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  1. Great idea...been thinking of this too...For US$30 per year it is ~ M$108 and after comparing wth most of the forum based websites in these part of the world..which are free, ....hv a 2nd thought of it... Turbo & Robo, and other interested, why not we start the ball rolling by contributing small sum and I would like to norminate Turbo to lead this category since he is the most active and the one who hv brought the idea of benchmarking to M'sia & Singapore members via malsingmaps.com
  2. Yes. We need new category 4 M'sia...hehe Found another new BM on the way to Cyberjaya ..the so called silicon valley of Malaysia...but development seems to be slow due to China factor & subsequent to Asian currency crisis in 1998.... BM2021 Loc: N02 58.166 E101 39.973
  3. Ehh...Any bro & sis wth premium membership willing to create a group for Malaysia Benchmarking & update the above discoveries?.... ..It is better to have it logged rather than logged the findings here.....
  4. I hv found 3 out of about 20 known locations ouskirt of Kuala Lumpur. The following are the benchmarks found: 1) Location no: B0991 : N03 03.380, E101 37.653 2) Loc no B2018: N2 58.997 E101 39.643 Giant monitor lizard not far from B2018 3) Loc no: B2022 : N2 57.758 E101 39.623
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