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  1. Glock, when I go into the outback. (yes I have a license to carry it) 2 knives, 100 oz. Camelbak for those long treks and a 50 oz for shorter ones. Several carabiners of different sizes.
  2. i have a magellan 100, 200 and just bought a 600 to connect to laptop. I have had no problems with any of them. I had problems finding the right software to use with the 600 but now that I have it I have no problems. You made a good choice.
  3. You might try GSAK I have found it works real well.GSAK
  4. I recently purchased a Magellan 600 and did not receive Mapsend with it. I have thought about purchasing Mapsend but it is costly. I read about GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) and thought I would try it. After downloading and installing it I really like it. It is very easy to send the files to the 600 and to Microsoft streets and maps. For those of you wanting to buy Mapsend, I would try this first and I am sure you will like it. I am not sure that it will work the same for the Garmin but I believe it will. Just thought I would let everyone know. Good luck and Happy Caching. Geocaching Swiss Army Knife
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