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  1. Got it, seems the text on the page has been updated with a bit more information. Very nice idea even though I don't own an iPhone!
  2. Just me, but I set mine to PMO at first. Mainly to see who actually looks at the cache in the begining as well as give those with the Premium subscription and the FTF bug a better chance at being the FTF. Then after a short time I generally open it up to basic membership. I don't see the PMO tag as being a deterent to swag degration, it is going to happen no matter what. Other then placement of the cache, but even this doesn't stop the degregation always. Muggles are muggles, the PMO tag won't stop the cache from being muggled. I agree we should seek to get more premium accounts through the PMO tag as mentioned, but also agree that the caches should be for all, so my opening mine up after a short period seems to work for me.
  3. Get an extra large Canadian Flag Pin, one that takes up the whole container, attach a TB tag to it; place it in cache and see if that meets the anti-ALR requiremants? But seriously, I would love to have something like those left behind for swag, as a matter of fact we have the US version of you here in my area.
  4. OK, Thanks! Don't have an IPhone, just a Blackberry. Looked interesting though.
  5. Just noticed this link on my profile page and was curious as to what it is for? I notice you can upload a past PQ you have run and stored on your computer and it is listed as "uploaded". The only action once this is done is that you can delete that uploaded PQ, that I can see. What exactly is this feature for and is there any information on the site describing what it is for?
  6. There is no need for factoring-in declination when straight-up geocaching using your GPS. Declination will only effect your bearing when moving from point to point and the conversion from the magnetic to whatever your locations true bearing on your topo map is while using a compass and not your GPS. If you are plotting caches on a topo map and forgoing your GPS in favor of navigating solely via a compass and map, then yes it would come into play. But, the actual plotting doesn't require declination conversion either, just converting the format from what you have your GPS set to into the standard military grid reference if you are using a protractor to plot the caches onto a map. From your starting point to the cache location you would have to worry now about the declination, so as not to end up off course from your destination. And as Cardinal Red stated, it is not the quality of the equipment, but the knowledge of said equipment's use that is the major factor in deciding what compass to get. I carry my old military issued lensatic compass and I have seen people use the cheaper ones from the local outdoor store just as effectively. Good points for a compass purchase; within your budget, sturdy, some form of damping {liquid filled for instance}, and the ability to use it properly.
  7. The Queen's Wave???? I am of British Decent!
  8. Could have swore I was hanging from that limb in the top of the frame in the original! Leave it to Harmon to keep all photoshopped pictures serious and professional.
  9. <center> SMACK-DOWNED! Let's just say it was an adventurous night for all involved and in the span of less than 90 minutes all those that went for the trek can proudly say "Veni, Vidi, VICI"! A Pictoral: Waiting for dark 1st to arrive at GZ All were in good spirits Proud Dad! The Hostess The select few!
  10. For those that attend and do survive the short trek... 24 tokens made, so should more than that show up for some reason, we may have to insure some cachers remain at the cache! Also has a reverse side. sure would like to get one of those coins....To all who plan to attend..remember..Dream The Impossible...There comes a time when all face defeat...We hope nobody gets hurt...Glad this will be a team effort...We are so looking forward to reading the logs regarding this cache..Win or lose..We are proud of all of you for trying...For those who don't make it to the bottom,,,I have been there..Have needed help on several occassions...you did the best you could...enjoy Pshawwwwwwww! Win or Loose? I don't believe anybody in the group even knew what the meaning of that second word is! Nothing is unconquerable with the right mind-set. Photos to follow. Oh and also... Not a One of Us was Gonna Die! P.S. P.S. all the extra tokens may or may not have been left in the cache container. You may just have to go for a second trip and see, I can't remember what I did with the extras????
  11. This is a brilliant idea ... and it just might work. With the right setup and a bright enough flashlight, you could possibly even forget about a laser pointer and just use a flashlight. Wow this is a great idea, would the piece of fiber optic line still be able to transmit the cheap laser's beam far enough? I would think that if the last 3-4" of the line that is pointing to the target is somehow held steady in a channel or a hole in an object {rock/wood} and then that object is not going to move no matter what and the fiber optic line is able to transmit the beam, it should work. The tail end of the optic line could be loose and it wouldn't matter how the laser is pointed into it, as long as it goes in? Maybe just do a single off-set type hide to try it out for a time and see how it goes. I mean the laser doesn't have to be dead-on, just within the normal innaccuracy of a GPS and if it is somewhat remote, even just pointing to the next object {tree, large rock, whatever}. Very cool idea, very cool indeed!
  12. For those that attend and do survive the short trek... 24 tokens made, so should more than that show up for some reason, we may have to insure some cachers remain at the cache! Also has a reverse side.
  13. Of course YOU can join us! We can't say NO to the American Flag, that'd be ... just all wrong, if ya ask me. WOAH! This is too exciting now ... I've been wanting a flag pin for sooo long! Oh boy! Now we have PARTY FAVORS!!! This is going to be sooo much fun! Hey, everyone! FLAG PINS for everyone!! I would like to come also and if you need YODA count him in. Cool, now we have enough people to form a human-chain from streetside to the cache container.
  14. Emails sent! Ohhh my! This is going to be quite a SMACKDOWN!! boysnbarrie Depending on the night and time, myself and maybe the Piglit might be interested?
  15. The Nuvis are great for getting you to the parking area for a cache, but you might find some difficulty for hunting an actual cache with them. I know of people that use them exclusively for cache hunting and it works for them. But, you may prefer to get one of the field style GPSs, just to make caching easier. I use both; I have a Nuvi mounted in the truck that I use when travelling to the trailhead and then when I go out on the actual hike I switch to the GPSMAP 60CSx. I am sure the Nuvi would work just as well, but the added features of tracks/elevation is nice information to know. Guess it would come down to your budget. If the money is there, even one of the non mapping GPSs would be a nice have in addition to your Nuvi.
  16. Did they properly log their find and share their experience on-line? If not delete them and and deal with the wrath of the Missus! Really I would say let them be, may be a cold winter and they seem happy, maybe just check on it in the spring and remove the container when they have moved on and are done using it.
  17. If anyone is interested, I will be hiking the Barber Road trail, just off of Honey Springs Road this Tuesday morning the 20th. I like to start at o-dark-30, but am willing to start a bit later. Will start at GC1EPHB go out to GC1F1Q2 and come back along the same route. Looks to be a total of about 8 miles, but I may drop a cache, if I can find someplace nice. So add a mile or so maybe. Also if anyone feels any of their caches out there might need maintenance, let me know ahead a time.
  18. Same here, as long as the container protects whatever you mean to have in there, is in a well thought-out location and is generally interesting they are all good from the smallest container to the largest. Just love that sound also, it says "contents in there are well protected and anything I choose to put in there will also be protected"!
  19. Almost all of my hides are traditional and generally that is what I search for. I try to have my coords as accurate as possible when placing a hide, taking into consideration the distance error of my GPS that of the searcher's GPS as well as any signal blockers {overhead cover, walls}. With that all added up it could be 30' or more of possible softness even when listing the coords exactly as shown on your GPS. If I want to make the hide more difficult, I try to be more innovative with the cammo of the container, not fudging the listed coords.
  20. Conga-rats to fisnjack hitting some un-Godly number today! Don't think he has logged them but here is the proof {You can't argue with a sign}: Tried to get him to wear a silly hat or something, but he wasn't going for it. Course that wound-up unbunched sock around his head may have to be looked into. Oh and Jack, if there is any chance of going to one of my caches on the way to the big numbers... Please wear long pants!
  21. Added my will attend to the listing! This looks like a very "pro" event, I am glad some of the land managers in our area get the idea that geocaching isn't always bad for their area of responsibilty. Also I see that there might be an Event specific geocoin made, but I will contact Jeff and see if he would care for any of the poker chip tokens to go along with it.
  22. Could have used his skills down Anza-Borrego way, eh? BTW, was that situation ever turned around? No, not as of yet. But see above post which is the next park to the east and north that borders on ABSP.
  23. Sol Seaker, I agree with your basic premise - that we all need to be good land stewards and practice Leave No Trace. I too become perturbed when I see damage caused by careless cachers (or other park users). But - wow - way to misrepresent the facts and sound alarmist. Chicken Little, the sky is not falling. In fact, geocaching is gaining greater acceptance among land managers, not less. To wit: And that's just Washington State (portions of it). Others in this forum could cite equally positive examples from around the country, and the world. I personally am more concerned with wild-eyed commentary that conveys inaccurate information and needlessly riles up the geocaching community by suggesting that geocaching will soon be "outlawed." Yes, there are occasional setbacks, but overall, the trend is toward greater awareness and support from land managers. So....deep breaths....ooohhhmmmmm. Look, the sky is still up there! Just one example of what coordination by the local geocaching community can do to shed a favorable light on our "game" in another state: Roughneck Rendezvous Off-Road Geocaching Adventure, GC1Y5D2 Possibly if you feel that geocaching is getting a bad rap in your area, it may be more productive to join with your local geocaching group and make these land managers more aware of the benefits that come allowing caching in their areas.
  24. Correct I have agreed to make a plastic poker chip token for this year's event using the design above! Along those lines, those that are familiar with the poker chip that I leave behind as a signature item with the leprechaun on one side and the compass rose/flag of Northern Ireland on the other has been accepted by one of the coin production companies for their "presale" program. So that personal sig item will hopefully be coming to an actual trackable geocoin in the near future once I work-out the final design and cost to me to produce it. Hopefully enough of the local cachers/coin collectors will find it interesting enough to purchase for those that have seen the poker chip version of it.
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