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  1. The issue of being on one stage and thinking it was another is my own fault. It just made me realize that hunting for micros takes a different mindset than hunting for a regular size cache. GENERALLY speaking, hunting for micros takes stealth, a keen eye, patience, and the ability to think of the absurd. A regular cache in the woods GENERALLY does not. The cache itself is often different in that it holds only a log, not bugs, coins, or swag. There are often placed for different reasons as well. Micros are often placed to give the cacher a challenge to find it (or pad stats). An ammo box in the woods is there, partially, in theory, to bring the cacher to an interesting spot. Don't many cachers get a bit frustrated after a mile hike into the woods for a micro? Calling it a Traditional because the cache is at the coordinates is misleading. A multi-cache is at the coordinates, at least in part. It has it's own icon. It is there to inform the cacher that he or she needs to approach this cache with a different mindset. One that indicates there are multiple parts and gratification will come with the sum of the whole.
  2. Long-winded explanation to my thinking: During a recent multi-cache I began thinking about micro caches. The multi was made up of five stages, each a micro cache (in the woods). The final stage was an ammo box. While looking for the final stage we had lost track and believed we were on stage 5 and looking for a micro cache. We ended up not finding the stage. While logging the cache we realized our mistake. The point here is that we had the mindset to look for a micro container. If we had remembered to look for an ammo box we would have approached the hunt much differently. What I'd like to see: Micro caches are not traditional caches. The placement, the search techniques, and environment are often vastly different to the search for a container in the woods. There is usually nothing to trade, only a log book to sign. I'd like to see micro caches given it's own cache type. The would affect a few things, stats being one. But more importantly, to me, how the information appears on my GPSr w/o reading the eBook from the PQ. It would also, with its own icon, appear differently in cache searches on Geocaching.com and would allow for filtering. I like urban micros and full-size caches in the woods. I have hidden both and search for both. Sometimes I would like to be able to differentiate the cache types by filtering or what have you.
  3. Thanks everyone. I have it working now. It had something to do with cutting out parts of my route in Google Earth. I recreated the route differently and it worked. Thanks again.
  4. I am having a problem with the tabs disappearing and nothing being uploaded. My potential rout does not appear anywhere. I have made route before, but for some reason something is wrong. I appreciate the help. Thanks!
  5. Is anyone having problems with caches along a route? When I upload my KML file nothing seems to happen and I just get the directions on how to upload.
  6. Is there a way to transfer ownership of trackables such as geocoins and travelbugs? What about more editing options? If not, it would be a nice feature.
  7. I read more about it after the I first posted. It is pretty expensive.
  8. I saw an ad for PhotoStamps and Stamps.com. It would be cool if there were geocaching postage stamps. Cachers could make their own stamps or maybe Geocaching.com could help with logos. Why not promote geocaching? Would this be within the guidelines of using the logos? Would/should/could it be supported by Geocaching.com/Groudspeak?
  9. I'd like to see a way to organize trackable listings in one's own profile. Tabbed pages or something to group similar trackables together. Like putting all the Signal geocoins in one tab and personal geocoins in another. Something customizable for personal preferences. Or, if too difficult, a way to edit listed names in order to group them.
  10. I have a bunch a TBs out there and when I get curious about why someone is hanging onto the it for longer than usual, I will go check their profile to see when he last logged a cache. I also check the last time they visited GC.com. I have yet to e-mail another cacher about holding a TB too long, but it is a bit frustrating when the cacher has been out and active. The one holding the coin in question has not been out since he logged the cache the coin was grabbed from. It has been cold here, but there is also a bit of responsibility on the part of the cacher to post a note or e-mail that the coin might be held onto a bit longer. I have notified owners and they have been very understanding.
  11. I'm a bit late to this topic, but I hope it doesn't go unnoticed. I too would like to see an "All" caches to be notified about. Currently I only get notifications for established cache types (this is my own doing). I just reached my 40 notification limit. It is a bit frustrating. At least raise the limit. That shouldn't be too difficult.
  12. Hi, I just noticed the Signal December 2006 GC is sold out, the Canada coin. Anyone have one they are willing to part with for cash. I don't have any coins for trade right now. Reply or send e-mail. Thanks -SLT P.S. I'm looking for a January 2006 Signal geocoin as well. Both need to be unactivated.
  13. Hi, I paperless cache with two pieces of technology. My Magellan eXplorist and my HP iPaq. I use the pocket queries to download the info for the caches in the .GPX format and also check the box for the eBook as well (bottom of the page). The .GPX file is sent me and I use Magellan's Geocache Manager (MGM) to set up different files for the different areas. (The multiple files is mainly due to Magellan's limits of 200 POI per file). I set up as many .GPX/MGM files as I need/want. Then I use the eBook format, which is MobiPocket format, on my PDA to do the paperless part. The eBook format comes along with the pocket query and I just have to match it on PDA to the .GPX file that I am using at the time. MobiPocket is free and runs on my home computer and my PDA. It provides all the info and the hints are decoded, but kept out of the way in the appendix. It works really well for me.
  14. Is it bad geocaching etiquette to log one's own EVENT cache?
  15. Hi, I have an eXplorist 600 and use the pocket queries to set up everything. I also check the "Also eBook Format" box at the bottom of the query. After I receive the e-mail, I open the .GPX file in MGM and use MobiPocket to open the eBook format. MobiPocket is a free download. I upload the .GPX file from MGM to an SD card and the eBook to my PDA. It has worked really well for me. Totally paperless.
  16. I often find myself looking at other people's profiles to see how active they are, partly for curiosity, but especially when they are hanging on to one of my TBs. I'd like to see a feature where a cacher could post his or her status so other cachers could know the reason for a hiatus. This would be voluntary except maybe for someone who hasn't logged on in 6 months or a year. Then their status could be assigned as inactive or something. But a note saying "Hey, I am going to jail for 3 to six months" or "Sorry guys, I broke my leg" could be helpful for other cachers.
  17. I'd like to find the oldest caches in Michigan. I have seen lists, but I am unsure how these lists were generated. I do not see how it is possible to search by the date the cache was placed. Am I missing something? Is there a trick to finding them? Is this a feature that could be added?
  18. We have been caching for a while and hope to reach our 100th find by the end of the year. So we were wondering, what are the significant cache find levels? What should we be celebrating: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000? I've seen special geocoins for different levels and other paraphernalia. I know all caches are special , but what are the core, always celebrate, "you have achieved greatness" find cache find levels?
  19. Thanks for the map. I have been reading up on declination. I'd like to more proficient with the compass.
  20. I'm just curious if it is an issue. I know my GPS can be set to either. There is a cache in my area that states one would need to use true north. It is a multi-cache and to find the various caches along the way one would need to use the projection feature on the GPPr.
  21. Does anyone pay attention to true north vs. magnetic north? Which is the default for Geocaching.com? Has anyone seen a cache based on one or the other? I know there is one in my area that specifies true north. I am just curious.
  22. For puzzle caches label it "mystery" cache.
  23. I'd like to see other statistics, and please let me know if they already are available, like Top cacher in the world, country, state, and so on.
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