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  1. Yes. kunarion pretty much explained it. I keep a few starting sentences or paragraph that apply to the day and add something cache specific at the end. If what I paste in is long enough, I can't see the bottom of the text to add to it.
  2. When using the app for a day of caching, I will often type a log in a note app. I then copy the text from the note and paste it into the log when I find a geocache. I then type something cache-specific at the end of the pasted text. A problem occurs when a lengthy log is pasted and I add to it. The log will not scroll up and the text is not visible due to the on screen keyboard. I would like to see this bug fixed.
  3. Please put a link to the Gallery at the top of the Your Profile page.
  4. There was a recent update - one that I can not find anymore - that added a whole bunch of souvenirs and came with a cryptic message that, to me and some others, seemed like GC.com was abandoning souvenirs. Will there be more souvenirs? For EarthCache day, GC.com produced what looked like a souvenir. I and many others thought it was and found a cache on that day thinking we were earning one. Alas, it just looked that way and the post I read never indicated it was. Now the same thing for CITO Day. The Latitude 47 Blog has a nice little picture that looks like a souvenir, but the write-up mentions nothing about it being one, just like what happened on EarthCache day. So, if this is not a souvenir, why not?
  5. I think that this is a very good suggestion that does try to balance the situation out. It will force the cacher that is trying to grab the bug to be patient but also remind me that I need to check it into the cache where I dropped it, just in case I forgot. If they are really impatient and have tried to grab it before I have even returned home from today's caching adventure, I can easily drop a note on the cache to drop the bug, then delete the note and post my found log when I get time. I think that this would actually help keep the travels of the trackables recorded properly. The trouble is not everybody has a device that lets them write logs in the field. If a cacher away from home drops a travel bug but won't have internet access for several days they have no way of logging the bug drop, so the next person who comes along with their smartphone and tries to grab the bug will have to grab it from the current holder. So you have the problem of the current holder then wondering where it went. If you deny the next finder the opportunity to just grab the bug you potentially end up with a situation where by the time the person is back from their break and back online the bug has made two or three more moves, further compounding the issue. Any method of restricting the grab by requiring the current holder to authorise it could easily result in ongoing delays as people cache on holiday (I like to gather up travel bugs any time I'm going abroad - although I'm rarely offline for more than a couple of days there have been times I've been abroad and had no internet access for a fortnight). The only other way to avoid it that I can think of is to encourage people not to take bugs away on holiday, which rather defeats the point of travel bugs. The bottom line is to have communication. Granted, there will always be exceptions. A hand written note may work in the case you described. It might work in the situation I described. I admit not logging caches and trackables for a few days after due to a variety of reasons. Occasionally a trackable does get grabbed from me then. But when my name and date are on the log and the trackable is grabbed the same day, I get irked. I have resorted to copying the trackable code to grab it back. I also write a friendly e-mail to less experienced cachers, sometimes telling them I am grabbing it back and why. (I don't always grab it back.) So far, all have been receptive.
  6. I am finding more and more often, that cachers are grabbing trackables without trying to notify the cacher who is holding the trackable in his or her inventory. When I started caching the rule of thumb was to give a cacher 24 to 48 hours before grabbing a trackable AFTER sending a friendly e-mail. I know part of the issue is the accessibility of the Internet while out caching, but that does not excuse poor etiquette. Last month, I did receive an e-mail asking me to log a trackable. I appreciated that. However, I received the e-mail no less than two hours after I had dropped off the geocoin and I was still out caching. In fact, it was still morning. I don't see GC.com teaching patience, so... I would like to see a feature where, once the grab is initiated, there is an e-mail automatically sent to the holder indicating the trackable has been picked up and another cacher is waiting to log it. A 24 hour wait period follows (unless the holder accepts the grab) and then the trackable is released. This would not apply to trackables listed in (wrong) caches or unknown locations.
  7. The "new" maps have been around a while. I thought I remembered, but could be wrong, that the cache type icons on the medium zoom level were going to be separated out into their own icon after the maps were up and running, no more sharing. I would like to see each cache type have it own icon and color on the medium zoom level and own colors on the low zoom level.
  8. I was looking through my travel bugs and geocoins, which I have not done in a while, and noticed that many are and have been in the hands of cachers for an extended period of time. I would like to see Groundspeak/Geocaching.com take a more active role in reminding people to move the trackables they pick up. Something occasionally in the weekly newsletter would be nice. I really would like to see a simple button a trackable owner could press and generate an e-mail that sent a reminder to the cacher who picked up the trackable. The e-mail would include a friendly reminder, reference to the specific trackable, and link to the trackable's page. A notice on the cacher's profile would be nice as well. The trackable owner could only be allowed to send a reminder every week or two.
  9. I skimmed through the comments and saw only a brief mention of this and I don't know if this was a recent addition or not. "Challenge caches relying solely on third-party software for verification will not be published." Geocaching.com has no way to verify county and Delorme challenges. Thus, county and Delorme challenges are not acceptable. While I realize just about every state, if not all, have these challenges established. If that were to change, a new one could not be created. I have not seen the Help section before on Challenges caches. I have had not need to look and the Help section has been pretty bad. There are a lot of rules for challenge caches listed there. I understand why for many of them, but it is still a whole lot of micromanagement. There is a reason for the Ignore button. A challenge cache that a cacher does not want to attempt can be ignored. Furthermore, the Challenges app and the Wherigos could be considered "third-party" apps or, better yet, third party devices. A smart-phone is essentially needed for either. Geocaching.com sorely lacks consistency and efficacy and it is not just this issue.
  10. Many cachers have trackables that have gone missing or have been picked up and not put back into circulation. It would be nice if Geocaching.com would help take up the issue of trackables that have been taken and have disappeared. Promote some sort of Trackable Amnesty Day, maybe even encourage events or locations, no questions asked. Ask cachers to clear out, give up, return to circulation trackables they have picked up and to get them going again.
  11. Pick and choose and make up your own context. You won't find my posts to be very negative. But as I stated at the end of the sentence:"but I am done with at when it comes to the maps."
  12. Glad you decided NOT to focus on the intent of my message.
  13. I try hard not to be negative, but I am done with at when it comes to the maps. Another series of useless updates. I can correct coords on GSAK and will continue to do so. No reason to switch if not in pocket query. It's half-baked. Effort, even acknowledgement, needs to be placed on getting the maps useful. They are broken, broken on purpose. A feature taken away. It has been, what, June? since the maps were working with PQs. There is nothing I want to see more than the maps working with pocket queries. Anything else is a failure.
  14. There was a cache at the Midwest Geobash supposedly named "Flash Burn" or something similar. I have tried variations on the name, but can not locate it on GC.com. Anyone have information about it? It was an ammo box and a cacher was carrying it around Area 51. I tried the other cache listing site, but no luck there either. I also looked over Mount10Bike's bookmark list. No luck. Some help would be great.
  15. We took a stab at this issue over the last week but weren't happy with the way it was implemented so it was rolled back. We recognize it's a big complaint from Premium Members so we're going back to the drawing board with some other ideas. I hope to announce a fix for this very soon. SO BUMMED. I was hoping this would be fixed. I wait patiently.
  16. I like the Favorite option and used it today on a cache I logged. I was logging caches from Field Notes and noticed I needed to go back to the cache page to Favorite the cache. This takes away the quick link back to Field Notes. If Favoriting a cache from the log page was possible, the option to Favorite a cache would be more user friendly.
  17. I use GSAK for the caches I have found, but sometimes I use the maps located here: http://www.hometownlocator.com/ Choose a state and then click Maps in the red banner at the top. From there, you can click anywhere on the map and it will tell you what county that point is in.
  18. After uploading field notes and I start logging, I find myself going back to the cache page often to check out info about the cache. It would be a great feature (possible an option that can be turned on or off) to put info from the cache page "header" above the log comment box. Info like D/T, placed date, and cacher name.
  19. I remember rumors of a separate spot for coins we own in our inventory and some other tweaks. I thought there was something called Project Phoenix that was supposed to be an integration of various things. I don't recall all of what. Anyway, I would like to see a separate tab from geocoins I own and keep in my inventory. How about moving the other trackables inventory up to a tab along the top. I also heard (a year ago?) rumors that there was a revamp coming for the left side sidebar. That would be welcome. Especially making coming links like PQs bigger.
  20. I like the idea. I posted it two years ago, but it didn't seem to be met with a great reception. Forum post
  21. Something happened and the order has changed. I don't understand why the caches are ordered they way they are now.
  22. I don't know what I would like to see. I was thinking about it and couldn't figure it out. It's not alphabetical; the order in which I found them; or by when they were introduced. I was just curious. I guess it would be neat to have them ordered for each cacher by the amount found. Most of a cache type first, followed by second most....
  23. I was just curious if there was a rhyme or reason for the order of the cache types/icons for Cache Found/Caches Owned on our profile. Is there?
  24. I would like to request TPTB to consider making an option, when editing a cache page, to be able to create a copy of it by selecting a button or equivalent. For those who host reoccurring events or are creating a series of caches, the ability to create one cache page and then simply click a button to create a copy would be very helpful.
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