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  1. I just posted my first two puzzle caches. My turn to get even (a little). If someone is FTF on both, they get treated to lunch (reasonable - I am still unemployed). I will be out caching on Wednesday, but will be reachable by phone (enough of you already have my number).

  2. This will sound like one of Fizzy's stories, but when I got off the elevator with the GPS in my hand yesterday, security jumped out of his truck to nab me. I then scooted down the stairs and out. There were enough concerns raised by the previous finders. Let's try to place caches in less "dangerous" places. I hate these city caches, what happened to a good long hike in the hills?

  3. 1. I would have completed more caches this month if it wasn't for all those caches in downtown Livermore that are only accessible for the locals since they can only be done at night! Also, I've now run out of convenient caches and my boss will be back next week, so, my numbers will dramatically slow down.

    2. I posted new coordinates for the Stop&Go-Alameda, I suspect that the cache is really close to this spot, but may not be at an accessible location.

    3. I'll be glad to work with Jiffy to arrange an event. I would suggest a larger park, one where we could have some privacy and place a cache. When/where and what is needed. Please post some ideas.

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