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  1. The 500abcdefgsx is basically a computer, ipod, cellphone, gps, laser, lighter, swiss army knife, and sat. phone. It has a 5000 channel receiver and a 500'' holographic screen. It is waterproof to 5 miles. It also has the earth conrol feature of the 90 GTDXS. It will come out in a year.
  2. 1. The 500 is the 400 plus color. That is all. 2. Topo 3d is very usefull. I always use it to find the nearest starbucks when on vacation. It is also amazing for hiking due to the elev. profile feature.
  3. I downloaded maccmconvert and it gave me some filepath error..... now my palm won't sync Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Wide Area Augmentation System. It tells your gpsr to correct any bad signals due to ionosphere storms or the like. It tells your gps what is going on in the ionosphere at the time.
  5. Explorist is extreeeeeeemlyyyy accurate!!!!!!! So accurate I use it for land surveys! Usually around 3-5 feet (compared to pro coords and gov marker) even when it says 10 feet accuracy.
  6. Go for the 600! The compass ALWAYS points right to the cache. It is handy for live triangulation. You can hold it in any position. You can use the baromiter to predict weather. Here is how: 30+ ingh= good weather, unless already foggy 29= usually good 28= get your rain jacket 26= storm 20= snow 15= Uh-Oh 5-=leaky airplane or top of mount everest. Thermomiter needs calibration but is OK. Barometric altimiter: calibrate immediately before use. Accurate to a foot.
  7. Odd, My explorist is usually dead-on. Was your explorist receiving WAAS at the time?
  8. I believe the Magellan promark 4 or some other OEM unit will fulfil your needs.
  9. Oopsies. Forgot what DeLorme did. Will delorme work with usb?
  10. EraSeek is correct. You are getting WAAS info and 11 is very good. I usually average about 15 to 20 on my same unit Just to make sure everyone knows, if it says 11 feet accuracy does'nt mean it's 11 feet wrong, it means it could be up to 11 feet off.
  11. In my experience, 11 feet has no meaning in the physical world. It is only an indication of relative accuracy for your unit. In other words, if your EPE was 27' yesterday, and 7' the day before, 11' means that you are getting a pretty good signal. I don't think I've ever seen and EPE on my unit below 7' (I have a 60C), and it has sometimes been as high as 190' (on an airplane). So in my mind, it is sort of like saying, "how is my unit doing today on a scale of 1 to 100?" For my unit, 11' is pretty good. Also based upon my experience, if my 60C says 11' and my partner's says 19', I can't necessarily say that my unit is more accurate than theirs. I use it only to compare the current reading to the reading at other times on my unit. If you only get D's on WASS sats and WASS sats are #33 and above, why do we get D's on all sats below 33 also? Just curious here....... What D means is that WAAS sattelites are giving you a corection message for that sat. WAAS tells you if there is any disterbance in the ionoshpere and tells your gpsr how to correct it.
  12. Can you do this with eXplorist and mapsend topo 3D? If so, will the NMEA work with USB?
  13. I don't keep my Explorist 600 on long, but after around 5 hours with compass on, backlight on full, batt saver off, and WAAS on, the battery meter was only about 1/4 depleted.
  14. WHOA!!!!!! Maybe the coords are more accurate here. I live in SB in southern CA. Most of the time it is only around ten or twenty feet off.
  15. Use GSAK or GPSBabel. They work wonderfully with explorist.
  16. I have the JTrack 3D website, but what are the names of the sats so I can see where they are?
  17. I believe 18 hrs is average with backlight off, compass off, and batt. saver on.
  18. Excuse me, but IMO this post shows extreme arrogance and the total lack of knowledge of the poster. In many areas of the country Google Earth lacks the capability to show ANYWHERE NEAR enough detail to be able to identify a specific address. In my area , GE is totally worthless. Really? I have only been using GE for a few months, so I wouldn't know. I will test this once I go to montana. I will compare survey results with GE results.
  19. Since I am having the same problem, I will guess that A. You now need google earth plus B. You need to install an add-on C. This fuction is no longer avaliable
  20. First see if it works with the magellan geocache software. The cable should be running down the back of the unit. Whatever you do, do not call magellan customer service. Chances are you will be waiting for an hour with some clueless imbecile.
  21. Wow. How many mw.s would a laser have to be to burn a reflective piece of metal?!
  22. Hi, there is just one way to find this one out. Now I know what David Hasselhoff CD's are good for! (I hope you are right!) GermanSailor Update: No, you can`t kill it. Had to throw it away the old fashioned way. ;-) Checked Wikipedia on the subject. It doesn't mention a magnet. Writable CDs (I am pretty sure david hasslehoff's cds are unwritable) are killable. This has to be true because your computer uses magnets to write a CD and a laser to read them.
  23. No, apparently you can't. I got a completely useless 32 MB SD Card with my new 7 MegaPix Camera. (It can store 9 Pictures on it, thank you Canon). So I tried killing it with a neodymium magnet - nothing happened to the data. Neo_Geo: No offence, but I think you up the terms data und media here. 0101101001 is digital no matter on what type of media you store it. Some media uses magnetic field to store data, like the good old audio tape. If you expose such a tape to a magnet the data stored on it will be affected. No matter if it is analog (music) or digital. If it write down my digital info (0110...) on a pice of paper it's still digital, but I now stored it optical not magnetic, so it is not affected by a magnetic field. A CD for example isn't affected by a magnet, since the data is stored optical, even it is still digital data. GermanSailor Actaully, the bumps on CDs that refract light are made by a neodyum magnet. I think you will find that you can kill a CD.
  24. Explorist 600 is amasing! As for money, I have brokering skills. For ~$370 you can buy the 600, mapsend topo 3D, and a 1gb card. Buy the unit at http://buyeretail.com/Default.asp. buy mapsend at http://www.pagecomputers.com/store/product...uct%5Fid=701638. buy the card at amazon.com.
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