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  1. Change .LOC to .KML ? No. All I mean is that in google earth, the name of the cache will be the cache I.D. like AB1234 or something. You just change that to the name of the cache.
  2. Google earth is compatibe with .loc files. There is no need to convert them. You just have to edit the name.
  3. Could I just get a usb female-female adapter and plug the gps and palm into it like this? zire 31<usb cable<female-female usb>usb-serial cable>explorist will CetusGps pick up nmea signals from my explorist and translate them into navigational data?
  4. I wonder what the S in USB means. I have been thinking of trying one of these cables. I want to be able to do a multi cache calculation on the Palm and then upload the waypoint to my 60csx. USB means Universal Serial Bus.
  5. Install geocache manager from the welcome disk. Download the .loc files from geocaching.com. Drag-&-drop into the geocache manager window. Double-click the cache and type in the clues (up to 50 characters.) Boot up the explorist while connected to the comp. It should go to file transfer mode. If not, go to menu>prefs>adv. features>communication>file transfer. Click "send to Gps" in geocache manager. G.M. automatically converts .loc into .gs.
  6. No, you can buy the 500 NA and use an adapter to use AAAs.
  7. Question, how do you download .loc files from geocaching.com to cachemate? I use gpsbabel and cachemate on a zire 31.
  8. A laptop or tablet PC with a 3G network adapter.
  9. Error] XSerial: Cannot open serial port '/dev/cu.USB': eNo such file or directory [Error]Cannot open serial port'/dev/cu.USB' It says "Cannot open serial port '/dev/cu.USB': eNo such file directory". It thinks that USB is the name of a serial port.
  10. Robert sorry it took awhile to get back but I was out of town. This is the message I get when I try to connect with GPSbabel GPSBabel was not able to process your selection. Please fix and try again. [Error] XSerial: Cannot open serial port '/dev/cu.USB': eNo such file or directory [Error]Cannot open serial port'/dev/cu.USB' GARMIN:Can't init/dev/cu.USB I have been able to connect with "GPs Connect0.2" but I can only upload files out of the Etrex it will not recognize .loc files. GPSbabel does recognize .loc files but does not connect with Etrex. Hope this makes some sense. It doesn't even know what a usb port is.
  11. When I do the area calculation feature on my explorist, I delete the points from the area calc list and then delete them from the unit. When I turn on the unit again, all those P.O.I.s are still there. And whats worse, they multiplied themselves! I have to delete the p.o.i.s that I used 2-4 times. I have the latest firmware, so don't suggest upgrading. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I fix it? I have an explorist 600.
  12. Yes we WERE supposed to go metric in 2000, but since that numbskull publisher in Nashville had everyone here scared of the "Y2K" bug, all of the conversion work was shelved and forgotten about. that publisher is a !@#$%^& *&^%$#@! . Life is so hard with the US system. How are we supposed to remeber that there are 12''>foot, 3'>meter, 5280'>mile. AARRGGGHHH!!!
  13. I have a zire 31 with no gps. Is there any way that I can connect my explorist 600 to my palmpilot and use it as the data input for CetusGps?
  14. If you buy the 500NA you can buy an adapter that fits in the case and allows you to use AAAs
  15. Explorist 500 has all of that plus more for about the same price. It is very easy to learn how to used but is very advanced, rugged, and waterproof to one meter. DirectRoute gives you turn-by-turn directions. If you want to be EXTRA cool, get the 600 with the sensory array (three-axis electronic compass, thermomiter, baromiter and extremely accurate barometric altimiter.) All explorists are 14-channel and WAAS/EGNOS compatable. I usually get about 2 foot accuracy with my 600 even if it says 7 foot.
  16. No, this forum is probably not going to make a forum dedicated to one unit because 1.then owners of all units would be clamoring to have their own forum and it would be a lot of work for Groundspeak 2.people would be mad that a unit besides their own would be concidered "special"
  17. Soon ( about 3 years) there will be around 35 gps plus galileo (I believe they will operate on the same frequency as the current gps sats) plus more waas plus egnos and probably more, so if you plan to keep your gps for more than a few years, go for at least 14 channels (this is probably best.). 30 is overkill but 20 is good.
  18. With gpsbabel, what file format do I convert to to make it compatible with cachemate?
  19. Depends what kind. You could always buy the rechargeable and get a AAA battery adapter (only $9). Then you could use Li-Ion and AAA. People have reported up to 23-24 hours with a high-power Li-Ion battery (like energizer E2 lithium.) But the batteries won't come cheap.... about $10 for 4.
  20. That html was reccomended to me, I was not doing the deep-linking... And besides, that was the only one I could find... You gave a download page, but what do you download? and besides, the mirror I used worked fine for me.
  21. Unless you have a ProMark™ or something with that much accuracy. Actually, with promark, you could have DDD MMM.mmmmm and still have it be accurate....
  22. I mean that it will continuously update the route it tells you to go on. eg. It will not just draw a blue line, it will give you live directions.
  23. Yes, the only drivers I found for mac were for serial connections only, but the program Link2Gps should work to transfer files. http://www.hiketech.com/index.php?content=download Or, get a serial cable and go to http://www.chimoosoft.com/gpsconnect.html. Refer to the manual to make sure you are connecting the cable right. download the latest firmware if all else fails. If the unit does not pop up on a PC, there is something wrong with the connector. You may also want to check on the garmin website for a file that you can download directly to gpsbabel and make it compatible with etrex. In system preferences, make sure that the personal file sharing box is unchecked in sharing>firewall. If none of these work, you may have to call garmin... sorry, I do not have much expirience syncing etrexs.
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