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  1. I usually have the longest log and the most pics, I don't really do it for the cache owner, but for my own records of caches found. Makes it easier to remember which is which when I look back and read something specific about that find. I have 1600 pics in my gallery and logs that have taken additional 6 to 8 notes.
  2. Hello. been caching for a while now. Canada has some of the most amazing cache locations. Best way to find them are to look in the Favorite's list of other caches. And if more cacher's would use the Favorites list, it would be even better. Check my Favorite's for some great Canadian caches.
  3. Definitely check out GCTWBX Chipmunk Caves. It's along Chilliwack Lake road and is an amazing place. Also there are some huge falls, like Bridal and Shannon, very amazing wonder's of nature. BC is full of caches, but these were some of my favorites. Hope this helps.
  4. Very cool what you've done here, I'm sending you some tracklogs of North of Sudbury and also Ishpatina Ridge and Maple Mountain. Hope these can be of some help.
  5. Although I have cached in 3 provinces and 2 states, I've really only cached enough in Ontario to give an opinion. I like views and uniqueness, my favorite caches have all been with great views or something unique about them. Frazer Bay Fishing Cache GCPXNJ Traveled 125kms by car to Boat Launch, 14.5kms boat ride to trail head, 800m hike up 200m mountain to top. One of the most beautiful views you'll ever see, from the blue waters of Lake Huron to the white quartzite mountains all around, truly one of Ontario's greatest caches. Lion's Head Lookout GCM0KT 1.5km hike to the lookout, with lookout spots all along the trail. Looking at Lion's Head from one of the near lookouts, you'll see the lion's head in the rock with the trees making the mane. Overlooking Lake Huron, the view is spectacular. "The Devil Made Me Do It!" GC51E8 About 800m walk from the road, this easy trail take you to the Devil' Rock. A lookout 300ft over the Ottawa River. We just did this one, there is even a longer trail that will have a great view all along the trail, will go back some day and try it. Cheltenham Badlands Earthcache GCNXFF A roadside cache, but it is so unique, the formations here are just awesome. Well those are some of mine and can be found in My Favorites Bookmark list., which brings me to say, I wish more people would use their Bookmarks List. All my favorites can be found there and found many by checking out others bookmarks. So please bookmarks your favorites for all to see.
  6. Makes sure your unit is not on battery saver mode, it lowers the units accuracy.
  7. Glad you went with the CSX, you'll truly enjoy it. Rechargeables are great, just select the NIMH setting on the GPS. I like the 60CSX, the buttons are easier to work than even the 76CSX. And as for the comments about getting a CX because the compass is not needed, I just don't get it, it's a navigational tool, a compass is the most important part. I had older GPS for years and always wondered why they would make them without a compass. It was a pain to try to walk to get a reading of which direction you were facing, especially when bushwhacking. CSX I just stand still and it points me right towards the cache. You'll now know why most told you to get the 60CSX, it'll give you travelling freedom like never before. P.S. get at least the topo maps, you won't regret that either.
  8. I recently had the same issue when I installed some topo maps made by someone here. When I installed it, I wasn't sure exactly where to install it to, so after it installed, I moved the folder. I got that exact same error every time I tried to open Mapsource. Re-installed Mapsource and still the same thing. I then placed the folder back to it's original place that it was installed to and everything is working great since. So I'm thinking you must have moved the maps folder or it did not install to the correct place.
  9. I wouldn't recommend anything else, 60CSX is awesome. I bought mine when they were over $600 with tax and would pay it again. Great unit. That's just my .02 cents worth.
  10. Do a bit of research on the cache before you go and usually you'll have a better idea if it's attainable or not. By reading past logs usually gives a good indication. Some caches are not attainable in spring because water levels may be high and flowing, do we need attributes stating "not available in spring". Some research and common sense will go a long way, no need to change anything.
  11. Maps. although not necessary, are great benefit to have. They'll show you terrain and things you wouldn't know about without. Highly recommend getting the maps, it may seems expensive, but you are getting a lot of maps for the price.
  12. One of the best and least used way to find great caches is to use bookmark lists. Most of my best caches have been first spotted on other cachers bookmark list. If someone else talks greatly about a caches and describes it as something to your liking, then that's a cache worthwhile getting. I usually find one or a few great caches to get, and then cache along the route to these specific caches. You get a couple of easy, maybe even not so great caches, but you'll get that one cache that makes it all worthwhile. So please everyone, bookmark your favorites, it will help others enjoy the great caches as much as you did.
  13. Magellan GPS Pioneer. Bought it in the 90's. Still play with it once in a while, let my son play with it. Now using my 60CSX and think this will last me forever as long as it never breaks, has all the features I always thought a GPS needs. Hopefully it last as long as my Magellan.
  14. Now wouldn't it be cool to save tracks the same way. Is there a way to save tracks so they always show, just like the saved tracks, "show on map" Then we can expand the tracks limit also.
  15. How do you change the icons for your custom poi's. mine are showing as just dots.
  16. Use the ram mount, it easily maneuvers to whatever position you want. I use it in my boat and just connect it to the suction cup in my vehicle when driving to and from a lake, very versatile.
  17. Thanks, was having a brain fart. Actually trying to remember how you did something last year can get confusing, especially when you can't remember last week. LOL. Thanks again.
  18. Wow, I added custom poi's to my GPS last year, now I want to add the waypoints I've accumulated over the last year, but can't for the likes of me find how to create that "mycustom.gpi", I'm just finding gpx. What program or process did we use to create them. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. not familiar with the colorado, but on the 60csx, you have the declutter option, is there a similar one on the colorado.
  20. My 60CSX power button rubber is cracked. Anybody else have this problem or a solution to it. I guess with the cold winters and the hot summer, the rubber has gotten worn and now is cracked. I was thinking of using a little silicone to seal the button and yet still be flexible. What's your thoughts or solutions.
  21. Been too quite a few more than once, sometimes it's to see the area in the fall, the colors can be amazing at caches with great views, sometimes just because we really like the spot, sometimes cause we did it at night and wanted to see in the day, or vice versa. Usually I'll log a note to show I was there, and if the cache was in good shape. Never log it as another find though, that's not how I play the game.
  22. could it be not enough free space on your card, it needs so much memory for search's and stuff
  23. looks good, but my dogs are in every water and mud hole out there, so it wouldn't look to great too long. LOL
  24. Yep, I just use a lanyard, GPS is right there when you need it, and your hands are free to aid in the hike.
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