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  1. I was just curious if there was a rhyme or reason for the order of the cache types/icons for Cache Found/Caches Owned on our profile. Is there?
  2. I would like to request TPTB to consider making an option, when editing a cache page, to be able to create a copy of it by selecting a button or equivalent. For those who host reoccurring events or are creating a series of caches, the ability to create one cache page and then simply click a button to create a copy would be very helpful.
  3. I would like to request that TPTB change the order in which Terrain and Difficulty checkboxes are presented on PQ page (when creating a PQ). Presently the two are listed as Terrain first and Difficulty second, yet when reading the cache page Difficulty is presented first followed by Terrain. When searching by those two features, I often transpose them and search the wrong combination.
  4. My question to TPTB: Why not? If the photo is one of a handful of requirements, why not? Individual owners could make exceptions if a case was made by the cacher logging the cache. To say it is specialized equipment and a burden for the cacher logging the cache is fallacy (one of the arguments I have heard in the past). More cachers have cameras than GPSrs that can run Wherigos. My cache bag is full of thermometers, measuring tapes, test strips, and even a hydrometer. I see the photo as the equivalent of the cache log. Isn't the only required part of a cache the log book? Why is a log book required? I also understand that an EC with a photo requirement could have the answers passed on, but the picture could be proof of the visit. BTW, I have seen an EC log with a Photoshopped picture.
  5. I didn't see this posted when I searched. I get a 500 Internal Error web page when I click on the Groundspeak Goodies link. I'm using Firefox 3.5.7.
  6. I'm not looking for when the first caches were placed, but when was Geocaching.com brought online. I saw on the history section that it was September 2000. Is there an exact date?
  7. I like to watch caches that I DNF. I would appreciate TPTB considering adding a check box to the "Post a new log" page so I can watch the cache I just posted a log for instead of going back to the cache page itself add it to my watchlist. (Did I make that clear?)
  8. I thought I'd revive this thread to vent a little on a troublesome picture issue. I've become quite good at taking a picture of myself for ECs. No problem. Recently I've come across ECs that ask for a picture while holding my GPSr, my pH kit, facing a certain direction, while balancing on one foot, and singing the national anthem. Well, you get the idea. Asking to hold too many things AND take the picture. Some thought would be nice. While I'm at it, I cache with a friend who has an Oregon 550t. Her GPSr IS her camera. How does she get it in the picture?
  9. Possible, but the file sizes are really not all that big. And, I haven't had a problem yet. I'm just asking for the option just as it is with regular PQs.
  10. I like the choice of ordering up a PQ either zipped or not, but there is no choice for PQs on bookmark lists and, I think, caches along a route. Now that dropping a GPX file straight into some GPS units (like my Oregon) is possible, I don't like my PQs zipped. I like to download and save right to the unit. Having this feature would be appreciated.
  11. There is a TYPO, unless it is really will be "automaGically" deleted.
  12. I admit that, on occasion, I have waited too long to log a TB or coin I have picked up or dropped off. Lately I have found coins and TBs are getting grabbed too quickly. I have had some grabbed within two hours of dropping it off and I haven't even finished caching for the day. I'd like to see a 24-48 grace period in which a coin or TB could not be grabbed without first having the current holder notified and OKing it ("release it"). Coins and TBs don't get the mileage they have earned when this happens and it can be somewhat annoying.
  13. The oldest active cache is Mingo in Kansas, May 2000.
  14. I would appreciate notifications for events to be state-wide rather than limited to 50 miles. I regularly travel more than 50 miles for an event, but don't find out about many of them until I check my state page (which varies in time). I would like to see this for CITOs as well.
  15. I know that the list of mega events is sent in the weekly e-mail. I would appreciate a simple listing of all the mega events in the world posted on the front page of GC.com (or some link to all of them). Many cachers are willing to travel long distances to a mega event and it would be helpful to have access to a list of all of them besides the e-mail.
  16. Would the PTB please consider adding a checkbox to the map view that would remove disabled caches from the map. An option similar to "Hide My Finds" and "Hide My Caches"? It would further be appreciated if a color other than gray could be used as the background of disabled cache icons on the map. The gray is not very noticeable.
  17. Have you checked out the Cache-a-Maniacs, Cachers of the Round Table, GeoTalk, or Geocaching Podcast? They are completely about geocaching. Sorry if you already knew about these...I just enjoy them. And actually, I heard about Geocaching from a podcast called "The Totally Rad Show." www.totallyradshow.com. It's pretty funny...reviews video games, movies, and other things for techno geeks. On the website you can find video of them finding their first cache. It's a pretty cool show. :-) Yes I have. In fact those are four of the five geocaching specific ones I listen too. Two of those are podcasts from local podcasters. I appreciate the tip though. I just thought it was interesting a "main stream" podcast had picked it up.
  18. I subscribe to The Stuff You Should Know podcast from How Stuff Works. A new episode just appeared in my iTunes title: "What is geocaching." I have not heard it yet, but I am a bit eager as to what they have to say.
  19. Two of my four ECs require a picture. I see it as a positive thing. The requirement is there to prove that a cacher showed up. This is in lieu of asking irrelevant questions like "Identify the tree you are standing next to." These types of questions having little to nothing to do with the EC. While ECs are often considered virtuals, there are similarities to Wherigo caches. Those caches require specific/extra equipment. Some cachers can not do Wherigos due to lack of equipment. I do agree with Geoaware about developing ECs with more lesson planning [my term, not his]. Many, if not most, ECs ask three or less questions. Asking more questions, both site specific and referenced to the write-up, make it harder to dirty cache and typically a better developed lesson. As an English teacher, I often bite my tongue... very, very hard. There are many ECs out there that wouldn't or shouldn't pass muster at the middle school level (the level in which I teach). But as a teacher who is biting his tongue, sometimes a EC owner must do the same. There are circumstances that arise and an EC owner should take into consideration. Things happen. It's the EC owners who are not willing to be flexible that I would find problematic. Fortunately, in all the ECs I have found, which is a fair amount, I have not had a problem. FYI: The technical problems I have run into as of late are all you long winded writers/copiers whose requirements are at the end of the write-up and have a description that is too long to fit on an Oregon or Colorado.
  20. I did not see this mentioned. It would be a nice feature to have a line drawn through the cache name on field notes when the cache has been disabled. They same way it appears elsewhere on the site. Currently I must view the cache page to see if it was disable since I found it. Not a big deal, just helpful.
  21. I unchecked the "ignore" box and the file uploaded. It worked, but I have a lot of old caches already logged and a bunch of doubles from caches that were waiting to be logged all on the list.
  22. I should add that I am using Firefox on a Windows Vista laptop. I just tried uploading on another computer, an XP machine and used IE. I still got the error.
  23. I am continuously getting an error when loading Field Notes. I'm trying to upload from my Oregon 300. I have not changed anything since my last upload which worked. I keep getting the error submission page. I have rebooted, unplugged, and just tried redoing it. Nothing works. Anyone else having problems?
  24. I think it's great kids are out there doing this. In my OP I didn't mention the original post because it was an issue with a few EarthCaches and generally speaking. This EarthCache was the latest and sparked me to write about the issue. Overall, I don't like identify-the-tree questions because I stink at it and it is usually included as the prove-you-were-there question. I prefer to take a picture of my mug.
  25. More seriously, was identifying a tree(s) the ONLY requirement? Changing the requirements in such a manner is not right. Let us see the cache (GC number) to check for ourselves. Without information given at the site such as a sign, a cacher shouldn't be expected to be a botanist to complete a find. It was too easy to find the GC#, (GC1ATE0) It isn't the only question that you have to answer and he even posts a picture on the cache page of the tree and the trees leafs so a quick google search and you have the tree type so I don't see the big deal here. Maybe we need to start handing badges back out. No, it wasn't the only question, but the tree was not easy for me to find. I ended up identifying from the tiny picture on the web site. I didn't have the picture on my GPSr and the trail is a loop making the left and right relative. This tree didn't stick out when we walked around. This is why I was a bit frustrated. But, my point is why are questions centering on biology? A better case in point was an EC I just did in Iowa about Nahant Marsh. (I have not logged it yet). There were four questions. Two of the answers came from signs. One was to identify a tree. Two others had to do with animals. One question was about geology. Yes, I could answer them and did, but there were signs around the marsh that had to do with the marsh itself and those were not used.
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