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  1. I went and looked for this one this weekend but couldn't find the "CVC tag". What does this look like? Peace!
  2. My wife and I have this discussion often. Being biologist we discuss the proper pronuciation of the word Niche. I say Neesh she says Nitch. Both are tecnically correct in that we as Americans have taken a word and bastardized it to make it our own. It is derived from French so Neesh would be the proper way to say it but nobody in the US would know what you are saying, but if I said Nitch you would know that I am talking about the place where an animal fits in its world. Do we pronounce hors du vors, horse do vers or do we use it properly and say Ordervs. Ah, how we Americans take a little of everything, change it to suit our needs and then call the rest of the world crazy for misspronouncing their language! HA HA HA! Peace!
  3. I'm in Central California in the Gold Country so in an hours time I could be at 9,000 ft in elevation or at the beach. Forest, deserts, rain, fog, humid bayou type conditions are all within easy reach. Urban, rural, wilderness it's all there for me! I really like all the one's that are associated with the history of the area. Pioneer cemeteries have been some of the neatest places to cache. Peace!
  4. I'm in Central California in the Gold Country so in an hours time I could be at 9,000 ft in elevation or at the beach. Forest, deserts, rain, fog, humid bayou type conditions are all within easy reach. Urban, rural, wilderness it's all there for me! I really like all the one's that are associated with the history of the area. Pioneer cemeteries have been some of the neatest places to cache. Peace!
  5. I have recently gained a new found respect for all you urban geocachers. Living in a rural area and having many places to hide caches I have never ran up against the 528' or .1 mi rule when placeing caches. Well I finally did. This adds a whole new perspective to my playing of the game. Previously I cursed urban micros and shunned looking for them. Now that I have tried to place a few in an urban park I can see that this is a challenge in and of itself. Thanks again to the many fine reviewers of our caches who keep us all honest and on our toes! Peace!
  6. The correct answer for 12 is "c", Right?? Have I been doing this all wrong until now? Is that why nobody wants to go to my caches??!?! Peace!
  7. I have a travel bug that someone has picked up. They have taken a photo of it with the tag numbers showing. I have asked them to remove the photo, politely of course, but see as that they are newbies they have sent me an email telling me that it is already done when it is not. How do I delete the offending photo, as I know posting the numbers is, without deleting this whole persons log. Am I just kinda screwed on this and have to accept the fact that the numbers for this bug are now public? ANy and all help those of you on this board can give will be greatly appreciated. Peace!
  8. Even though I no longer live in the Bay Area, these parks are my home. These are the places I grew up in, they are the inspiration behind me becoming a biologist. With that said, I would like to be kept informed of, be a part of, and voice my opinion in whatever discussion takes place with EBRPD. Please sign me up! I can go to meetings, take notes, post information, etc. Please USE ME! This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart and really don't want to see the wonderful people who participate in this hobby to be misaligned before any governmental body. I am currently a stay at home dad, so I could make the trip into the BA to participate in meetings you working stiffs are unable to attend. Again, please just let me know what I can do! Peace!
  9. Definately a goat! If not a domestic than a feral goat. With all the problems of caches on EBRPD land this pic brings up another issue of the problem. Not only is there extensive damage from cattle on EBRPD land but out in Sunol Regional Wilderness there are feral goats and PIGS! These domestics gone wild (thats what feral is) are reeking havoc on our public lands and the district want to ban geocaches?!?!?! Somebody's priorities are a little screwed! Sorry, nonnatives are a thorn in this biologist's side. Peace!
  10. This is kind of like when m wife asks Why? when I tell her I Love Her! DO I need a reason? I just do! Love is great. Peace!
  11. Haven't we as a society decided that if something is not expressly written as illegal it is deemed legal. If the park wishes to have no policy about geocaches, then it is inherently legal to place caches on EBRPD managed lands. If they are concerned about damage caused by geocachers, why do they turn a blind eye to the damage caused by their liberal use of cattle? Money maybe? Just my 2 cents, having at one time worked for the district. Sunol, the little known diamond in the rough of this district. Peace!
  12. Now I'm not 100% on this but isn't Haward Shoreline a part of HARD (Hayward Area Recreation Department)? This is a completely different agency than East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) This may be one of those dual agency parks that I'm not aware of but I'm fairly sure The Hayward Shoreline just north of hwy 92 is part of HARD and not EBRPD. Some who live there might want to be sure who this ranger works for before caches start being pulled. Peace!
  13. Just got my coins today, am going to go over to the site right now to log them in! Peace!
  14. Well lets see, 2 packs of 8 tags = 60 bucks, The first 4 were put onto freebie items I had gotten someplace, last 12 tags are going onto a $10 south park keyring set, you know kenny, kyle, stan and cartman. Theres even going to be a Mr. Hankey TB coming from me real soon! I hope these don't end up like 1/2 my first four, in the hands of one person who just holds them, I know how much sooo many of you love South Park!!!! This could be why I'm lagging in the activating stage. Someday... Oh so I guess my total would be 70 bucks, but its not the cache its the sentimental value! Peace!
  15. Thats GREAT news! We may have to look into one of those 10 step programs for some of us! I think you mean a 12 step program. Then again, maybe geocachers could skip a few steps. Hello my name is Camel and I'm a Cache-A-Holic I think I may need a 15 step program! Peace!
  16. My problem solved and taken care of! Let me state here and now that I am very grateful for all the hard work admin, approvers, and all involved with this sport/hobby. Thank you! Peace!
  17. Thank you all for your input on this oft touchy subject. I definately didn't wish to step on any toes. My approver has gotten back to me and I am grateful for his/her prompt action. A formal thank you to them for the wonderful job they do. Since it appears that I was doing everything correctly and all turns out for the best I will close this topic so it doesn't become an approver roast! Peace!
  18. I included the cache waypoint ID (GCXXXX), the name, and in a subsequent email the url. The approver has not responded to my email. Not even a "I got your email and am looking into it". I'm getting kind of flustered because this multiple was to be the icing on the cake for 5 other caches I placed in the area and have already been approved. Someone has gone to those and missed out on this other fine cache. I just want some kind of recognition that the reviewer is looking into it. I submitted it on the first of february and here it is the sixth and not a word. Peace!
  19. How can I get my archived cache approved quicker? Peace!
  20. I emailed the approver from their profile page. That should have worked right?
  21. I have a virtual cache that was archived for various reasons. I have gone through and redid the cache so it is now a multicache. Now that I have redone it I have emailed the previous approver several times and it has been nearly a week and still no word. Am I doing something wrong? I have made the cache active and it is "enabled". Is there anything I can or need to do to move this process along? I don't wish this to become a thread of "lets flame the approvers", but I would like to know if there is anything I can or should be doing. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Peace!
  22. I've used gps for marking owl/raptor nests and territories, elk survey points, habitat boundries, disturbance boundries, right of way boundries, stream bed locations, spring locations, vernal pool locations, habitat survey coordinates, and to mark where some really huge trees are. Once I was given a CMT (Corvallis Micro technologies) machine that I measured the area of disturbance of a power line right of way by riding an ATV with one hand and trying to hold the breadbox sized GPS/data recorder machine in the other. Difficulty 10 stars, especially on the side of hills! All in 35-40 degree weather. Ah to be young and dumb again.
  23. My bug story. I have placed 4 bugs out into the world, one still is sitting in the cache I placed him in nearly 3 months ago, I expect him to move or atleast be picked up when the weather starts improving, 2 were picked up from the 2 different caches I placed them into by the same person who still has them. One for nealy 3 months the other for nearly 2 months. Finally the 4th bug has been moving along rather nicely for me. I guess I can't complain. I emailed the guy holding my 2 bugs and he said he'll get to it. What else can I do? Not much really. I hope he is enjoying their company. Now I have 4 more tags from my original order and have ordered another 8. So in all I have 12 tags still left to activate. I know what I'm gonna do with them all. ALl are gonna be on the same theme. I just haven't really been too excited to sit down and activate all the tags. Does this make me a TB activator deadbeat? No! Like all the other people in the world I'm just lazy. What I'm trying to say is most of the people who are being labled as deadbeats here are probably just lazy and really don't mean any malice. I think the best advice for all is to just relax. This is a sport we do in our leisure time. Lets all lighten up! Peace!
  24. Thanks for all the help. Bon's page and suggestions worked perfectly for what I needed. If interested, they are Rough Road #1 Smooth Patch through Rough Road #5 Rock Bottom Top O' the Hill. Gonna close the thread now that I am educated! Peace!
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