually archived. But I think the lack of maintenance in our general area has caused some of these caches to get lost in the shuffle of all the other unmaintained/abandoned caches. Frankly, I think the reviewer is becoming overwhelmed. Keep posting your DNF folks and maintain your caches COs! Problem solved.
  7. I'm from the area in question and I have to say that the reviewer is doing a good job. I have seen far too many COs ignore NM posts to the point of totally ignoring the cache. It seems that many of the COs in the area EXPECT others to maintain and replace their hides when they get into trouble. Replace a soaked log? Not the COs problem! Cracked lid? The next finder can hang a bison tube anywhere he/she likes. TD my hide? I don't care..I can't be bothered to respond to the reviewer and I have 500 caches to find before I can get out that way to fix it. Its gotten to the point where missing caches trigger throwdowns so searchers can claim smilies, rather than posting DNFs that will simply get ignored. The prevailing culture in the area is to claim a smilie at all costs and be damned the geocaching guidelines. This is in stark contrast to SE PA where I work and also cache. For the most part, COs in SE PA maintain their hides and I rarely/if ever see the reviewer (who happens to be the same reviewer for the area in question) TD a hide. NJ state parks have adopted a new policy with some pretty strict guidelines requiring routine maintenance of caches, and I for one like that aspect of the policy. It may ruin the "lonely cache" aspect of the game, but at least we'll have a pretty good idea whether a hide is worry of a visit. If more COs in the area would maintain their hides, I think the reviewer would be less apt to tap the TD button and the community as a whole would be more apt to adhere to the geocaching guidelines. This isn't a reviewer problem, it is a CO problem! P.S. 4wheelin_fool is one of the few COs in the area who maintains ALL his hides. It would be a pleasure if more COs would follow his example!
  8. So far, it was when a local public works department used there front-loader to help us get a cache GC388N0
  9. I'm not sure that is something GS can do, but heck it is always worth asking. I'd like to see this too. I've noticed other sites have a more current DB of newer benchmarks. GC could at least update the database on a yearly basic through cooperation with NGS or whoever manages the benchmark database.
  10. Of course the moment I reply, my prayers are answered. Thanks fbingha!
  11. I just need Moun10bike to come through with the smaller frownie icon
  12. Did they get rid of the geocaching photo too? Seems to be gone on my profile. Only my tiny avatar is displayed.
  13. I just modified my profile. Absolutely love it!
  14. I recently switched from an iPhone4s to a Galaxy S5. The difference was night and day. The i4 has a peak accuracy of 16ft while the S5 is 9ft. Still not as good as a GPSer, but you get all the benefits of having a phone. The screen is a lot bigger too, so its not as hard to read in the daylight. Also, I flipped my 'yak one day while trying to get over a log. I forgot my S5 was in my shorts' pocket for over 10 minutes while I emptied the water out of my 'yak. Still works like a charm to this day! Try that with a i4
  15. I agree. Especially if the cache has been getting regular visits, then suddenly nothing for months. It's worth checking even if there are no DNFs. It's one thing if the cache is on top of a mountain where it requires a half day hike to get to and only gets one or two finds a year. But a cemetery? They are usually easily accessible. It shouldn't be too hard for the CO to go visit the cache once a year just to be sure it's still in good shape. Why wouldn't we expect the seekers of the caches to log their DNF to give the CO a heads-up that something might be amiss? Why do you expect the COs to closely monitor all their hides to detect a missing cache? That is what DNFs are for! There is no shame in DNFs. Post them!
  16. I'm having a similar issue. When I chose the *.gws from my phone it says the file is invalid. The code that I received when I finished the cartridge is no longer there in the saved cartridge(At the time I completed the cartridge I didn't have a piece of paper to write it down). I know the cartridge is saved because the cartridge still indicates that I completed the Wherigo. Any help would be appreciated. I'm using WhereYouGo on an android S5. Thanks,
  17. +1 I've also placed notes where I could see the container, but couldn't reach it because I didn't have the proper equipment to retrieve it. Some people would log a find and think that's ok...NOT
  18. This reminds me of something else that irks me. Overzealous Reviewers who disable caches when 2 or 3 DNF are posted. I can understand if it's a lamppost hide that's been found 58 times in a row, but I've seen it done to caches that have 5/5 D/T and find rates around 70%. I know the Reviewers have a lot of things to joggle, but they need to take pause before hitting the TD button. This is a contributing factor which causes cachers to NOT post DNFs.
  19. Many people will look at a satellite view of the area to find the easiest approach, but with a multi you can put the first stage right at the trailhead which will lead them to the final. Keep in mind that most people aren't opposed to using a trail, but they will avoid bushwhacking if they don't know a trail exists.
  20. Its interesting that you say this. I did a cache not more than 2 weeks ago and found a name in the physical log that wasn't online. It was a person's full name and one I didn't recognize as a geocacher. I can only assume a hiker trekked by and stumpled upon the container and logged in. I thought it was kinda cool that the muggle did this and wondered if they ever inquired about geocaching. I have my doubts though, since the container was a micro and no geocaching note was inside. The ony reason I noticed the name was that this was a cache that hadn't been found in over 6 months and qualified for a challenge, but this muggle hiker spoiled it and found it only a week before I happened upon it
  21. I don't think its so much being anti-throwdown as it is a commitment to the idea that the physical cache is the property of the cache owner. When people start replacing containers without permission you run into the issue of who owns the new container. If there is a problem, can the cache owner just say that the container isn't theirs? Funny thing is that on the forum is that many people who would say it's okay to replace a broken or leaky container with a new one are appalled when someone leaves a throwdown for a cache that is presumably missing. In either case, you've created a issue as to who owns the container. You couldn't be more wrong about your assumptions. We hate throwdowns because of the following: 1. It's a lame attempt at a smilie 2. It can/will cause confusion when more than one container will be at the physical location. I have seen numerous cases of this in my general area. Replacing an obviously damaged geocache is not the same thing. You FOUND the original, so you can log a smilie without feeling cheated and you know that the replacement is the only one that will remain. 3. It results in lame/unmaintained caches Replacing the container can breathe life back into a cache that has seen better days, but as some would say, it is performing maintenance on a cache that has been abandoned. That's a good debate to have, but I for one am ok with maintaining a cache if I choose to. EDIT: And by replacement cache I mean like-for-like or better. If an ammo can is damaged and you put a film pot in its place, that's not a replacement, that's an insult!
  22. The only thing good about minecraft was when that guy accidentally burned his minecraft house down with fire. I still watch it from time to time. It makes me laugh
  23. I have no issue with replacing a bad container with a good one. But placing a new container when you can't find the original is not a replacement, it a lame grab for a
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