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  1. No, no. Right click on the toolbar and click view. then check 3D. the 3d button will appear. there is also something in view>somethingorother. The 3D is there, the button is just not showing up.
  2. No need to do homework, I happen to own one of each of the models you mention. I like both units, and find great features in both, as well as things I consider "flaws" in both. The biggest problem I've had with my Magellan is in dealing with Magellan support for any reason. As of right now, I have been sitting for over a week with my unit in the Magellan service center and still I have not been able to get them to give me any information about when they will have replaced the keypad (the map zoom in button quit working). I shipped my unit out to them and they signed for it 2 days later, now I sit and wait until they decide to send my unit back to me... My lucky part [for me] is that I happen to cache on a team with my wife, so we each can use a GPSr from both manufacturers and get the benefits of the good features of both units. Right.. I HATE the maggy customer service... I have to admit, the csx is pretty cool, but the price is much higher with less channels, it has been suggested less accuracy (not sure on this one. just quoting.), etc. I have to go for magellan.
  3. Yes, that is the technical definition, but google burn-in software and it will tell you what it is. Both our definitions are basically the same thing.
  4. Bats need a few drain/recharge cycles to get full capacity.
  5. Are you kidding! Everyone who has one loves it! It's just more people think garmin's better. Garmin is just eye candy.... "Oh, icons! amazing! I think I'll spend an extra $100 for a unit with less features and ICONS!" P.S. I was comparing explorist 600 to the 60csx. If you don't believe me do some homework.
  6. You can't cache with the roadmate. Wait for the magellan crossover to come out. It is a crossover of explorist and roadmate. Check on their website.
  7. The 500 NA comes with a Li-ion batterry. The 500 LE comes with an adapter that allows you to put in AAA bats. If the 500 LE is $30 cheaper than the NA, buy it, because if you want it to be rechargeable, you have to buy a $20 battery and a #10 cable. On the other hand, you can just buy the 500 NA and gat a bat. adapter for $9.
  8. If you could have one feature added to your current receiver, what would it be? (1 cm accuracy, lightsaber, baromiter, teleport, etc.)
  9. Markwelled. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=148016
  10. It heats up the proccessor to max temp to test it's durability.
  11. A burn-in is when it heats up the proccessor to max temperature to see how much it can take. My 400 never stopped going psyco and doing this.
  12. That is just nonsense, unless they are referring to the 300 or 600. With those you usually have to calibrate the barometric altimiter before every use.
  13. Wait... won't the extra antenna interfere with timing and reduce accuracy?
  14. I just got word about the new 10000000000abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz spacetime manipulator. It can make anything happen. It can even flux time and matter enough to make the sun implode. It has 1/100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000th' accuracy.
  15. Go to http://www.nextag.com/ and search for it.
  16. WTF!!! A. Explorists can't use external antennas. B Mighty mouse?
  17. A. Yes they are. B. Get mapsend direcrroute.
  18. Go to menu>prefs>restart gps. You manually input your coords. Only do this if your gps has not been used in like 5 months ar is really *%^$# up.
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