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  1. I also use the aformentioned Cachemate for my profile, but another form of the stats page can be found at: http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/ But both require you to be a Premium Member in order to download the "Finds" PQ.
  2. Recently purchased '03 Chevy Blazer 4x4 2dr; pretty much stock for now with the improved shocks and some undercarriage armor. Plan on getting it lifted early next year 3-5" with lockers, steps and larger tires!
  3. So far it isn't going to happen, the sticking point is the QuickInstall part of the m515 software. Now there are ways around it, just copy the .prc, pdb, or whatever directly to the Palm's expansion card with a card reader and it will work. Of course you will have to use the XP loaded computer to get the initail install of the program .prc. I am in the same boat, my main use computer has Vista, but the back-up has XP, so guess which one I use most for Geocaching purposes?
  4. Cornerstone and I have been discussing a possible alternative, a "Boys Night Out" at Hooters in Temecula. I wonder how many SD people might be interested in that? Now your talking I would be in, but only if the serving wenches could meet the high standards of the geocaching community for events of this type:
  5. I use plastic poker chips with vinyl water resistant stickers, seem to hold-up pretty well in the elements so far. They can be easily made and there are some links and instructions on my homepage which can be found at my profile. Links will take you to where I get the parts, but I am sure there are other places available. Plus, the laser etching mentioned before can be done on most any item you can think of, carabiners, compass and any other small items are useful and interesting.
  6. Added my input, seems to be a great idea. Don't let your babies grow-up to be geocachers!
  7. Excellent! Thanks, and here it is midnight and guess where I will be at O Dark 30 in less than 5 hours hmmmmm any ideas??? Horsethief Canyon Staging Area! Haw-haw-haw! Correctomundo, just got back!
  8. Excellent! Thanks, and here it is midnight and guess where I will be at O Dark 30 in less than 5 hours hmmmmm any ideas???
  9. One time, on one trail, I got six DNF's . . . The caches did not have hints, and I didn't know what a DeCon container was, nor how they could be hidden. After that, I determined when I placed caches of my own, they would be either easy-to-find, or would have an explicit hint. Personally, I don't think it is fun to tease and taunt Geocachers with evil hides. Yesterday, I was about to decide the "Placer is the Anti-Christ" for this cache, which had inaccurate coordinates and which is also a bison tube attached to a rock in a rock garden. If I had been by myself, that would have been DNF #234 . . . Well then, good thing you weren't by yourself And the mantra of "just 5 more minutes won't hurt nothing" usually helps with the DNFs! But really they are all good, FTFs, Regular Fs and the DNFs; if you gets you out to somewhere new then it has accomplished it's mission. Even if that somewhere new is really 50' over there !
  10. Wouldn't be going near a Ridgeline overlooking a canyon or two maybe ? Interested? Yes but not for Thursday, you want to on the spur this evening or tomorrow morning I am in!
  11. This Just In... Honk if you have watched paint dry!
  12. Wouldn't be going near a Ridgeline overlooking a canyon or two maybe ?
  13. M2, I know how you feel! It seems like I hurt worse 2-3 days after a tough hike than I do the day after one. Anyhow, I am going to be in a world of hurt after taking so much time off. But with the frost damage/yard work, kids sports, graduation, vacation, etc. I have been out of commission for a long time so I am not in the best shape at the moment. I hope to be back in commission around the end of June when it is 90+ degrees outside. Ninety degrees ... perfect for all of the Horsethief/Carveacre/Gaskill finds. Of course you've done all of them already, huh? At one time I had..... I really don't mind when people put new caches back in spots I'd like to revisit. I've long since given up on trying to clear out areas. It's like digging a hole in sand.... .5 a league .5 a league .5 a league onward All in the valley of Death Rode the dozen: 'Forward, the Light Brigade Charge for the caches' he said Into the valley of Death Rode the dozen. 'Forward, the Light Brigade!' Was there a man dismay'd? Not tho' the soldiers knew Some one had blunder'd: Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to search & die, Into the valley of Death Rode the dozen. Caches to right of them, Caches to left of them, Caches in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; Storm'd at with McTrash & carabiner, Boldly they rode & well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell Rode the dozen. Flash'd all their GPSs bare, Flash'd as the arrows turned in air, Hiking Staffed the Hidey Holes there, Charging an army while All the world wonder'd: Plunged in the Manzanita Right thro' the line they broke; Ammo Cans & M&M Tubes Reel'd from the GPS-stroke Open'd & sunder'd. Then they rode back, but not Not the dozen. Caches to right of them, Caches to left of them, Caches behind them Volley'd & thunder'd; Storm'd at with McTrash & carabiner, While horse & hero fell, They that had sought so well Came thro' the jaws of Death Back from the mouth of Hell, All that was left of them Left of dozen. When can their glory fade? O the wild charge they made! All the world wonder'd. Honour the charge they made! Honour the Light Brigade, Noble the dozen!
  14. Can you be more specific and identify said evil puzzles . I was trying to download the Garmin Communicator Plugin to download coords directly into the GPS, but I don't see it on the Garmin download page. Anyone know where it is? Garmin Communicator Plugin I got it to work with my Legend, but so far only with Internet Explorer, not Firefox. I just installed it to one of my desktops that is running Windows Vista Pro and used it to transfer a couple caches to my GPSMap 60CSx. Seemed to work fine! Although it transfers the GC number as the name and the Alphanumeric Name into the Note section, anyone know if there is a way to change this? Also after installing the test page at Garmin wouldn't work, I get a unhandled exception: Error: Garmin Plug-in not activated. Oh well who cares about the test page it does work with Geocaching.com!
  15. Wow, that's neat - what elevation exaggeration and terrain quality do you have Google Earth set to? I thought it was pretty cool too, how it almost matched the photograph. Settings for me are: Detail Area-Large Texture Colors-32bit no compression Antisotropic filtering-medium Graphics Mode-DirectX Elevation Exageration-1.5
  16. I'm 95% sure I'll be able to tag along. I'll meet you at the Lake Jennings P&R at 0545. Don't wait for me if I'm not there on time. Should be a great run! Ohh it was quite the day and the Google shots lived up to my expectations: AND
  17. My thoughts on order was: Four Corners Shadow Top O {Stop and get the views and info from the fire spotter} Los Pinos Lead Woodcut Corte Madera {main Goal of the day and get to it before it warms too much} TDS Are We There Yet Can You See Elevation {Secondary Goal of the day} Bend Over Behold Too Late Now Rocks, Rocks, Rocks {if there is access} And then the caches around the lake if there is an interest and time.
  18. We're interested Ian. Early right????? I'll stop and get a pass today. I'll email you sepcor for details. r/ jodi Hey Jodi, Where can you pick up a pass? ...never mind. I found it: 666 Fletcher Parkway El Cajon, CA 92020 619-444-8139 Paul BIG 5 has Adventure Passes. Looks like a 06:30 meet time at the intersection of Buckman Springs and Morena Stokes Valley Road. An adventure pass is needed for your vehicle and they can be purchased at most any Big 5 Sporting Goods store. We will start-up the vehicles and take-off about 06:45 for any possible late-comers and I will have those FRS radios with me, if I remember to charge the batteries; should anyone be really late and wants to get a fix on the group. Is there a generally used channel for geocaching trips? Some additional info: Overall route from the Four Corners area, I am assuming up to 4 corners is driveable by all 2WD vehicles and if not the rest of the trail we are going to use. Hike up to Corte Madera; approx. 3 miles RT from parking down below. Hike up to Shadow of Los Pinos; approx. .66 mile RT Hike out to Elevation 3000 et al; approx. 3.37 mi RT Then depending on whether trail 3 and 3A are accessable, we can drive to "Rocks, Rocks, Rocks" and get fairly close to the caches near the lake, if not go back to the beginning and walk the caches around and near the lake. If anyone has any info as to whether or not the route I planned for driving isn't actually a vehicle trail, let me know. There may be other ways to get to the parking spots that we would need to do the hikes. Some other cool Google shots of what is to be: Corte Madera cache looking WSW Elevation 3000 cache looking NNE
  19. Thanks for the info, I will check on the one cache that hasn't been visited in a while, have to pick-up the day use pass before I go. Drop Anything ??????? Oh no, all the parts of my truck are fairly well attached, and my Camelbak doesn't have any holes in it; now I am getting older and parts of me are starting to drop off, is that what you mean ?
  20. We're interested Ian. Early right????? I'll stop and get a pass today. I'll email you sepcor for details. r/ jodi Normally I like to leave at a very unrespectable hour of the day to try and beat some of the heat of the day, but I am open to any time really. So far it would seem to be myself, Miragee, Fisnjack and Jahoadi and John. I will try and come up with a consensus as to how early is early. Also I will be at the Fillipi's on Sunday night for the dinner.
  21. There's just a half-mile from Corte Madera Road to "Are We There Yet" cache. The trail is great along that stretch, well, as far as I hiked it. From that cache to the Elevation 3000 turnoff is about 0.36 mile. Yep, it looks like you can park right there at the intersection of the mentioned trail and Corte Madera Road and then it would be about .44 miles to "Are We There Yet". Would knock-off quite a bit of a hike for the caches in the back-end of Horse Thief or any new ones that may be placed back there !
  22. If anyone is interested I am going to go up to Corte Madera Mountain on Monday the 28th and grab the caches around that area and make an explorative hike over to "Elevation 3000" from this side. It looks like there is a nice trail that will take you in from this side into Horse Thief Canyon. Plan was to make the hike up Corte Madera, then see how close I can get the vehicle to the trail I am looking at for access to Horse Thief, then hike up to "Elevavtion 3000", and finally grab the caches around Lake Morena depending how I feel and how much time is left. It looks like the weather is forecast to start cooling off for that area and may be in the high 70s only by then. Just the thought for now, will flesh-it out a little more over the weekend. Ohhh, should I start a "Monday" thread ?
  23. Thursday From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Thursday (disambiguation). The god Thor, after whom Thursday is named, by Mårten Eskil Winge, 1872 Thursday is either the fourth or fifth day of the week, falling between Wednesday and Friday. In countries that adopt the Sunday-first convention, it is considered the fifth day of the week. However, in ISO 8601 it is the fourth day of the week. In Slavic languages and in Chinese, this day's name is "fourth" (Polish czwartek, Russian четверг, pronounced CHET-vierg). Portuguese, too, uses a number for this day: quinta-feira, "fifth day", (see Days of the week for more on the different conventions). The contemporary name comes from the Old English Þunresdæg (with loss of -n-, first in northern dialects, from influence of Old Norse Þorsdagr), meaning "Day of Thunor", this being a rough Germanic equivalent to the Latin Iovis Dies, "Jupiter's Day". Most Germanic and Latin speaking countries use their languages' equivalents: German Donnerstag, torsdag in Scandinavia, Italian giovedì, Spanish jueves, French jeudi, and Romanian joi. In Thailand, the color associated with Thursday is orange, see [1]
  24. I know about thursdays ; but unfortunately I don't have them off !
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