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  1. Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Ok now I'm bummed. (Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths) OK, so is there alot of storm damage in the area and the cache is missing??? Having lived through the Loma Prieta (6.9), the Petrolia (7.2), and the Lancaster (7.0 I believe) earthquakes, I can really feel for the pain your state is suffering. 4 hurricanes in as many weeks is just devestating. I am praying for the quick recovery of your thrashed state. Please don't worry about my poor lost TB, it is nothing compared to the losses your state has received. If he turns up great, if not oh well. Thanks for your time in looking for my little guy. Peace!
  2. It sounds like a few others will also be coming from CVC as well. Shifts? How about allowing the longest distance home to go first. [staying the night in a hotel counts as your travel distance.] I'm gonna try to make it #300. I know one of those milestone caches. Depending on friends/family and time we get done, I may drive back out to the Gold Country or I may stay in the Bay Derrier. I don't know how that rates for which shift I get into but just thought I'd throw it out there. Peace!
  3. Well I'm here to report to the CVC that the RCGDS Nuclear Family Reunion event was very nice today. I was hoping to see more of CVC represented but thats ok. Ya'all missed some very good desserts!!! The cache contest was wonderful and it's probably a good thing not too many CVCers were there because now I'm gonna have to incorporate some truely evil ideas learned into some caches for you guys. Well, just need to get 11 more by Friday to make the Mission Peak night hike my 300th. I think it's been a while since I've been to Modesto, so I should be able to pick up 11 there no problem. I'll start my planning tonight for a Modesto assault on monday or tuesday. The Modesto/Rippon cachers have any suggestions for good caches in their area I shouldn't miss?? Any help is always appreciated. Peace!
  4. Thanks for the heads up Bill We are going to try our best to be at the one event tomorrow. My "stats" are up to 285 found and I want to try and make touch the twilight my 300th. I think I have permission from the wife to do that one by myself (at least without her and Bug). Funny how your suggestion of the Danville night hike was our 100th cache and now I'm trying to make another of your suggestions another milestones. Thanks. P.S. Bug likes farms. Any way to convince you to have a farm day event? When we went to the fair Bug just loved the petting zoo. She cried when we left after being in there for over an hour. Nothing like the sight of a 21 month old girl kissing a pig!!!! I don't want you to feel any pressure here.
  5. Growing up in the shadow of that mountain I am very interested in doing this. I'll see what I can do to get the time to go. I'll need to make some arraingements but am gonna try! Thanks for the Heads Up GA Peace!
  6. October 9 RCGDS (River City Geocaching and Dining Society) will be hosting an event cache called RCGDS Nuclear Family Reunion (GCKJ8P). It's a potluck style event that you can look up with the name or waypoint ID. Peace!
  7. There is an event cache this saturday (10/9/04) at the Rancho Seco power plant. I'm not sure of all the details but I'm sure those members (myself included) of the RCGDS would love to help out. Peace!
  8. Soooooo sorry I missed the event today. Wife had a meeting she couldn't blow off. As a consolation, I got to go and get a couple of local caches that had been on my radar. Still wish I could have been there. Peace!
  9. Hello to all those Florida geocachers from a geocacher on the left coast! I have one of my travel bugs stuck in a cache outside of St. Petersburg. It is in the Cache The Narrows GCC283. His name is WLG Phillip and is based on one of the south park characters. He started here in California and made it to Hawaii before visiting that right coast sunshine state. Can anybody there help me to move him along? I know Ya'all have been struck with some heavy devestation as of late and that is what has got me worried about my far travelin' TB. Please help!! Thanks for your time. Peace!
  10. I figured I better put something on this page before ya'all forgot who I was!! Still trying to convince the wife to blow off her meeting the morning of the 2nd to make it to the event in Tuleburg, still waitning to see whats going on the 9th for the other one at the Nuke plant. Can't believe that Rancho seco is closer ot me than the stockton Straw Hat. Crows do tend to fly pretty straight, too bad I don't! Peace!
  11. I haven't done it yet but it still keeps calling to me, it's called AHHH-HA-HA-HA by Terrier Carrier (GCG5CR). It isn't rated too hard at only 4.5/5. Peace!
  12. I've done a couple along the American River and they are pretty neat. If you get a chance go do them. Peace!
  13. Not goat. More like Buffalo! I heard the hump meat is quite the delicacy. Lots of fat and marbling. Melt in your mouth tender. I think cachecow's cow has Bovine spongiform encyphalitis! peace!
  14. Jeepy SR in a short answer, Yes! I would love to go up to eagles eyrie. I looks like a great cache. Another cache you may want to look at when it cools down and before it rains is AHHH-HA-HA-HA by Terrier Carrier (GCG5CR). Its only rated a 4.5/5!!!! Takes a 4x4 for the stream crossing but some have done it without. I am tempted to try in my 2 wheel drive suburban but am leary of doing it alone. Why I'm leary of this one alone and not Sonora cache??? There was a well defined trail to Sonora cache and I guess that there is a lot of manzanita bashing to AHHH-Ha-ha. I'll need a couple of days to recoup from Sonora before I'm ready to hit any hard ones. Plus the wife has been shaking the honey do jar and I'll need to dive into that the rest of the week and this weekend. I think we might be going camping next week but keep me informed on when you want to do Eagles and I'm sure I can wedge a hole in my schedule to go along. Thanks for the invite! Peace!
  15. Ok why did I fall for this. Today I went up and did this cache and got the YJTB. It only said 2 miles distance on my GPS.....8.6 miles and 3.5 hours later I was back at the truck with that bad boy. Can anybody say pulminary edema???? Great cache! I agree. just don't go hikin' and cachin' at sea level the day before you go and try this one. I really think Ron would like it! The views are awesome. Now to go and rest these dogs for they are tired! Peace!
  16. I can understand doing this, but to just go out and take a TB out of your cache and not trade? You have the intent of trading new ones in, also your cache is designed as a TB exchange place. What about just the average cache? Am I ok to go and grab a bug out of my own cache without exchangeing anything of equal or greater "Value"? DOing this seems kinda cheesy to me! Also, the cache owner still hasn't logged his "take". Seems really cheesy to take a choice TB out of your cache, not log it and hope more people will go to your cache to retrieve the nonexsistant bug. The Bug is a Yellow Jeep in a well populated and highly cached area. He is bound to know that people are going to go for his cache with the expectations of finding this bug!!! Peace!
  17. To try and bring Ron back, I am thinking up a truely devious cache involving a long hike, a tall mountain, and only one point of access that is miles and miles away from nowhere!!!!! Now all I have to do is wait for the weather to cool so I don't die of dehydration placing this bad boy. Peace!
  18. Is it proper etiquette to take TBs out of caches that I own? I don't mean the ones that have been there for months, I mean someone places a nice TB in my cache, is it ok if I go and get it a few hours later? Is it ok if I don't trade another item for it, since it is my cache? Now I didn't do this, but it happened when I went to a cache to retrieve a TB. The TB was posted yesterday evening and by this morning the cache owner had already retrieved it without trading even or up or even at all!! Thanks for your comments. Peace!
  19. I use a Palm M515 I picked up on ebay for $125 and love useing cachemate on it. Like Camel says being able to divide the caches into categories but still able to search them all (if your on a border between your arbitrary boundries) is a great plus. I find I get lost going from one cache to the next. Which brings me to MY question.. Anybody know of a good mapping program for use on a palm? Something I can download cache/waypoints to? Peace!
  20. I hope this isn't a repeat thread but... I have a Palm M515 and would like to find some kind of mapping software that includes streets and topography where I can download cache points onto the maps so I can see where I am and where I would like to go next. Are there any CHEAP (insert free would be the best) programs that are available to do this?? Thanks for the input. Peace!
  21. I don't think anybody could have placed it any further remote in Stanicoleslaus county than I did. Eh? Bill?? I think I might just go ahead and place a micro out there in the middle of nowhere just to show how big that county really is!!!! Now that would just be plain MEAN!!! Peace!
  22. For these reasons and more is the $30 worth it! If your cache is MO it allows you the opportunity to see who has looked at it's webpage and how many times. Pretty cool for something thats not done too often! I guess I'm kinda one of those privacy freaks. There is a way around that though!!! Also there are future benefits, like when they get the "new Cache in your area" feature up and running, members will have an advantage to being FTF in their area. For me though, I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get for being a contributing member of a community. Peace!!
  23. I posted this as an example and really have some other concerns with this and the other cache in the same park. I will send Hemlock an email so we can work out some of the particulars. Again, I was just using this cache as an example to post questions I have had about "maintenence" and "vacation" distances for my own calibration of judgement. I am grateful for all of the responses from this wonderful community and am especially thankful to Hemlock for all the great pearls of wisdom and advice to help me be a better member of said community. Again thanks Peace!
  24. Thank you for your responses. So I guess the answer is 3. DO the approvers feel this is enough? Do they feel overloaded? I have no complaints about our approvers, I really think they are doing a good job. I guess I was wondering if they hear that enough and if there is anything we could do to help them to make their, what I would assume to be, hard task any easier? Approvers??????? Peace!
  25. 20 caches nearest my home: 5 are mine 1 was placed on an island in the reservoir near my home last month and will get as soon as I can extract the boat from the garage the rest (14) I have already gotten. Now of the 20 caches I havent gotten nearest my home: Besides the one on the island in the lake ($3 entry/launch fee) there is another lake/reservoir 15 miles away with approximately 12 caches on the property that charges $6.50 to hike their trails and $15 or more to launch a boat. $15 is alot for the one island cache in this lake, maybe I should place another on another island, of course this time of year the island is probably a penninsula and not an island. Then there are 2 more on a moderate hike I plan on doing this fall after it cools down. The rest of the 20 are approximately 40 miles away in a city. Urban Micros Ugh! Peace!
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