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    I would also help out with this category but it would need to be formed and led by one of the individuals who is interested in it being created. On this side of things it would be hard for us to set up and manage the category. I wouldn't be able to create a category for this on my own because of my limited knowledge of the area and subject. There are variables that would need to be created that we in other countries know nothing about.


    Here is an idea. Solicit in your group (those interested in a category of this type) for the funds to pay for a premium membership. Select one member of the group or a few members who contributed to form a team that can purchase a premium membership with the funds gathered using a new user/team name. Use the new premium membership to create the category and invite those who said they would assist to join the management team.


    Lets say three of you formed the team and all had use of the premium account. That's $10 each to have the category created. The three of you could then be the primary individuals that managed the category with the other group members providing input on a more limited basis.


    Without one of your group members making the commitment to see the category go forward I don't see this going any further at this time.


    Great idea...been thinking of this too...For US$30 per year it is ~ M$108 and after comparing wth most of the forum based websites in these part of the world..which are free, ....hv a 2nd thought of it...


    Turbo & Robo, and other interested, why not we start the ball rolling by contributing small sum and I would like to norminate Turbo to lead this category since he is the most active and the one who hv brought the idea of benchmarking to M'sia & Singapore members via malsingmaps.com :mad::)

  2. :huh: Yes. We need new category 4 M'sia...hehe :huh:


    Found another new BM on the way to Cyberjaya ..the so called silicon valley of Malaysia...but development seems to be slow due to China factor & subsequent to Asian currency crisis in 1998....


    BM2021 Loc: N02 58.166 E101 39.973





  3. I hv found 3 out of about 20 known locations ouskirt of Kuala Lumpur. The following are the benchmarks found:


    1) Location no: B0991 : N03 03.380, E101 37.653



    2) Loc no B2018: N2 58.997 E101 39.643



    Giant monitor lizard not far from B2018



    3) Loc no: B2022 : N2 57.758 E101 39.623



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