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  1. I'd like to see more features. Seeing how they are currently part of Geocaching.com, should they be added to our "found" statistics? I could see a separate Benchmarking.com site, a sister to Waymarking.com.
  2. A superfluous icon would abet my adept comrades, facilitating the assimilation of attributes for a given geocache thus permitting said comrades to categorize a heterogeneous pool into analogous groups forthwith. Eye kin reed!!!
  3. I like using the link from my profile to find caches based on my home coordinates. I'd like to see a feature so that users cold have multiple home coordinates. We like to geocaching up north and I would like to use the cabin's coordinates as my home coordinates and not have to type them in each time. I do the same for looking up caches around work and from relatives homes.
  4. I'd like to see icons for the cache size. My daughter likes to go looking for micros and that feature would help/speed things up. I did notice on the PDF for each cache that the size is indicated through the use of boxes of various sizes. The size appropriate for the cache is colored in.
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