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  1. The strangest thing Ive seen so far at a brand new cache, were 30 porno mags! . You'd think if it was a new cache someone would've seen them first. Cleaned them up and disposed of them
  2. Now I know this has been disscussed before, but I came on to show a friend some neat ones people had made and posted, but I cant find that thread So, Would anyone PLEASE show some pics of your homemade or re-vamped containers? I love seeing these and they give me great ideas for my own. Anyway, you wanted to show them off, dont you? Thank you!
  3. I picked up a geocoin from a cache, but when I went to log it in, in wasn't listed as having been dropped in that cache. I need to know where do I go to log it in to let the owners know where it is, Thanks for any help!
  4. Screen names. Ok, I know what your thinking, but let me explain After I watched the show CHARMED, I began to wonder about Wicca. So I went to my local bookstore and read about it. I went online, and after a fashion discovered that as far as religion goes, I kinda fit the bill. Wiccans aren't witches. (Ok, not all of them are) I'm not, but I do believe in things I can see...Nature, natural medicine..helping you help yourself..etc. as apposed to things I cannot...believing in someone I've never met, and taking the word of someone who supposedly met him/her and wrote about them. Not only that, but I LOVE to bead, and I like to use charms the most!
  5. I bought some blank cd's at walmart ($5.27 for 5 ) and I'm going to download some music that I have on my computer on them. One country music, one r&r, one christmas etc. I thought that would be kinda personal, but someone might enjoy the music!
  6. This is so funny! As I read abouyt your adventures, it sounds like my friend migrating_butterflies and I. We went on quite the adventure today! Going to one spot, then another in search of a cache. What people must think! Our geocaching always seems to be an adventure! We are totaly addicted. A friend of ours told us the other day, " I just joined this new awesome thing called geocachin". We just had to laugh!
  7. I generaly like to see a map. I like to know what town. A novice may have a harder time, but us that have done a few, one word is challenging fun!
  8. What are the type of things you like to leave in caches? I have a freind who leaves butterfly related items in caches. I like to leave things I would like to find, movie rentals, neat coins, etc. It makes things fun! What do you like to leave / find?
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