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  1. A work-around that I found: I still can't log in to the GC site from the main page using that drop-down log in window. But, I found if while in the forums here and I click on my name at the top to view my profile it will try to take me to my profile but says I need to log in. So at that screen just click on the log in link and it takes you to a full page login page and it works from there. Not sure if this will help any others that have been having this problem, but worth a try.
  2. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=114339&st=5100&p=4676769&hl=tackle&fromsearch=1entry4676769
  3. Just a note: On my laptop I tried downloading and using both Firefox and Opera to see if it was IE, but neither of those worked from that particular computer. I use Windows7 on all my computers {except the phone} and it seems to be only happening on the laptop for some reason? For the other thread about this it wouldn't be the OS causing this odd problem.
  4. I too have begun to have this problem. Can log in fine from my phone, but not from my laptop tethered through my phone. Cleared the browsing history completely with no luck. Seems odd that you can log in on one computer, but not another. So I would assume it has something to do with IE, but if others have tried other browsers with no luck, then...
  5. Neither are the "Charter Member Only" caches. To make it interesting there needs to be "Basic Member Only" caches!
  6. My wife says I am "pretty rank" each time I come back from one of my adventures. So as long as the ones you love know your rank, that's all that matters.
  7. There are any number of places to 4WD and cache in San Diego county. Ocotillo Wells ORVA is a rather large area. Also you may get a more in-depth response in the regional forum.
  8. First, you'll need to retrieve each one from the archived cache so that it appears in your Inventory (As seen bottom right side here: http://www.geocaching.com/my/default.aspx ) Once the item is in your Inventory, click on it to bring you to its home page. Under the 'Actions' drop-down you'll then have 3 options - and one of them is 'Move to Collection'. Hope that helps. MrsB Thanks for the help MrsB, but I took this feature to be a one click way of moving all of our coins from that archived cache. The old way of storing activated coins. If it still requires me to grab each coin and move it to my inventory first after typing in each coins number then I guess they will just stay in the archived cache. Just over 160 coins stored in there and if it ain't one-click; then they aren't moving Much like the OP though I get the email that they have been moved and it shows on my front page recent logs as being moved. But, only coin in "my collection" is just the one I moved there a couple years ago. I believe the feature is supposed to work as a one-click option from the "your trackables" page, but maybe isn't working fully or as intended.
  9. I too seem to be having a problem with the collection feature. My coins are stored in one of my archived caches and don't seem to want to leave there! Tried transfering a few of them, but they never moved to the collection. Anyone know if there is a glitch with the collection feature?
  10. I missed it last year, but I understand that the park rangers place the caches for the event and then take them down. The bulk of the caches are never actually published. That keeps the impact to a bare minimum. Yes, a number of the caches are "Event Only" to further whatever the focus of the year's event theme is, and are not published. But, normally there are a number of caches that stay, not to mention the ones placed by the Staff through the year. But OWSVRA is a cache-dense area anyhow, if you enjoy off-roading and caching it can be a fun place. I just made mention of them to show the contrast to their neighbors {ABSP} and as an alternative to ABSP as they start aquiring more land.
  11. Much like the Coulters, I find the logging of finds to have become even easier over time. After about a year off from caching and then starting again recently, the integration of google earth and now opening the webpage direct from there it seems much quicker. Basically just load my track for the day and the PQ I had planned my trip off and follow the track placing my logs on caches found or did not find. As far as having to scroll a bit further on the page, didn't even notice the difference compared to past logging. If this feature of google earth is old news, like I said been out of it for a while, but in comparision it does make logging quicker.
  12. This has been going on for well over two years, ABSP not allowing caches within their boundries. I'm not familiar with the new area that has been aquired by them in the north, but the southern part of their managed area close to the 8 has been like this for quite a while. Yes, you will still see a few hold-over caches still in that area, but is a small number compared to what used to be placed. Funny thing is they still allow street legal vehicles on their trails in most of the places that caches where placed? As a side note, the area just below the newly aquired lands OWSVRA, is extremely cacher friendly, they even host an annual event for caching Roughneck.
  13. Great hike, not as hard as it looks, no Piglit was almost running on empty when we hit the connector trail. 11.1 miles total. Pictures and further info posted on my FB.
  14. If this is still going on, could I get an invite please?
  15. If anyone has the mid-week days off and is interested, I was going to hike the Noble Canyon trail tomorow Tuesday the 16th with a start time of 5-6AM. Was going to start at Noble Canyon #15 and then maybe somewhere between Noble Canyon #4 and Noble Canyon #3 make a detour over to Another Pine Tree to explore that creek bed/trail and see if these two trails can be connected up. If anyone knows if this creek bed/trail is on private land or anything, let me know and then the plan will be just to do the full Noble Canyon Trail into Pine Valley with the drop car left in Pine valley area. It will be a slow leisurly pace and is about 10-12 miles in length, but almost all downhill. I would like to have a second "drop" car left at Persieds Point, but even if you want to go and don't have a car, I can have one of my family pick us up and drop us off back at the top. I am sure it will be cold at the top in the morning and warm by the time we make it to the end. If that trail/creek bed is the way we go and it is useable by geocachers I will drop a couple caches along it to connect the two trails up. The Connection Point. The full trail.
  16. If the picture is in your gallery, you can copy and paste the picture's web address into the body of your post using the "insert image" icon.
  17. Congrats to mmcgr on #4000 at one of my little found caches The Blue Barge
  18. Going to have to agree with narcissa on this one. And since they are referred to as GEOcaches, the swag provisions shall only consist of parts for that now defunct line of GM cars.
  19. Last year's was a great get together and so much fun. I should be able to get a few extra days off before the event, so if you need any volunteers to help with the set-up let me know.
  20. Might ask a moderator to move this over to the SE Regional forums, better chance for a response.
  21. Would be: Phil's Memorial Cache (Oldest CA. Cache) Luckily it is fairly close to where I live.
  22. I I had no problem yesterday when I ordered the other two coins that went up for pre-sale on their page. Possibly, did you insure to check-off all the presale agreement boxes? There were two or three boxes that had to be checked-off saying you agreed to the terms.
  23. Hey all! Finally my personal geocoin has become available for sales! It will last til the 5th of August. If you are interested and don't normally view the geocoin discussion forum the link to all the necessary information can be found here: Geocoin discussion thread.
  24. Hey give him a break, drinking all that green ale can do that to most people
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