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  1. I had a problem on a recent, long roadtrip with cache descriptions being truncated on my Oregon. The long descriptions can remain, but it would be helpful to put the requirements at the beginning of the description. Not only would they not be truncated, but it would help for easier and faster access when out in the field.
  2. I understand there can be great temp caches. I don't doubt that. But is it safe to assume that is the exception and not the rule? What I find really odd are the temp caches at CITO events. I've seen some cachers' logs that indicate that. Cachers with 50+ CITO events logged.
  3. In reference to the OP, this is hilarious. It's absolutely ridiculous, but is hilarious. The cache should be named "Integrity Check." I'm not a fan of temp caches to begin with. If the temp cache is good enough to be a regular cache then publish it. If it's not, then it's not worthy of counting as a cache. We don't practice this up in Michigan so I have not seen it first hand. When I do hear of it I think of a small park with a bunch of picnic tables and an ammo box on each table. For those logging the caches, it's about the numbers, earned or not. For those of us making judgments, it's about keeping integrity of the sport/hobby/pastime. Outsiders/newbies may think this is a normal aspect of geocaching. Many of us here frown on it because we know it is not. Accurate numbers/stats are important. It's not just about comparing who has more. I like to find non-traditional caches (EarthCaches, LBH, and such) and I often look at the stats of other cachers with high numbers in these areas to see where they have been caching. Yes, to each their own. I won't tattle on them to the PTB, but I will frown upon the practice and choose to promote one cache, one log by being an example.
  4. I had a similar problem with my caches showing up as waypoints on my Oregon 300 and only showing waypoint info. I inadvertently fixed the problem when I cleaned up and deleted all my waypoints. Suddenly the Oregon could read my GPX files normally.
  5. I'll throw in my support for some redesign. I was starting to wonder too when I started scrolling down the page to get the items I needed. Some icons/buttons would help give more surface area to click.
  6. Is there any word on what is up with the approval process? There is the thought out there that it may be tied to the ALR ban announced by GC.com
  7. What are the really interesting, one-of-a-kind EarthCaches out there? A post on another thread mentioned a mine fire from the 1960's. Share, what's out there?
  8. OK, maybe this is a question for geoaware. I just bought an Garmin Oregon 300. It displays all the cache-types by the GC.com icon. All except the EarthCache icon. The EarthCache icons are replaced by traditional icons and makes scanning for them on the map really difficult. Why wasn't the EarthCache or some other icon used? I'm sure it could be updated with firmware. Is this a copyright issue? I heard that there isn't an EarthCache Pathtag due to copyright issues.
  9. So it's March 3. I was kind of thinking/wondering/hoping there was some big change coming to the system. Is there? I checked the web site, but nothing seems new there. Was the suspension for a bit of respite?
  10. In our My Account Details we have the option to choose a time zone, but the change has no effect on the time displayed for PQs. Is there reasoning behind this? Will this be changed in the near future? I'd like to see it changed.
  11. The whole idea of EarthCaches is to get people aware of the geological features around them. From what I see, the idea of the different levels is to promote and reward those who seek and create EarthCaches. It is a process based on quantitative measurement. The more EarthCaches found and created, the higher the level. It rewards the end result, not the process of getting there. Some may choose to forgo the easier EarthCache, in both finding and creating, for the more challenging. While two cachers may have the same number finds and hides, the path to get there was different and possibly tougher for one cacher than another. Some have posted here, if I understand correctly, that the process of rewarding the end result (amount found and created) has led to an abundance of lower quality EarthCaches. It is true there are some EarthCaches which are much easier to find or create. A positive to this is what we in our neck of the woods call "beginner" EarthCaches. It gets people involved; "gets their feet wet". What many in this thread seem to want to promote is a higher quality. There is nothing wrong with that and I encourage a good EarthCache. But, there needs to be a balance of geological promotion and having geoaware and cache owners grade doctoral papers on glacial drift. There are those who want to raise the standard of EarthCaches and the current system does not acknowledge a higher quality EarthCache vs. a lower quality. It is here that the "level system" would need to change from quantitative to qualitative. The very nature of qualitative is subjective. It is more time consuming to judge and may be out of the scope of what EarthCaches were intended to be. I don't know the philosophy behind the EarthCaching system and do not want to assume any more than I already have. Unless something comes from the the Mighty EarthCache Master (I write that with the utmost respect), the level acknowledgments will continue to be be quantitatively based. That leaves us who use the system with nothing more than what we already have. But what we have can be quite powerful and that is to lead by example. We can choose not gripe and moan about EarthCaches we do not like, but rather offer up our knowledge by creating the high quality EarthCaches for others to seek. We can also teach others. There are many cachers that want to earn a higher level and they do seek those with experience. We need to take advantage of those situations and offer guidance when asked. This is a slow process, but the world is a big place and there is room for more EarthCaches.
  12. We reached Platinum status this past summer. We have 85 finds and 3 hides. Currently we are working on getting to our 100th find, but the EarthCaches are getting farther and farther from home. I have a bunch in the works, but winter has kept me from publishing some of them. I hope to get them ready for the spring.
  13. In Michigan we know our two reviewers. They do have separate accounts since their caching account names are for teams. They are quite active and we seem them at events regularly. Their reviewer accounts are quite helpful too. Our reviewers are -Rusty- and -Tiki- (the hyphens are part of thier caching names.
  14. I have mine on my laptop. My students see it and ask about the stickers. Are there still stickers? I received my gold pin, but not my gold sticker. I figured the practice had stopped.
  15. I was rooting around and reading the different geocache types. There are two sections: Geocache Types and Grandfathered Cache Types. A.P.E. Project caches are NOT in the grandfathered section. Is this an oversight (which I assume) or is there a reason behind it? Could we expect something similar in the future as far as a new cache type?
  16. As a cacher who is at platinum level (Did you get my submission geoaware?), I liked the different levels. I like working toward something. I have some ideas for some more EarthCaches, but I admit I am a little bit less motivated now. I enjoy making them, but they do take a lot of work to create. I like the "specialist" idea. It could be broken down in different ways. In Michigan, our EarthCaches are almost all glacier or water related. (My last one was about oil.) I could see folks here becoming specialists in glacial EarthCaches. I another area of the country there may be different specialists. Honoring those who have found many could be signified with a "Platinum +50" (finds) pin, "Gold +10" (created). I like the idea of finding caches in other states and countries: "International Platinum" for five or more EarthCache finds in other countries. Or, "Platinum USA Traveler" for finding EarthCaches in 10 or more states.
  17. I didn't see this posted on GC.com and debated which forum to put it in. Move if needed. This was a neat story posted on the MiGO forums. A cache from over by Milwaukee (GC1440Z Long Island Iced Tea) went missing end of May-beginning of June. Some cachers in Ludington, MI found it after is washed ashore in mid July.
  18. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but since the change, my TBs have had their names displayed incorrectly. I use quotation marks around part of the names of some of my TBs like: SLT's "South Africa" Signal Geocoin 03-2007. Since the web site change my TB e-mail has referenced the TBs with quotes like: SLT's "South Africa" Signal Geocoin 03-2007. The names are displayed correctly on the TBs' web page. I'd like the issue fixed. I'm patient. I just wanted to post this issue for the TPTB to be notified.
  19. It's gone now. I was going to take a screen shot and it's gone.
  20. It's listed under the Hazards section, first one in the section, above Poison Plants.
  21. I just noticed an attribute for "cactus." Is this new? I don't recall seeing it before. It appeared as a choice for a CITO event I am doing.
  22. It seems that my OP is getting a little misunderstood. Parabola seemed to have a good idea of it in his first post. My thinking behind a Challenge Cache icon is to: 1) differentiate it from puzzles and 2) Make completing the challenge the culmination. It would not be used as a merit badge for finds or hides. A Delorme or county challenge covers a large geographic area (in most states), a lot of time, and, now, a lot of money for gas. It is usually not done all at once, but over time and is a significant accomplishment. The same could be said for the Fizzy Challenge. The recognition of the accomplishment would be signified by a Challenge Cache icon. It would not culminate when a the corresponding puzzle cache is found on the other side of the state as is the current situation. I am all for making stringent guidelines for the creation of a Challenge Cache. It would neat to have a local or state organization having to sponsor it. Maybe certain types of challenges would be accepted by GC.com and limited to those challenges. The three aforementioned challenges would be good ones to start with.
  23. I have heard of many different caches based on challenges. The Fizzy Challange, The Delorme Challenge, state county challenges, ABC challenges (cache and city name), and so on. They are usually listed as unknown caches, but require caches to be found in other places, like the Fizzy Challange which requires a cache found at each D/T combination. I'd like to see GC.com create a Challenge Cache type for these. Creation of the cache type might have more strict requirements so they are not created on a whim and do offer a good challenge. Maybe even make these cache types sponsored by local or state organizations or GC.com. This cache type would show completion of the challenge and not necessitate an actual cache whose location could be some distance within the state or country. Since this is a challenge, the completion of the challenge is what would count and not the find of a cache that is to represent the completion.
  24. Up here in Michigan we are plugging away at the events. Our GC.com state page lists 20 between now and June 21. I know there are four events not published yet that will fall into that date range and there are a couple beyond that. Some of those events are a weekend long. We like our events up here. Anyone one come join is welcome.
  25. I've noticed that the search engine on GC.com is not very forgiving and, while I am not trying to make light of your misspelling, the word is spelled "cemetery," all E's. This can make difference in searching on the web site. And, I agree, more combos for searching would help.
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