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  1. We'll be there! Placed a bunch of new caches today. Just out of the valley, but not too far! Gotta keep filling those holes! Peace!
  2. I noticed that some cache pages have pictures that come up when the cache page is opened. Not just an icon that can be clicked to view the pictures. How do I insert pictures into the text of my cache page. For example I am/have placed a series of caches I called "Rough Road" and I want to have a rough road sign to be visible when somebody opens the cache page, not just an icon to be clicked. Did I just repeat myself? Any help? Thanks Peace!
  3. Hello all! I went to the cache page and saw that is said ADULT cachers. Is this an adult only type of place? Will I be able to bring my little bug along, shes only 13 months? I still would like to go, if children aren't allowed I'm sure the wife won't mind waiting out in the car while I enjoy the get together! HA ha ha! We are checking our calendar and will try to be there if all is ok. Peace!
  4. Whats the difference between the types of membership? What is a charter member? Any other benefits to being a charter member? Peace! Me no spell too good
  5. Would have to agree with most of the people here. Wait until Dark was suggested as our 100th find and we really enjoyed it! It can be slippery, it was for us, just waer some real good boots. It is my favorite cache find yet! Peace!
  6. Is there a page we can look up the details or specifics? I would like to enter some racers, Is there a limit to the number of racers that can be entered? I have 12 tags attacehed to 12 items I was just wondering how I was going to launch them all. Since they are all in the same theme I was hoping to release them all at the same time. Can I do it in the Cannonball? Thanks for the mention of family, , Now I'm gonna get all teary eyed, Gotta run now! Peace!
  7. Am I still considered new to this? I sure do enjoy the sport. Even though I live on what I would consider the outskirts of the valley, I would like to be considered a member of the group. I have really enjoyed all the caches I have done in the CVC area, now that I have gotten a good proportion of the ones in my area I'm going to have to move out and get the ones around Modesto and Manteca. Be on the lookout, I've got a bunch more to get you guys and gals up into my neck of the woods. Thanks again for all the caches and the hospitality! Peace!
  8. While looking for a rather clever cache along an abondoned railbed that runs near a major road I noticed I was being watched by a local sheriff. I found the cache, put it back and got to and into my car and started to drive away. I got a mile or two down the road when he came speeding up behind me lights and siren blaring. He wanted to know what the *heck* I was doing out there! I explained the game to him and he said "It seems like a great waste of time and money to me!". I said yeah but it gets me out of the house for a while! Ha ha ha! I don't think he really cared about me, what I was doing, or the sport in general, it was probably just a slow day for him and he wanted something to do! Peace!
  9. Well I think he was trying to flame me so I had to show what this loon was talking about. Sorry, If you read the whole thing, I did and that is what I now regret! I like your idea of challenging his local cachers though. Use some of that education he got from UCLA. Peace!
  10. WHAT!! &^%$# You think I'm not ^$%^7878^$#& Calm!??!! What about you, you ^^^$$&, do you &*$&, or are you just a ^*(#()&**.!!! I want this #&&(&^%^ cache accepted, and I want it accepted #^(*&@^@^%% now!!! Ahh.. but seriously, this cache is at the top of a mountain that stands about 700 feet higher than a MUCH bigger mountain that makes up the ski area. The top of this "bump" is wind blown commonly by gusts 50MPH plus! It is not an area for an ordinary cache. Due to the high winds, there isn't much snow on this particular area, if any. Let me assure you, I am not playing with anyone's mind here. I have a degree from UCLA, and my parents have University degrees. I am an educated adult and am capable of discussing such issues. I have also clearly and calmly discussed this cache via emails with the GEOCaching.com staff. When I use #^*#@^@! talk, it was in jest. I hope you understand that this is game using billion dollar GPS technology and it is all in fun, no offense- but now you $^@# know. One dude didn't take it the right way and wrote me this note about these forum messages: Dear Sir, I am capable of forming my own opinions about third party people with out your unsolicited hate mail. Please keep your opinions of others to yourself, for I really don't wish to hear it. If you have something that particularly pertains to me and the sport of geocaching I would like to hear it, otherwise please do not abuse the right of email that the geocaching website affords you. Sincerely, Wildlifeguy you sent me a personal email with this rant crap you have been spewing in this thread and then tell me that Hemlock sucks. I'm sorry to tell you loser a piece of paper does not make you intelligent. You are an ***, and I don't think it was proper of you to send me an email telling me how much you hate the process set out on this board. If you got a problem don't take it up with me, looking for commisseration like a whining dog. Yeah you got a degree from UCLA, WHoopdee doo, I got a Phd from a real college. I'll tell you it ain't worth the paper it's written on if you can't hold a reasonable conversation. That was the mellowed out version that I sent you because my wife told me to chill, and the n you post it here on an open forum? Your just asking for me to flame you. Here's what you sent to my email account. >From: <RobertAltman@Earthlink.net> >Subject: [GEO] GPSCache contacting you from Geocaching.com >Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 13:17:16 -0800 > >--This message was sent through the Geocaching.com web site-- > >I don't know if you know this, but Hemlock sucks. It has taken almost 2 weeks to get this cache approved and 10 days between emails from him. Below is the whole thread and the inquiry by the GEOCaching.com site on this antics: > >To: "General Inquiries" <contact@Groundspeak.com> >Subject: Reviewer disappeared, inquiry disappeared. > >Dear Heidi or whom it may concern, > > "Heidi" was working on the inquiry on the below cache. The last email I received from her was on the 20th, and I don't know what happened to her correspondence. > I'm having total trouble with my cache reviewer (not the inquiry) on getting caches accepted. The cache reviewer's name is "Hemlock". Not only was he difficult to work with, although now, he has completely stopped corresponding with getting a simple-to-post virtual accepted. I think that it isn't right also, that he has found no caches and has left none as well. I think that experienced cachers ought to be the ones who review the caches. I think that Hemlock ought to be replaced by a more experienced member. I think that his defiance stems from the only cache he left (which is now archived). If you look at that archived cache's page, you'll see in his final notes, that he is upset with GEOCaching.com. > > Although Hemlock remains a problem, still, I have a cache that is sitting archived for almost two weeks-ready to be posted. Below is a link to the cache, and a complete description of what the cache is about: > >Link to Lincoln Remembrance Cache: >http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=111174 > > > >Here is a complete description of what the cache is all about: > > The cache is within The Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Mammoth Ski Area leases the land from the Inyo National Forest. Since Mammoth Ski Area is a company, I feel that a physical cache is inappropriate. So my cache is a virtual. > This particular cache, is at the top of a mountain within the Mammoth Ski Area. This mountain is basically a bump that is about 700 feet high on top of the much bigger Mammoth Mountain. This 700 foot bump is so big, that it actually has a name. It's name is Lincoln Mountain. On top of Lincoln Mountain is a small memorial in the form of a plaque. > > The reason I want to make this a cache, is that there is a ski lift that ends about 20 feet below the summit of the mountain. I think that it would be neat, if people would have to ride a ski lift to get to a cache. If they chose not to ride the ski lift, it would be a big climb through the snow, or in the summer, it would still be a big climb. > The reason that I grade the cache 1 in difficulty and 5 in terrain is.. Getting to the cache is very easy, in fact, I say on the cache page that it is at the top of Lincoln Mountain do they know where to go. The reason I give the terrain the grade 5 is that they need to ride a ski lift and have skis or snowboard. 5 terrain is right I feel since it is a 700 foot mountain and it requires climbing in the summer or winter. Plus, they need to get to the mountain within the Mammoth Mountain Ski area terrain-it's not right by a road. > > I hope this clears up any questions you have. > > Please contact me in regards to making this cache active. > >Thank you, >Robert Charles Altman >GPSCache > > > > > > > >-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > >Old Letters between reviewer and myself: > > >Dear Hemlock, > > I do think this cache is good. It is also at the summit of a mountain. If I had them climb to the top of Lincoln Mountain to do something.. to complete cache.. I feel that something like a question and answer test is good. Basically, the cacher needs to get to the top of the mountain-that's part of the test. In the summer, they need to climb, in the winter they climb or ride a lift. Also, you can't get to the summit unless you hike up there-you can't ski or snowboard up there even from the top of the ski lift. > Please tell me what is wrong with the cache-specifically. I want to do this cache and include the top of this mountain. There IS a way do make this cache work. Rather than just discard it and quit, I want to know what will MAKE IT WORK. > >Please write back in a timely manner. I waited almost 2 weeks for your last reply. > >Sincerely, >Robert Charles Altman >GPSCache > > > >At 11:54 AM 1/23/2004 -0800, you wrote: > > > There is a memorial on the top of > > mountain within the Mammoth Ski Area. > >I'm sorry, but I do not feel that this virtual cache meets the guidelines. > >The guidelines, posted at >http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#addvirt >state: > >2. A virtual cache must be novel, of interest to other players, and have a >special historic, community or geocaching quality that sets it apart from >everyday subjects. Since the reward for a virtual cache is the location, the >location should oWOW the prospective finder. Signs, memorials, >tombstones or historical markers are among the items that are generally too >common to qualify as virtual caches. > >Note the last sentence, which I paraphrase: > >Memorials and tombstones are generally too common to qualify as virtual caches. > >That's not to say they never do. I often approve memorials for people who have had >a great impact on history. > > > How come you have so much trouble accepting caches? > > And especially virtual ones? > >I approve every cache that meets the guidelines. Which means about 95% of >physical caches submitted, and unfortunately very few virtual caches submitted. This >is consistent with the approval rates of every other reviewer around the world. > >As I'm sure you've seen, there are a great many "lame" virtual caches that were >submitted and approved before March, 2003. At that time, the guidelines were >significantly tightened up to increase the overall quality of virtual caches. This was >done in response to many complaints from the community. > >Please note that I'm not saying your cache is lame. I hold high respect for ski >patrollers and anyone else who risk their life in the line of duty. I just don't feel we >need to make a virtual cache out of every memorial to them. > >Sincerely, >Hemlock > > > > >At 11:20 AM 1/20/2004 -0800, you wrote: > >Robert, > >"The wrong cache you checked by the inquiry. The cache I'm writing about >is >still archived.. Here's the letter I wrote:" Then you followed up with >the same email. I have attached my reply again since you did not read it, >I cannot help you unless you read the replies you are given. > >At 05:10 PM 1/19/2004 -0800, you wrote: > >Robert, > > > >I would be happy to look into your problems with the cache reviewer > >Hemlock, but I will need adequate information to do so. Will you send me > >copies of any additional correspondence on this cache. From what you have > >sent me, it appears Hemlock archived your cache pending additional > >information which you did not provide. I am sure with more information, I > >will see the situation with more clarity. > > > >Happy Geocaching! > > > >Heidi > >Again, I would be more than happy to look into your situation, but I will >need more information from you. > >Happy Geocaching! > >Heidi > > >Original Message Follows: >------------------------ >From: Robert Charles Altman <RobertAltman@Earthlink.net> >Subject: Re: [#74600] [LOG] Owner: Hemlock archived Lincoln Remembrance >(Virtual Cache) >Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 20:30:09 -0800 > >The wrong cache you checked by the inquiry. The cache I'm writing about is > >still archived.. Here's the letter I wrote: > > > > >To: report@geocaching.com >Subject: What happened to reviewer? > >Dear GEOCaching.com, > > I'm having problems with my reviewer. His name is "Hemlock" >http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=6669cb9f-303c-4c4f-93e7-f169489d9f44.'>http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=6669cb9f-303c-4c4f-93e7-f169489d9f44. > >He won't return my email and he's also been very stubborn and difficult to > >work with on my other caches he's reviewed. Below is the last letter I >sent >to him, in which he hasn't returned. > The cache he's archived is this one: >http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=111174 > >Please help me complete the approval of this cache. > >Thank you, >Robert Charles Altman >GPSCache > > > > > > > > > >At 05:10 PM 1/19/2004 -0800, you wrote: > >Robert, > > > >I would be happy to look into your problems with the cache reviewer > >Hemlock, but I will need adequate information to do so. Will you send me > >copies of any additional correspondence on this cache. From what you >have > >sent me, it appears Hemlock archived your cache pending additional > >information which you did not provide. I am sure with more information, >I > >will see the situation with more clarity. > > > >Happy Geocaching! > > > >Heidi > > > > > >Original Message Follows: > >------------------------ > >From: Robert Charles Altman <RobertAltman@Earthlink.net> > >Subject: Re: [LOG] Owner: Hemlock archived Lincoln Remembrance (Virtual > >Cache) > >Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 21:44:58 -0800 > > > >Dear GEOCaching.com, > > > > I'm having problems with my reviewer. His name is "Hemlock" > >http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=6669cb9f-303c-4c4f-93e7-f169489d9f44.'>http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=6669cb9f-303c-4c4f-93e7-f169489d9f44. > > > >He won't return my email and he's also been very stubborn and difficult >to > > > >work with on my other caches he's reviewed. Below is the last letter I > >sent > >to him, in which he hasn't returned. > > The cache he's archived is this one: > >http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=111174 > > > >Please help me complete the approval of this cache. > > > >Thank you, > >Robert Charles Altman > >GPSCache > > > > > > > >Dear Hemlock, > > > > How come you have so much trouble accepting caches? And especially > >virtual ones? > > > > Ray Critton was Ski Patroller. There is a memorial on the top of > >mountain within the Mammoth Ski Area. The area is leased from the Inyo > >National Forest. Since Mammoth Ski Area is a company, I don't want to put > >it on their land. I've already explained this? Don't you read my emails?? > >This information was not only provided on the cache page, but also on the > >message sent directly to you. > > > >Sincerely, > >Robert Charles Altman > >GPSCache > > > > > >At 08:00 PM 1/14/2004 -0800, you wrote: > > >This is an automated message from Geocaching.com > > > > > >You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing. > > > > > >Hemlock archived Lincoln Remembrance (Virtual Cache) at 1/14/2004 > > > > > >Log Date: 1/14/2004 > > >Hi, > > > > > >I'm reviewing your virtual cache submission, and I'm going to need a >bit > > >more information. The cache has been temporarily archived while we > >discuss > > >it, and will be un-archived and approved as soon as I can determine if >it > > > > >fits within the guidelines. Guidelines and requirements for virtual > >caches > > >can be found here: > > >http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#addvirt > > > > > >Who is Ray Critton and why does he rate a plaque here? > > > > > >When reviewing a virtual cache we are looking for a number of criteria. > > >The first and most important is why not a physical cache? In many >cases, > >a > > >micro cache can be readily placed at or near the same spot submitted as >a > > > > >virtual cache. An excellent example is here: > > >http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=93120 > > > > > >If a physical cache is not possible at the site, such as when the > > >land-owner will not permit one, the next question we ask is, can info > >from > > >the site be used as a waypoint in a multi-cache? Often there is a >nearby > > >location where a physical cache can be placed. Numbers from a monument >or > > > > >quantities of some objects could be used in calculating the coordinates > >to > > >the offset physical cache. That would not only bring people to your > > >special spot but give them a physical cache to find as well. A great > > >example of a multi-cache that visits several virtual sites and >concludes > > >with a large container is here: > > >http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCGX16 > > > > > >The last thing, in the rare case when a physical or multi-cache is not > > >possible, is for it to pass the 'WOW' test. If I go to this site will >it > > >'WOW' me? So far, based on the limited description, I'm not getting >that > > >feeling. I'm not saying you have to give any more away in the cache > > >description, but for me to approve it I will need more information > >emailed > > >to me. > > > > > >I really believe that a traditional or multi-cache would work well >here. > > >Give it a little thought and I'm sure you can come up with a viable > > >solution. Once you have placed a cache here, you can update this same > > >cache page, then email me and I will be happy to review the cache >again. > > > > > >You may email me at hemlock@geocachingadmin.com or via the link to my > > >profile on the archive log. [red]Please be sure to include the cache >name > > > > >and waypoint GC# or better yet, the URL of the cache page. > > > > > >NOTE: If you reply directly to this email, you MUST change the To email > > >address to hemlock@geocachingadmin.com otherwise the communication will > > >not be received.[/red] > > > > > >Thank you for your understanding, > > >Hemlock > > >Volunteer Cache Reviewer > > > > > > > > >Visit this listing at the below address: > > > >http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=126cb053-e016-4ff2-8472-f512 > > > 0cea9e76 > > > > > >Visit GCHGF6 > > > >http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=485aa2fd-d8dc-46d7 > > > -b680-d63e389ecb77 > > > > > >Profile for Hemlock: > > > >http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=6669cb9f-303c-4c4f-93e7-f169489d9f44 > > > > > >Search for caches from this location: > > > >http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=37.6371833333333&lon=-119 > > > .017466666667 > > > > > > >------------------------------------------------------------ >Forward abuse complaints to: contact@geocaching.com You have been reported Richard Cranium! Peace! [watch the language, I don't care what you use in place of the letters.] edited to remove spoiler info
  11. Some jerk from this board is upset with another person on this board and has sent out an email to me telling me how much they hate this person. If you wish to spew your hate, doing it in open forum is one thing, but to spew your hate for a third party in a personal email is another. Please stop! Peace!
  12. I have seen several bugs that have a nice note that looks official that states the bugs name and goals. Is there a template on this or any other page where one could be downloaded. I am going to be releasing 12 bugs at once to have very specific goals and I wanted an offical looking note that clearly stated the goals of these bugs. Any hints or suggestions on where I can locate such a page? All help and advice is appreciated! Thanks. Peace!
  13. I have nothing but praise for Hemlock. 2 of my placements were by another approver who I also have no complaints about. On only one occasion have I had any problem, and the emphasis was on ME having the problem. I had a virtual that was archived and I was able to talk about it, some emails got lost, but in the end I am making a better cache out of it now that it has been archived. I say KUDO's to Hemlock and all the approvers. In my honest and humble opinion, they are doing a great job! Keep up the excellent work and high standard for this wonderful community! Peace!
  14. Just checking your radioactivity level. You seem ok if your at 0% Peace!
  15. OOOOO Access! I'm impressed. All that for only 2.99! Wow he has only 5 left. What are we all going to do?!?!? Can we share it or do you think we'll get busted for piracy. Seriously, If this was purchased, do you think he'll part with the codes so it could be made to accept GPX files, or waypoint downloads? If it's written in Access it shouldn't be too hard to add those things. It is all linked through tables, Right? Doesn't seem to be worth the effort when there are better, free, options out there. Peace!
  16. I placed a couple in the valley today. They should be coming up on the site soon if they are approved. Two I have been meaning to place for quite a while. One east of Stockton the other south east of Stockton, or Northeast of Manteca. I hope ya'all enjoy them. It seemed to me there was a big hole where some caches should have been! Peace!
  17. POG- please open gently? Peace!
  18. I used a Trimble Scout when it was just a one line LCD screen. That was back in 1994 when I was marking points for an elk study I was doing on the North Coast of Ca. SA is selective availability. Man, I would get into some trees (redwoods) in some deep canyons (of course thats where the elk always go!) and never get a signal! Back then most of our plotting was just guess work from USGS maps. Then in 1998 when I was marking areas of disturbance for a construction project I was using a CMT machine that included a data recorder. I think our errors were in the 20-30 foot range. On the day SA was turned off all my coworkers and I took our Garmin 12xl's outside to see it happen! It was neat to be able to look at the average EPE on the net (it was being graphed somewhere) and the line just flattened. That was a cool day. Been using my 12xl ever since. Peace!
  19. With a moniker like canadian bacon I would be afraid of the coyotes too! Peace!
  20. Ok, again, this has probably already been discussed but since I finally got all my spinning (kinda dizzy) and Cachemate problems solved I felt I needed to throw more sand into my gears, like I wasn't grinding to a reverse fast enough! Is there any free/cheap mapping software for a palm device that will show all the geocaches/waypoints that I have entered into cachemate? I find that I am more of a topographical guy than a streets and town type of guy. Again, any and all advice, hints, and directions will be thankfully received. Peace!
  21. In California the CHP is certified by sight but can not give you a ticket by that alone. Your speed has to be grossly over the limit in Cali for them to pull you over on sight alone. Then they ask "DO you know how fast you were going?" most idiots tell them something still over the limit but not quite what they were going, then the police write them up for what they admitted to. This has happened to me several times in my youth, and I learned quickly not ot admit anything! My response now is The Speed Limit! I have gotten out of several ticket this way. When pulled over always always always ask "How was my speed determined. If by radar you have the right to see the gun and ask for it's last calibration date. Each gun is to be calibrated DAILY. I have had several tickets thrown out onthis one too. If they use markers and a stopwatch in California it is considered a speed trap and is illegal! Needless to say, because of my misspent youth, I do the speed limit now, regardless who stacks up behind me! Yes I'm a California resident that obeys all posted speed limits, there are a few of us out there, not many but a few! Peace!
  22. I've been here since Oct 2002, am I still a newbie? Looking for some of Ron's caches I sure do feel like it! I have no idea what a hitchhiker postcard is. Maybe it's a photo of where the bug has been. Peace!
  23. I have been using GPS since 1993-94 for work. I was looking at a GPS the moment SA was turned off and was amazed at how quickly my EPE's went from 30-40 feet to 10! A couple of years ago I was looking at internet mapping pages and came across this site, saw an article in a magazine, decided to check it out. Went on our first hunt just down the street. We did a couple of caches then my wife had our baby and wasn't able to do it for almost a year and now am really getting back into it. This is the coolest hobby/sport/obsession! It is something that is something different to so many different types of people. People who are hikers, people who like to go for drives, treasure hunters, my wife is into it for the travel bugs. It is just soo much to so many different types of people! Thanks and of course... Peace!
  24. Ok here's my 2 cents. I had an idea for a virtual that when I submitted I thought was just as good as the next virtual in my area, in fact I thought it was better! That being said, when I submitted it, the approver stated that I should do all the listed things (IE making it a multi or micro) or give them more information about the WOW factor. They stated that the whole process was open for discussion. When I pleaded my case as to why I believed my virt should be allowed I never got a response. Is that an open discussion? It has been well over a month since I have emailede the reviewer and I am not expecting any response anytime soon. I had no idea that this was such a hotbed issue amongst the players. I have just been spending the past month trying to figure out how to make my virtual into a multi cache. I figure it's gonna be a 5 step multi (2 virtuals, then a super micro(log only/corordinates only), then another coordinate only, and finally a regular size ammo can) that will take the hunter on an approximate 10 mile scenic drive that would have been the point of the first virtual I wanted to place. Lucky for me (?) this is in an area with no other caches, a lot of open space, almost all private land except the road right of way. Does this sound like something I should be placing? I know I would hunt it, but would you? And remember... Peace!
  25. "As with many other issues regarding TBs and geocaching, the simple courtesy of an email to an owner can serve to eliminate a lot of confusion about what happens to someone's travel bug" Amen to that statement, it never hurts to talk to one another! Peace!
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