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  1. Is this something to figure out how to use GSAK and cachemate and what-not effectively for us new people? If so, I would have an interest in it, I've left behind or lost so many pens at caches !
  2. We need to try to shift one commitment, but if that is successful, we would like to tag along. Looks like I will be starting at: Keep on Rollin GCZPVC From there just start up the trail, up and over the mountain and down the east side and if still up for it then grab some of the caches along the 94 going east-bound. I prefer to start early say 06:30 at the above cache and just try to clear everything off the map for the area ! I am open to anything else for the route. Also if any of the owners have a cache up there that they feel might need some maint., let me know and I will check into them. I normally carry a small repair pack, but just minor items like logs, pencils and small containers.
  3. Unfortunately I can't cache on Saturdays {a work-day for me! }, but if anyone else is interested I am going to do the Otay Truck Trail this Monday. After the fun I had on my new GeoMobile's virgin drive along the Bear Valley Loop, I am ready for some more . No definate plans as of yet for Otay Truck Trail, although I prefer to start O dark 30 and I will go until exhausted, figure bring a lunch and make a whole day of it. Not certain which end I will start at or which end I will end, but possibly from the west end and then if there is still an interest do some of the caches along the 94 going east bound for a bit.
  4. Slight update, seems it is going to be the Bear Valley area. No challenge at either locale for your new wheels; my 2wd '88 Nissan p'up made it through both locales with no problems. At Bear Valley, I even drove in 3/4 of the way to Dream State. You want a challenge, lets drive up to Lawson 4; well, at least to the base, and then over to Gaskill - or over on In-Kah-Pah towards Paxton's Villa. Hymm, there is an FTF to be had there .... Let me try these two trails first and then we will see what it can handle. Hopefully I can afford a suspension lift in the future and some larger tires to get it into the good spots.
  5. Slight update, seems it is going to be the Bear Valley area. Good choice - that one isn't too rough. There is that one slightly hairy stretch right after that part.... Crud! And haven't even made my first payment yet. No really, that is somewhat photoshopped, Right? Start time near the Buckman Springs/Bear Valley Road start should be about 8:30ish.
  6. Slight update, seems it is going to be the Bear Valley area.
  7. If anyone is interested I am going to do either the Bear Valley or the Otay Truck trail caches on Tuesday the 15th. I just picked-up a new {or at least new to me } GeoMobile; an '03 Chevrolet Blazer 2dr 4WD, and am itching to try it out on it's innagural geocaching trip. I should have an x-tra seat open or anyone else wants to come along with their vehicle. No definate plans and I am open to either one of the trails, just want to get the vehicle out and give it a try on a trail, nothing too rough, but just enough maybe to at least try-out the 4WD.
  8. Whew! ... so you give up huh? All I have to worry about now is one or more of those danged FTF fanatics that you run around with. Maybe we should just hide sleeper caches until after Steve Dillon shows up for his run. On the other hand Steve will never clear this area what with those stumpy little legs of his. Hey, wait a minute!. Miragee, you told me this area was a full as it was going to get... It is the area that starts with "And so the adventure begins . . ." and continues up to "How many peaks can you name?" and on past "More Slickrock Fun" that is "sort of full." I think we got the best areas with the most astounding views during our little cache-hiding spree. Over on the other side, off Lyons Valley Road, in the three directions you can go from the Horsethief Canyon staging area, all bets are off . . . apparently . . . But, seriously, when I put the original four caches down there, I thought I was done . . . I don't know exactly what happened. Blame it on bradybunchboys and that T.R. Violin, and that SD Rowdies and a headless chicken. I saw that thing and when I ran away from it, three caches fell out of my pack. It ain't over 'til .... Besides, I'm somewhat convinced that the two areas interconnect by trail. Hmmmmm.... a new trail to explore!
  9. Not really a "critter", but nice photo just the same of Canine imperfectly happywaitingrighthereus! Located near "The 1st of Many!", GC12MAC.
  10. Seen this one while out on a spring Cache planting trip! Closest cache to him was "Another Awesome Area" GC12M4Z. Nothing spectacular, just interesting texture and color to both the lizard and the rock.
  11. Feel free to adjust for the public good !
  12. Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing. Excellent camera work. Please can I play with one or two of them? Harmon- Even if I said no, would it stop you ! Just kidding, feel free adjust as necessary for the public's viewing pleasure.
  13. And the last few. Better lighting Not a rock formation, but a real one This one had the most interpretations An eagle, a seal, or just a thumb puppet! Hey just another view I saw a polar bear Last one
  14. A small teaser for some upcoming caches: Miragee checking out a round rock Up close Hmmm whats in here? A "Backbone" of injected rock Miragee Ferns growing in a protected little alcove The 'shroom in full glory Another view Gaskill in the background Ok, I saw a camel, you decide! There is another part in the Cache Events forum...
  15. A little teaser in a photo essay for some upcoming caches : The Sphinx {AKA Teddy} guarding the pyramids Miragee and FisnJack checking out some rocks The Pedestal Teddy dog-tired with Gaskill in the background The 'shroom on first approach The 'shroom in full bloom A photo of a photographer photographing the 'shroom A frog, at least to us Just one of the views to the west Another view This was a very enjoyable hike of approx. 5 miles give or take. The better the atmosphere conditions the better the views. It is starting to get warm up there, although there was a pleasant breeze in the afternoon for our hike. Between Fisnjack, Teddy and myself we easily used 200oz of water, although we had also hiked down to the Ghost Corral and another small hike; Be Prepared! I do believe this would make a great hike for the photographer, the geologist, the nature lover, and even a geocacher or two !
  16. O yes it did ... It just needed a bit of encouoragement from Photoshop to overcome the tendency of digital cameras to emphasize midtones. The two shots are a nice set. And with a bit of clarifing and fill flash to bring out the belly color! I still think Miragee's angle on him was a bit better, more of the underside color showing!
  17. Seen this blue-belley in Daley Ranch area south today while placing a new cache, so GC and name yet to be determined While we were placing the cache this guy and a few others where doing thier best to ward us off with thier little bob-dance and turning the belley a bright shade of blue!
  18. Yes, dogs are not allowed in the State Park in any manner , there are a number of protected species out there to include the Least Tern and the Snowy Plover as well as Indian Burial grounds and even private property within the park {Lichey Mesa} . Also the park has been closed to vehicle traffic for quite some time because of flooding {sewage } down near the park mesa itself comming from Yogurt Canyon. Although parking at the main gates and walking/biking during normal hours shouldn't be a problem as long as the signs are observed for the revegatation areas. If you figure a north/south line right at the main gate anything west of that is state park area and then anything east of that is county parks and recreation area {dogs welcome on a leash } minus any private farms out that way.
  19. HIlarious, The creature from the Crystal Lagoon meets JAWS!
  20. The piglit found this spot to be just right for cooling the dogs off after the long hike down here!
  21. I almost mistook this guy for the cache when I was at "Perseid Point", GCY7JY yesterday when I was headed up to Julian. Luckily for me it was "glazed donut" cold and he wasn't moving for nothing. Oh yeah the REAL cache container was found!
  22. Hmmm, just how many different angles on this old tree are there ! I lucked out and the fog lifted a bit as we were walking away to give two different lighting options.
  23. You can use the geocache that appears in the 2nd photo as a size reference. ( ) Correct LLOT, you can somewhat clearly see that .50 cal sized ammo can that I had cammo'd to look somewhat like a rectangular black and white rock . Yes, just above and about a third of its body length back from the head! The yellow striped one was about 4 1/2 inches long.
  24. While placing a new cache "Artificially Stacked Stones" GC123V0; I noticed hundreds of these little guys walking the trail with me as I dropped further down into the Oasis area. At some points it was all I could do not to step on one or two. They all had the little horn at the back and orange heads, yet ranged in color from almost black to the larger ones with the yellow racing stripes. Anyone know what they will turn into?
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