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    OpinioNate- Thanks to all of you for getting this back up and running, all of mine, but one are showing properly now! The only one on my trackables owned list that hasn't gone back to it's icon is the 7th Anniversary Geocoin. Could this one have been missed in the DB? I am pretty sure it had it's own individual icon and not the generic cent icon.
  2. Seen these two near GCAFFA Over The Edge! First time seeing these in the wild for me and it was great, they stayed within about 50' of me as we all climbed up the side of the hill; but I think they had the definate advantage. Then in this little mini canyon on the side hill they stopped to watch me as intently as I was watching them for a good 5 mins not 50' away. Although I didn't make it to the cache today, I should have asked them to log me in as they went past as they were heading right along the ridgeline as they left in the direction of the cache. Just another "mountain" critter out there!
  3. My friends and I went up the slot and there was no way I could have done it without a rope. One rock was especially difficult for me to get over. Luckily one of my friends could moonlight as Spidey, so he got the rope up for the rest of us. Ya don't need a rope, but you might want it. D! There is no way I could have done the last part without a rope. Thanks again for loaning us your rope Duncan! I gave Toby's Gang a boost up the last part and he dropped the rope down for RocketMan and me. I don't think CTYankee9 will have nearly as much trouble as RM and I did because he is slender like Toby's Gang. The last time I was slender was when I was in my early 20s. My wife reminds me all the time.... So far Myself, Miragee, fisnjack, and SEPTICTANKHANK are going along for the day. Hopefully between us we can make it up those surfaces, if we can even get to there from where I would like to start and explore from {south of the caches}. As I am still in my 20's and haven't yet got the onset of middle aged expansion, I am pretty confident I can make it up there with a bit of determination, hopefully !
  4. If anyone is interested... I was planning a drive in the south part of Anza Borrego Park starting at about 06:30 AM near the cache "Sandy's Desert Cache {although it may not be there}", drop into Canyon Sin Nombre, drive through there over to the Mudcave area near the cache "Mudcaves Peanut Gallery". Then climb out of that wash up on the flats over to El Diablo Secca Wash and the cache "Diablo Dropoff", try and get to Fish Creek Wash and up to the cache by DAK Girls "The Basalisk" and then either retrace our route back or see about continuing up through Split Mountain via the cache "Split Mountain Gorge". This would be on Tuesday morning if anyone is interested in going along.
  5. I on the other hand am just the opposite! I have learned to carry a large compliment of pens/pencils in my Camelbak as I have the habit of leaving all of mine behind at caches. So if not having a pen/pencil in the cache is a problem, feel free to follow behind me to the caches I just visited; I am sure there will be at least one extra there you can have or better yet trade for.
  6. This Just In... OK, how about this one... Cache Location: What is the photographer looking for: Who's cache is it:
  7. Cacher? - MIRAGEE Cache Location? - Darn it...does 4 out of 5 count?? Character mimicked? We couldn't remember. - EDITH ANN Actress? LILY TOMLIN and TV show? - LAUGH-IN 4 out of 5 does it, since you gave us the character name that we couldn't remember! Could that be because we actually remember watching that show OTA {Over the Air, or not on cacble!} Location: Quartz Cave, GCTJ75, Thank You Johoadi & John for the fun!
  8. This Just In... Can you name: Cacher? Cache Location? Character mimicked? We couldn't remember. Actress? and TV show?
  9. Just the 2 cents worth of a cacher: I don't really filter out any caches when I go hunting, just me and the way I am, they are all good in my opinion! Now from the standpoint of a cache hider; adding a couple extra blocks to check when submitting a cache listing isn't that big of a bother to me. I probably spend more time on the attributes and deciding which ones are best for the listing. If a couple simple check-boxes would help what seems to be a large portion of cachers out there who like to limit their caches to a particular type on a hunt, then I would be for this idea. On the angsty side, just because; why filter out caches from your day's adventure? They are all good in my opinion {see tagline, before flaming} if there is a cache at some location, somebody found it interesting at some point in time. Or even if not interesting it gave you something to do for five minutes {LUMPS} of your very busy life solving world hunger, ending all wars, pestilence and creating the cure for the common cold. OK, all done with the angst.
  10. Halfway on the truck trail, I may head north onto Otay Lakes Rd. I do not have any of those caches. Does anyone know if you can drive all the way through to connect to the main Otay Lakes Rd? I seem to be talking to myself. TA If you are talking about trying to exit the truck trail near the cache called "1000 Trail Overlook", the time I went you couldn't exit here. We couldn't find a way out since the road on google near the park isn't really there and the park has all the accesses blocked-off from that road you follow don to it. We turned around and went back up the hill to the saddle near "On a Clear Day" and then continued down to the 94 near "Still Standing IV". Although if you don't want to go all the way to the 94 side, you could just go back out the way you came in from the west.
  11. Myself, Miragee and Piglit9 were up in the Julian area doing some caches over in the Santa Ysabel Preserve when the Angel/Julian Fire broke-out! We had just crested a rise over in Santa Ysabel, when we noticed a plume of smoke in the near distance over by Julian. We continued to cache a little more, but noticed that we were walking towords the fire's location and that the wind was blowing in our direction. We weren't really that close, but you never know, so we decided to cut it short and head back to the car. Once we got back down to the main intersection near the bakery and other shops, we found out that the road back into Julian had been closed and we had to take the long way home through Ramona. Some of my pictures of the start of the fire: 1st time noticing the smoke. A few minutes later it starts to grow. Then larger. On the way out to Ramona. While we were hiking we noticed it took less than 15 minutes for the first aircraft to arrive on scene and no more than about 5 mins more for the first drop-tanker to arrive. Emergency vehicles from all the surrounding area and way north were responding within the first hour of our noticing the smoke.
  12. I can't remember what your avatar looked like. Now I'm curious....Should I whine about my memory (and my eyesight) getting worse as I get older? This pic is not family friendly...look at your own risk...I am going to delete it soon so look now. Note to admin: I am not trying to stir anything up...I agree with you...I was asked to show the photo...and I have to give into peer pressure...please do not but me on "double secret probation!"...I will be good! SORRY LINK REMOVED TO PROTECT ME FROM ANY FORUM READERS WITH SAND IN THEIR.... PS When it was an avatar it was soooooo small you could not see the finger. Latest spy camera equiped QB helmet, not only a new green dot on the back, but notice the odd lens protruding from the side! Go Pats! We still love ya Elvis, through thick and time-lapsed photography.
  13. No we shouldn't I believe he has every right to start an argument. And if Harmon runs it it could be: Well, It's one pound for a five minute argument, but only eight pounds for a course of ten Photoshop lessons. Well, I think it would be best if Harmon perhaps started off with just the one and then see how it goes. Fine. Well, We'll see who's free at the moment. Must I do everything? It's not f-a-i-r. So, well, fine ... here goes, try this one for size. A Garmin GPSr is better than a Magellan GPSr. Monty Python rules: First round is the Contradiction round. No arguments and no abuse please. The Argument Clinic No it's not! Yes it is!
  14. Whoooo Hoooo it's all about the numbers isn't it? It's never about the numbers! Hey! It is about the numbers. Wow a site dedicated to numbers, who would have thought It's about the fun Thatsa cool site, noticed your name on a few of them. There's even some other San Diego Cacher's. It is cool because they have a lot of cool stats. Here are a few of the interesting ones they made for me: Average log size: 40.3 words Biggest log: 267 words Shortest log: 6 words Longest caching drought: 211 days from 6/27/03 to 1/23/04 Best day: 3/05/05 - 101 finds When I first found the site, I didn't think much about it, but of course entered my info and it showed some cool stats as TrailGators said. It also helped me to find the one cache I double-logged for some reason , now of course it hasn't helped me find those caches I found but forgot to log ! Best day: 6/04/07 - 47 finds Approximate cache-to-cache distance: 3218.23 miles (5179.23 kilometres) Active Caches: 1107 of the caches you've found are still active (96.2%) Average log size: 60.9 words - Biggest Log: 719 words - Shortest Log: 2 words - Number of one-word logs: 0
  15. Whoooo Hoooo it's all about the numbers isn't it? It's never about the numbers! Hey! It is about the numbers. Wow a site dedicated to numbers, who would have thought It's about the fun
  16. Congrats Tob'y Tobey's Tobby's Toby's Gang!!!
  17. Trolling, trolling, trolling, keep them Sock-puppets trolling.
  18. "What do you guys think of that?" Relax and let the guy with a 169 hides of which the vast majority are quality hides do what he wants and if doesn't suit your geostandards then don't go re-find it. Exactly, I have yet to see anywhere on GC.com for any listing where the guideline states that all who read this cache listing must agree with the validity of the hide or anywhere that it states if you read this cache listing you must go find this cache. Although... That would make a good ALR for my next cache, make it members only and if I see your name on the audit log, then you must find the cache within 96 hours or, or or something If it met the listing guidelines and the reviewer saw no problem with it, then it is a perfectly good hide, and thanks to the hider on all his great caches. Be glad you live in a cache rich enviorment and have the very large selection of cache hides to choose from, you can seek only those that interest you and still have a great time on your caching days. It is a game, past-time or boredom reliever or really anything YOU choose to make it, so if you choose to make it an irritant, there is nobody to blame but yourself.
  19. I was contemplating a response, but this is much better!
  20. Memoirs of a NEOcacher: Day 1: 2 DNFs on one cache Day 2: Entered forums and questioned my abilities Day 3: Received numerous helpful posts and overcame 1st time hunting jitters Day 365: Year later and still enjoying the game immensely!
  21. Simple plastic poker chips with water resistant labels placed on the with graphics of your choice, these are mine, my caching K9, and my Son's: Fairly simple to make and graphics are limitless, so they can be unique to you. I also do two "series" of 6 each of them in a fantasy and a fish motif, for those that like to try and collect them by going to caches that I have visited.
  22. I will be in for the Monday trip and I have some seats in my truck if anyone wants to carpool. Ian.... We could carpool with you or you with us. Is it 0800 at Lake Jennings? We don't have an adventure pass.....it's too late now to get a day pass. Chuy! we may need to borrow yours. J&J I can pick you guys up on the way by if you want, I will have Piglit with me and she is shedding, so would be best to take my truck. I have a day pass in there, I always keep one in the glovebox , should the need arise! I need the memorial cache and the others in that immediate area. I will leave my house at 7 and pick you up by 7:15 if you wish.
  23. I would be a D. Don't see any reason not to use past logs if you are having trouble finding the cache. It could have been moved slightly from the original location by a recent finder, could have been a bit off in coords originally or it might be a tough spot for the GPS. But then again I rarely carry my Palm anymore after sitting on two on past hikes! When I do carry the Palm, just the past 5 logs are in there.
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