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  1. School?!?!?! You mean since you found geocaching you are actually still going to school!!!!!! I should write a book.....All I ever needed to know I learned while Geocaching! Peace!
  2. First question I have is....How many cache reviewers/approvers does California have? Not to start a flaming the approver session, it seems to me that it takes a little longer here in California to get our caches approved than the rest of the country. Am I right in this assumption? Will having another approver help relieve the load off our already overworked and overloaded reviewers? Do they want the help??? I really appreciate all the hard work they do and was wondering if I could or would be up for the task?? It seems like one heck of a committment (should they be committed ) and I don't know if I would even want to do it. Would any of you?? I am a stay at home dad and have the time (kinda). I am familiar with GPS/GIS, arcview, arcGIS, TOPO, and have always been interested in maps and orienteering thats why I got into caching. Having lived up and down the state I am very familiar with all the terrains, habitats, cities, and various locales almost all of the caches have been placed in. Yes I have even driven Usal road on the dreaded page 62 of the Del Lorme challenge back in 1992. So for me it is not a question of whether I can do the job but would I want to have the added responsibility and constant bashing the approvers recieve??? I know I had someplace I wanted this thread to go but can't seem to find it right now, So, any and all civil comments and constructive critisizm (sp?) will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and of course.... Peace!
  3. Thank you for the recalibration on what my difficulties should be set at. I guess that I just thought it was easy, looking back I should have rated it a 2 and then even upped that when it was deeper in the bush. Peace!
  4. First off, thank you everybody for your responses. It is a great lesson to learn when learned from your peers. To answer some of the questions/comments posed in the posts, I did not "back date" any of my posts. I was there and did maintenence on this cache when I said I did in the logs and even some times I didn't mention it in the logs. The cache (a 35mm) was originlly placed in the duff at the base of a tree. The city came along and cleaned up the park and did some trimming of the bush that helped hide the spot. The first time it went missing I found it in the center of the bush under the leaf litter. Yes it was replaced incorrectly by either a cacher or a muggle who cleaned the park. I do feel some amount of responsibility as I didn't up the difficulty when I knew people were having a hard time with it. The hint on the cache page really gave it all away. We all know of caches that are hard to find even though once found we are amazed at our inability to see it. This cache was a seed cache from another cache and felt it needed to be placed somewhat nearby to the original cache so I didn't take it several hours away in case the original cacher wanted to hunt his seeds (I hope that made sense). So, I was not really attached to this cache. Archiving it was not a big deal to me. The questions arise because I have another cache in the same park that is a big deal to me. It has a personal connection and I would hate to lose it because it could be labeled a "vacation" cache. Thanks again for your well mannered responses. Peace!
  5. I live approximately 1hr and 20 min from one of my caches. I can only get to check on this cache once a month or so. It is definately not a "vacation" cache because I am not that far away for one, I have a "home" to stay at 2 min walking distance if I desire to stay in the neighborhood, and finally I am in this place at least once a month if not more often (think grandma). Now this cache was not found by many experienced cachers (5 DNFs) in nearly as many months, and this brings me to my question, is this reason enough to archive my cache?? (I checked on this cache in the middle of the 5 months and found it still there and logged as such) On the day I went to check on the cache, I found it and placed it so it might be a little easier to find. Then I went back to my "home", the one two minutes not over an hour away, and found the following log from one of our approvers (and I do not wish this to be an occasion of approver bashing, just a question to the community at large): "This is a great example of why "vacation" caches are no longer approved. There has now been five DNF's by some very experienced cachers, so despite the pleas by the owner I'm archiving it. If the cache is verified to still be there, please find someone to maintain it, and I will be happy to unarchive it. Thanks for your understanding. Name removed to protect the reviewer Volunteer Cache Reviewer" Well needlessly to say, I felt that this was only going to become a fight to get this unarchived so I just went back (what's a 2 min walk) and removed the cache. So my final question to the community at large is; what should I have done here? Should this have been archived? Is there a general rule about how far away from "home" you can "maintain" a cache? What constitutes a "vacation" versus an "I'm always there anyways" cache? Finally, I really don't want this to be a flame the approver thread, there have been enough of them already. I really want to know the opinions of the community at large their opinions of the questions asked. Thanks for your time, and as always... Peace!
  6. Sorry but I just had to! What if we know you AND know your a cacher and still think......... Peace!
  7. I may be old But I thought it was Tuleburg!!! Peace!
  8. Sorry but I have to agree 100% with Flask on this one. I don't like added sheets. As I stated in a previous thread, I have 12 bugs based on the characters on South Park. They were designed to fit into micro caches (35 mm canisters). Adding a goal sheet, feathers, your mothers underwear will make it impossible for the bug to go! Also, some well intentioned idiot placed one of my bugs with the wrong sheet!!! Now my WLG Eric Cartman bug is travelling around southern Germany with the sheet for my WLG Ike Broflowski. THis is why I like the idea of ASKING THE OWNER before changing the bug. I think it was flask who stated in the other thread "if you can take the time to print a card and attach a bag, you have the time to ask it this would be a welcome gesture" WHere is the common courtesy of an email??? Peace!
  9. wildlifeguy

    Stop It!

    "if you can take the time to print a card and attach a bag, you have the time to ask it this would be a welcome gesture" I like this statement. None of the 16 bugs I have let loose have tags, I did not wish them to have tags. 12 of them were very similar, based on the characters from Comedy Central's South Park. Now, because of someones blind gesture, and not knowing anything about the bugs, and without letting me know my WLG Eric Cartman bug is in Bavaria with a tag that says "WLG Ike Broflowski". If I had been informed of this I could have told this person not to attach the tag. I don't care if people alter my bugs, it's part of the adventure. Lack of notes gives me the sense that their travels are truely random, whether they make their goals or not. All of my 12 SP bugs were designed to be able to fit into a micro/35 mm canister to help them move, adding a log sheet, baggie, etc. only makes it bigger and less likely to fit. I for one am completely against travel bug goal sheets. It is contraindicative of what a tb is supposed to be. If you want your TB to go to Fiji, put it in a suitcase and buy a plane ticket!!!! Then you can be assured of it's attainment of it's goals. Peace!
  10. There was a travel bug whose goal was to be photographed in front of this house. I wonder if it ever got there. It was Frinky TB. If you know the simpsons you know professor Frink. Glavin!!!! Peace!
  11. Congratulations! I had one go missing from a muggled cache and then miraculously turn up in a cache over 100 miles away. Yes these little creatures do have a guardian angel! Peace!
  12. yes I would hunt for it. And if it gets any closer to my home I will!!! Peace!
  13. Here I am with my Garmin 12xl that I bought in 1996 and still think it was worth the money!!!!! My dad just got an etrex legend and it seems like a nice machine. I drive an old beat up truck, my gps is an ancient brick, all the furniture in my house are hand me downs. Anybody want to hand me down their old worn out, beat up gps. Oh, and the palm I use for geocaching is a factory refurbished unit bought off of ebay. No complaints here!!!! I guess my point is......do I have a point?!?!?!?! Peace!
  14. Looks like Reptileman has set up an event cache at New Melones on Aug 21. I'm hoping to be there. Anybody else? Peace!
  15. Went out tonight to check on CVC Tag!!! It's still there waiting to be discovered!!!! I didn't realize I had thrown down the challenge so hard. I can't wait for the next event, seeing how I missed the last one. We had 3 other things lined up on that date, not including the event. I had a real hard time (unsuccessfully of course) trying to convince the wife to blow them all off to go, but I guess Bug really needed to see the doctor (health fair). Boy kids can really interfere with your addictions... SOrry you didn't find CVC Tag Bill. Peace!
  16. Congradulations Ted and Rosa! I was glad to read this morning that you were the first to Find on my new cache, since I was FTF on a few of your caches. A little more about that cache. I drive by these markers daily, had talked with many of the locals and was never told about the cemetery. It seems that not many people know about it. I had been driving by these markers for so long and knew that there was a few of them and wanted to work that into a cache, but could never get a really good finale. To make a real long story short, we joined the local historical society and while discussing where many of the deceased from the town of Camanche (now under the lake) were moved I discovered that there was a cemetery in Double Springs. We immediately went out and looked for it, and with some adventurous driving found the entrance. I felt I had to include these in the cache description or it would have never been found. Thanks again for taking an interest and going to my cache. As a side note, I am currently working with the Society to gain access to another public pioneer cemetery that is being blocked off by a private landowner. I will be placing a cache in the area of this cemetery soon but want to leave an option open in case the landowner conceeds and let the public access this public area. The history in this area is sooooo extensive, it's hard to choose or decide on how to incorporate it into caches. Thanks again! Peace!
  17. I have noticed JaimeeG has archived all his virtual caches. How can I adopt two of these? One I may be able to place a physical in but the other I cannot. I would hate to have these two excellent virtuals be lost. Any solutions? The caches I would like to adopt are GCC581 Lenny Jind (cannot place physical, private property issues) and the other is GC42A9 O' Pioneers (I may, and thats a BIG MAY, be able to place a micro here). Peace!
  18. Well there it is. My multi is in the que awaiting approval. Spent all day working on it and most of the evening preparing the cache page. Whew, boy am I tired! I made it subscription only. If it doesn't see much action I will probably change it. This I feel is my best cache so far. I hope everybody likes it. Keep an eye out for it, I named it "How many Markers does one town need??" Goodnight! and of course... Peace!
  19. There I did It! It has been Brought! I placed the CVC Tag back in Stanislaus county and still is north of most parts of stockton (tuleburg, the historic name). I will be working on my fiendish multi tomorrow if the Bug cooperates. This one will take some serious work. BWWAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHA! Peace!
  20. Where oh where has the CVC Tag gone, Oh where O' where can it be????? Arrrgh, If Ryanctek had given me the correct coordinates it would have been mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats Ok, I have a devilish multi in the works right now. It's up in my area, and will take you to a hidden Cemetery. My favorite kind of caches. Heh heh heh Peace!
  21. We ahve 16 out. 12 of which are keychains based on some of the characters from the tv show South Park. Two were childrens plush toys we got out of other caches as trade items that had a ring sewn into the toy. One is a hotwheels jet that I just wrapped the chain around and the last was a bendable action figure I wrapped the chain around. Thinking about getting some more but want to see a few more go missing first. Peace!
  22. Ok My two cents, I like the idea of someone putting a card/tag on my TB's. I released all of my TB's without them. Of course I really don't have hard steadfast goals for any of them. I did give them goals but if that is not where they end up then thats ok too. The only problem I have had with this particular issue is..... I have several (12) bugs all based on the characters of the TV show South Park. They are small keychains where the items will fit into most micros (especially film canisters). I did not wish to have tags on them for the sole reason that too much stuff means not fitting into the smaller already overstuffed caches. Also, one of my bugs (WLG Eric Cartman) was given a tag by somebody not only without telling me but the tag stated that this particular bug was my WLG Ike Broflowski TB. There has been endless confusion over this. He's now in europe (Tuscany) and on his way to bavaria (hopefully in time for Octoberfest), so I don't think the misnamming will be much of an issue. I guess I don't have a problem in putting tags on bugs that are not the owners as long as the information is correct. Peace!
  23. Hello ALL!!!! It seems I haven't posted here in quite a while. Been too busy, Father retireing, parents moving and having to help out has pretty much taken up my whole month of June. Oh and here it is the middle of July. Wow Time really flies when you can't geocache. Well I was able to be FTF on the new Swiss Ranch cache. Bug is still playing with her latest stuffed friend. Thank you again. For Green Achers, I know We (my Wife, Bug, and I) made it up to your WHere 2 waters cross cache, and sent you the phrase on the back of the cache. You probably even emailed me but I apparently never logged it. It's been a while since we did this little dance, should I just go back up there and get the info and go through the motions once again. Man that would be a bummer, or would it......I know a pretty good spot for a cache just a little further up the road....at the lake perhaps.....some good fishing there...hmmmmm My next attempt at a FTF is going to have to be the new one on the island in New Hogan. As a retirement present my dad got an Etrex Legend and wants to know about geocaching, so I was going to take him to that one on Sunday evening, so if you want the FTF on that one ya'all are gonna have to get up there real soon!!! Finally, I picked up the Cannonball TB transporter cache/TB and will be replacing it with the old man (my father) this weekend. Anybody want to see it somewhere in particular? I have a few ideas but am always open to suggestions. I don't know if I have ever said this, but, thanks to all in CVC and in this area in general for your kindness and friendlyness to me and my family. You all are a great bunch of people and it has been my honor to play this wonderful game with you. Peace!
  24. Is there an advantage for being FTF as a reviewer? Talk about working the system!!! Seriously, I have nothing but kudos for our approvers (SOCAL and Hemlock). They have been nothing but helpful and courteous to me. Keep up the good work! Peace!
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